The Popcorn Girl

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 334 pages
  • The Popcorn Girl
  • Michael J. Vaughn
  • English
  • 11 October 2018

About the Author: Michael J. Vaughn

Michael J Vaughn is the author of thirteen novels, including The Popcorn Girl and Operaville He is a frequent contributor to Writer s Digest, and a 25 year performing arts journalist His poetry has appeared in than fifty journals, including Skidrow Penthouse, Confrontation and The Chaffin Journal He lives in San Jose, California, and plays drums for the San Francisco rock band Exit Wonder

The Popcorn Girl When The Owner Of An Atheist Bookshop Falls For The Girl Who Works In The Moviehouse Across The Street, He Has No Idea What He S Getting Into Jasmina Is The Survivor Of A Toxically Religious Upbringing, And Has Managed To Escape Only By Losing Her Original Identity And, When The Pressure Gets Too Much, Etching A Staircase Of Cuts Into Her Arm When Paul Discovers A Missing Person Flyer With A Picture Of A Twelve Year Old Jasmina, The Psychological Fireworks Are About The Begin A Mind Bending Thriller From The Author Of Frosted Glass

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10 thoughts on “The Popcorn Girl

  1. Calder Lowe says:

    Michael J Vaughn s THE POPCORN GIRL is a tremendously complex and bittersweet novel masterfully researched and honed Vaughn is to be congratulated on untangling the knots deeply rooted in religious hypocrisy and its oftentimes ancillary manifestation in the abuse of children, who may, in turn, self mutilate, act out in sexually deviant ways, or fall prey to dissociative disorders to better cope with the aftermath of their traumas This book is tempered by tremendous compassion and fraught with tension and revelatory psychological wisdom Moreover, it is set against a backdrop of welcomed razzle dazzle rock band hijinx, go ahead and ask me what a dachshund slipper is , descriptions of breathtakingly gorgeous California vistas, and impassioned debates over organized religion, destructive cults, and the legalization of marijuana As if these elements are insufficient enough to mesmerize a reader, they are all further enhanced by depictions of enough mouth watering culinary repasts to rival any mealtime scenes lovingly tucked inside the pages of a Dickensian novel In an era when one in four women will be molested before they reach 18 and one in six men, Vaughn has navigated some difficult and frightening territory in creating this novel That said, everyone who reads it no doubt has suffered personally from such incidents or knows a friend or family member who has been victimized by sexual predators and or religious sociopaths This is but one reason why THE POPCORN GIRL needs to reach a wider audience More significantly still, Vaughn tackles this unabashedly dark terrain while simultaneously sustaining the suspense of gradually unraveling the gripping twists and turns of a damaged young woman s mysterious past and breathing life into characters you care about because they have overcome so many disillusioning experiences with grace, wackadelic humor and indomitable courage The dialogue is scrumptious, the secondary characters as fully drawn and engaging as the primary ones, and the romance between the two main protagonists, Paul and Jasmina, yields a compelling exploration of taut sexual and intellectual chemistry The adjectives frisky, provocative, riveting and risqu come to mind with all the attendant emotions they evoke Vaughn takes the reader on a balls on and paradoxically redemptive ride into what it means to overcome and transform adversity into imaginative incursions into what life can look like freed of banal, white knuckled adherence to religious orthodoxies that often than not suffocate our deepest longings for autonomy and authentic connection with the Divine.

  2. Diana says:

    wow ex Jehovah Witness atheist bookstore owner meets orthodox Serbian refugee hooker and find true love interesting characters combined with a stunning plot with lots of twists, made this one of the best books I ve read in a while.

  3. Rita says:

    Loss of identity, lost love, loss of faith all are examined in this novel about the relationship between a troubled young woman and the owner of an atheist book store The story moves well, the settings are vivid and the characters are well drawn All in all, it s a fun read.

  4. Amy Lynch says:

    OMGThe Popcorn Girl is AMAZING Excellent character development, convoluted story line, and a super twisty ending Read it when you have time too finish it

  5. Katrena says:

    Certainly differentAt first I didn t think this book was for me, but as Jasmina and Paul s story unfolded, I became engaged.

  6. Victoria says:

    It is a great book to read

  7. Greg Chandler says:

    What starts out as an offbeat romance, between a bookstore clerk and the popcorn girl at the cinema across the street, takes a turn for the strange The girl supplements her day job as a call girl, preventing her from turning their friendship into romance The clerk is a Mormon turned atheist, bent on converting seekers to atheism, while supporting himself and his free thinker store by growing and selling marijuana though in the end he goes semi legit, selling only to a medical marijuana shop The popcorn girl s religious background her impetus for seeking redemption in atheism is a bit strict and offbeat than his She has been a prisoner of a cult and then an escapee who found refuge with a heart of gold prostitute She suffers a psychotic break that leads her back to the cult where only the cult leader himself remains She s rescued by a fellow escapee and eventually leaves her past even the parts she has made up behind and is able to return to her future.It s a bit of a wild ride at times, and a bit overblown, but you re still relieved when it all works out in the end.

  8. Jo Notary says:

    334p When the owner of an atheist bookshop falls for the girl who works in the movie house across the street, he has no idea what he s getting into Jasmina is the survivor of a toxically religious upbringing, and has managed to escape only by losing her original identity and, when the pressure gets too much, etching a staircase of cuts into her arm When Paul discovers a missing person flyer with a picture of a twelve year old Jasmina, the psychological fireworks are about the begin A mind bending thriller from the author of Billy Saddle.

  9. Angel says:

    Horrible book The story line went no where, hated all of the characters too I gave it one star for the mere fact it contained words, lol Don t even waste your time looking at the cover Yuck.