The Anatomy of Deception

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      The Anatomy of Deception
 ] by [ Arthur Katz ]  For Kindle ePUB or eBook –
  • Paperback
  • 60 pages
  • The Anatomy of Deception
  • Arthur Katz
  • English
  • 19 April 2017
  • 0974963143

About the Author: Arthur Katz

Art Katz was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1929 of Jewish parents Raised through the depression years and turbulence of World War II, and inducted into Marxist and existentialist ideologies, as well as merchant marine and military experiences, Art was brought to a final moral crisis as a high school teacher able to raise, but not able to answer the groaning perplexities of the modern age During a leave of absence and on a hitch hiking odyssey through Europe and the Middle East, the cynical and unbelieving atheist, vehement anti religionist and anti Christian was radically apprehended by a God who was actively seeking him The actual journal of that experience, Ben Israel Odyssey of a Modern Jew, recounts his quest for the true meaning to life, which climaxed significantly and symbolically in Jerusalem For More Visit the official Website About Art KatzArthur Katz also published under the name Art Katz and Aaron Katz disambiguated as Aaron Katz

      The Anatomy of Deception
In an age of darkness and seduction, and with signs and wonders becomingandprevalent, the ability to discern between those that are false and lying and those that are true is of paramount importance. Best Download The Anatomy of Deception [ author ] Arthur Katz [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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