Celts and Germans

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  • Celts and Germans
  • Timothy B. Shutt
  • English
  • 03 January 2018

About the Author: Timothy B. Shutt

For eighteen years Professor Timothy Baker Shutt has taught at Kenyon College in rural Gambier, Ohio, famed for its splendid teaching, for its literary tradition, and for its unwavering commitment to the liberal arts No teacher at Kenyon has ever been often honored, both by the college and by his students, for his exceptional skills in the classroom and as a lecturer Professor Shutt s cours

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10 thoughts on “Celts and Germans

  1. Jeanniebaby says:

    although the narator seems awkward, I grew fond of him over time the lectures are very information dense, so I actually listened to them twice but boy do I absolutely love this audiobook amazing explanations of some of my favorite works from history so much .

  2. Christina says:

    This is another lecture in the modern scholar series I enjoyed Professor Shutt s previous lectures so I decided to give this one a try He mainly uses literary texts to explore the cultures and as such doesn t address the Druids very much The Druids transmitted all their information orally and so much of it is lost He discusses many of the Norse texts such as the Prose Edda or the Saga of the Volsungs Shutt then moves on to a discussion of Beowulf and finally the troubadour culture of southern France I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others Plus it s only 4 disks so its a quick listen.

  3. Linn Browning says:

    While the subject matter promised to be intriguing and was, for the most part the professor s cadence drove me right out of my skull He has a fondness of circular sentences that ramble and eventually find their point long after I ve stopped listening to what he was saying Very much like some of my least favorite professors in college, I found myself bored by some of the most interesting material Norse mythology is one of my favorite subjects and Professor Shutt managed to make me tune out while he was talking about it Very disappointing.

  4. Melissa says:

    The reading at first felt a little stilted and awkward, but Professor Shutt totally grew on me I was laughing out loud by the end his rendition of Sir Gawain and other legends was probably entertaining than reading the originals I m a sucker for anything Celtic, Euro lit history, etc so this was right up my alley and I m planning to check out other lectures by this professor.

  5. Travis says:

    This work caught my interest while browsing the lecture series at my library I actually noticed it some time back, but then it was checked out and I couldn t fully remember the title When I finally saw it in the library again, I felt a bit of trepidation because of the lecturer, having listened to his Lore of the Stars The Mythological Narrative of the Night Sky the entry on goodreads currently has his name wrong and doesn t link to his profile, but definitely him and found it hard going Still, I thought it might be worth a listen I have a fair bit of exposure to Germanic lore, but less so to Celtic literature, so I was hoping for of the later Sadly, that was not the case though to be fair, the syllabus makes this clear ish After a single introductory lecture on the history of these peoples, there are then 4 lectures on Germanic tales and traditions You would think the remainder would then be devoted to the Celts, but really only one lecture is the final two are focused on works from the Arthurian tradition, which might have Celtic influences, but are at best a hybrid of different cultures, and really there own thing in my opinion.But my issues with the content aside, the real problem with this is the lecturer He has this really rambling style of speech, kind of wheezy and droning that it is just very easy to zone out and yet it never feels like you are missing anything when you do And his cadence is messed up he will heavily stress a word and then have this huge pause, long enough that you are certain it is the end of a sentence or in a few cases, you start to wonder if the player is still working and then he goes on, revealing that it was just a really awkwardly constructed sentence There are a few other titles by this author that sound like they could be interesting, but I have no intention of listening to them.

  6. Andrew Pixton says:

    This was fantastic He goes over Nordic Icelandic and Celtic mythologies through their writings, both being my ancestral roots I came away with a better sense of the overview than specifics He does summarize certain tales, but I found it hard to remember or even follow them completely But I do value the general takeaway that Nordic mythology and culture is, or was, very grim and dark while Celtic could be dark but was comical and lighthearted He describes them as exuberant sense of fun While I ve been interested in Celtic, this has prompted me to take greater interest in Nordic myths and history.

  7. Honza Prchal says:

    This started out rousingly, bogged down much of the way through the Germans into a dense literature review, and revived towards the end of the overly brief review of Celtic literature which left out worthwhile comparisons of Roman Celtic poets , Catullus comes to mind of Celts differences with their Mediterranean and German contemporaries.Still, it is an interesting cultural summation of the sort so loathed by the modern academe so obsessed with only certain ethnicities, and well worth a listen.

  8. Phillip says:

    It is a good course It has its moments but is very repetitious of other courses I have listened to him record.

  9. Knut Sigurd says:

    I starten var dette noks frykteleg, men meir p grunn av m ten professor Shutt snakka p enn noko anna Langsamt, med for mange og lange kunstpausar og ikkje minst med mykje smatting og fysj og fy Heldigvis har audibleappen trinnlaus avspelingshastigheitsregulering, slik at eg kunne spele av halvannan gong s fort som han las Tvert kunne ein merke at smattinga mykje godt forsvann, samstundes som kunstpausane vart f rre og kortare Vinn vinn Elles var dette interessant nok, grei innf ring i eit utval keltisk og norr n litteratur Ville nok heller hatt skikkelege utg ver av kjeldene, men s nn g r det n r ein er litt for kjapp i Audiblebutikken.

  10. Becky says:

    The lecturer focuses on a few key tales from early civilizations in Northern Europe I learned a lot about Celtic and Old German history, languages, and values Professor Shutt s storytelling style was wonderful It not only gave some complex myths coherence but also made the stories come to life He made the heroes and villains seem endearingly human The only annoying element from my point of view was that the volume of his voice occasionally dropped very, very low, which was less than ideal when listening to his lectures in the car.