The Youngest Doll

[[ BOOKS ]] ⚦ The Youngest Doll Author Rosario Ferré –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Youngest Doll
  • Rosario Ferré
  • Spanish
  • 13 July 2017
  • 9780375724695

About the Author: Rosario Ferré

Rosario Ferr was born in Puerto Rico, where her father served as governor She was best known for her novels and short stories In 1992, Ferr was awarded the Liberatur Prix award at the Frankfurt Book Fair for the German translation of her novel Sweet Diamond Dust She was a finalist for the National Book Award for her novel The House on the Lagoon in 1995.

The Youngest DollBOOKS The Youngest Doll Rosario Ferr Available In Spanish For The First Time In The United States.From Rosario Ferr Nominated For The National Book Award For The House On The Lagoon , Her First Work Of Fiction, Long Out Of Print In Any Edition, In The Original Spanish And Including A Previously Unpublished Story And Two Poems.Papeles De Pandora Contains The Stories That First Brought Rosario Ferr To The Attention Of Spanish Language Readers Throughout The World In This Collection, Ferr Introduces Her Major Theme The Position Of Women In A Fast Changing But Still Patriarchal Culture In La Mu Eca Menor The Youngest Doll , A Maiden Aunt Uses Her Skill At Making Honey Filled Dolls To Get Revenge La Bella Durmiente The Sleeping Beauty , Recounts The Brief Life Of A Young Dancer Through Letters And Newspaper Clippings That Reveal Much Than They Say And In Cuando Las Mujeres Quieren A Los Hombres When Women Love Men , A Society Lady And A Prostitute Form A Startling Alliance After The Death Of The Man They Both Loved Richly Imagined, Elegantly Written, Ferr S Stories Are Early Proof Of Her Stature Among Contemporary Latin American Writers.

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10 thoughts on “The Youngest Doll

  1. Sean says:

    Writing fiction that effectively addresses the classism and sexism endemic to a society can easily go awry, either by striking the points too much on the nose, or by burying the messages beneath too many layers of subtle prose In these stories Rosario Ferr neatly sidesteps both pitfalls, instead painting vivid wordscapes that illuminate with perfect clarity the historical injustice of Puerto Rican society.This was Ferr s debut collection originally published in Spanish in 1976 Technically these stories fall under the umbrella of magical realism, but Ferr also identifies with a lineage of European women writers such as Woolf, Nin, and de Beauvoir She frequently utilizes shifting points of view and a fluid concept of time while maintaining a strong undercurrent of sociopolitical and feminist critique throughout the collection Members of the lower classes subvert the dominant paradigm of an exploitative upper class thriving on patriarchal control Vengeance on the rich and powerful is systematically ...

  2. Sara says:

    Note I read only the title story A surreal story of revenge and the creative ways in which women overcome patriarchal society.

  3. K. says:

    Trigger warnings death, cheating, misogyny, slut shaming, hit and run.This is a rather peculiar collection of short stories Some of them I very much enjoyed like the titular Youngest Doll Others, not so much And some just ...

  4. Jessica says:

    Whilst I find myself enjoying Ferr s writing, for some reason I m not doing so good at consuming short stories right now The 8 stories I ve read so far have been beautifully written, albeit quite surreal Putting this collection aside for now, but I am keeping it for a later date Might try a ...

  5. Morrigan says:

    This is book to put it in one word is amazing It is an anthology of short stories with complimentary poems Ferr crowns herself as a literary genius with this book She uses techniques like stream of consciousness to present the complicated life and portrayal of women in P...

  6. Alyssa says:

    Her short stories are like puzzles or riddles Common themes social classes relationships city vs country Puerto Rico vs the U.S truth subjective A good quote from her Anger has caused innumerable women writers to write well Ferre

  7. Tonymess says:

    Puerto Rico is not generally a stop on my literature travels, and it is only through my decision to read my way through the 10 Essential Spanish Language Books as highlighted in Publisher s Weekly that I came across this collection of short stories from Rosario Ferr , The Youngest Doll My stay, for Spanish Literature Month, in the Central American regions has been prolonged even further And given we are nearly at the end of July I am going to read and review a number of translated Spanish language works without actually getting to Spain itself.As pointed out in the Foreword, Puerto Rico is the only country in the world which is still attached to the United States without being fully integrated as a state nor fully autonomous This Americanization has had a massive impact on Puerto Rican identity, and this collection creatively explores this identity through a number of techniques More on the techniques used later.But this collection is not simply an exercise in exploring the cultural identity of a nation, these stories also highlight the patriarchy prevalent in the Puerto Rican society, a strong feminist work one that I would thoroughly recommend for Women In Translation Month next month.Patriarchy in Puerto Rico has divided women into the decent upper class women whole role is to become mothers and ornamental hostesses, guardians of the purity of the family, and an army of marginalized women the mistres...

  8. Marianne Villanueva says:

    Rosario Ferr has only one story to tell women are dolls, primped and fashioned for display but she tells it beautifully Her language is rich with imagery.My suggestion Read this book one story at a time, with lots of time in between stories, so that you forget a little bit and then go back If you try and read t...

  9. nicole says:


  10. Ray says:

    Read for English ClassThat was a very strange story