Rule of Money

[EPUB] ✸ Rule of Money  ✻ Rand McGreal –
  • Paperback
  • 414 pages
  • Rule of Money
  • Rand McGreal
  • 04 October 2018
  • 9781466385498

About the Author: Rand McGreal

Rand writes books about Economics He bases his own economic theories on his experiences as a senior manager at a national bank, international construction firm, national retail chain and as an executive at an urban commercial developer Rand holds an MBA and undergraduate degree from Oberlin College He is currently a lecturer and writer trying to correct the many misunderstandings of how to mana

Rule of Money In Rule Of Money Simple Commonsense Financial Concepts Build Floor By Floor To Culminate In A New Structure Of Economics The Foundation Of This Economic Skyscraper Is The Simple Rule Of Money It Must Be Earned From This Strong Foundation Simple Obvious Conclusions About The Actions Of The Private Sector And The Public Sector Are Derived And Stated In Easily Understood Rules From These Rules A New Framework Is Established For Economics And The Operation Of Government Rand McGreal Begins Rule Of Money By Tracing The History Of Banking To Establish The Root Of His New Economic Theory Every Hundred Years Or So, A Revolutionary Idea Is Introduced In Economics Rand McGreal In This Book Introduces Several He Redefines Money And The Result Is A Method That Allows Most Countries Of The World A Path Out Of Debt Rand Explains How Competition And Profit Ensure Economic Success Next, Supply And Demand Theory Is Discredited And Replaced With His Own N Theory Based On The Choices Of Consumers The Book Culminates In Rand Explaining That The U S Economy Is Better Managed In The Hands Of The Business Sector Than In The Grip Of Government In The Final Chapters He Sketches Out A Plan To Eliminate Unemployment, Reduce The National Debt To Zero And Debunks The Fed S Fear Of Inflation The Result Is A New Monetary Edifice That Allows Education, Healthcare, Retirement And Childcare To Be Provided To All Citizens At No Cost To Them Or The Government These Are Not Modest Ideas, But If Right, They Solve Much Of The Debt Problem Of The World All Of This Is Achieved By Building Upon The Original Foundations Of Banking, Money And The Private Sector The New Economic Edifice Rand Proposes Includes A New Funding Strategy For Education, Retirement And Healthcare Discover The Future Follow The Author Along A Path That Leads To Solutions For Our National Debt, Unemployment, Inflation And Job Creation Rand Relies On His Business Experience To Target The Goals Of A Properly Functioning Economy He Explains How A Focus On Wealth And Employment Creation Will Invigorate The System Through Examples And Careful Analysis Of Academic Assumptions About The Economy He Overturns Many Of The Traditional Economic Foundations The Use Of Supply And Demand Theory To Explain The Functioning Of The Marketplace Is Shown To Be A Particular Case, And Not Suitable As The Foundation Of Economics Rand Shows That The 18th Century Idea That Economics Developed To Solve The Scarcity Problem Is Historically Inaccurate Rand Replaces These Mainstream Theories With His Own Theory Based On The Purchase Negotiations Of Buyers And Sellers Called N Theory N Theory That Takes Its Cue From The Purchase Negotiation Between Buyers And Sellers Is A System Of Consumer Choice You Can Take A Breath, But Rand Doesn T He Is On A Mission To Reengineer Our Economy If He Is Right, The World S Economy Is Going To Take Off He Proposes Many Counter Intuitive Ideas, But After Reading His Explanation You Will Be Convinced We Should Try Some Of His Solutions Is The Idea Of Free Education Through Graduate School Intriguing Do You Want To Know How To Eliminate The Internal Revenue Service Do You Want To Know How Government Can Rebuild Your House After A Hurricane At No Cost To You Do You Want To Know How To Eliminate Unemployment All Of These Topics Are Discussed And Appealing Solutions Proposed The Book Is Written In A Conversational Style Like The Economics Books Of Thomas Sowell, Tim Harford And Dan Ariely The Author Uses Charts And Photos To Make His Points The Book Includes A Full Index The Book Completely Describes A Libertarian Economic Theory That Challenges The Existing Theories Of Economics And Offers An Original Perspective On How The Economy Could Be Managed Based On A Completely New Approach.

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15 thoughts on “Rule of Money

  1. Denise Kalm says:

    Most of us managed to avoid economics and yet, we think we know what money is After reading Rand McGreal s book, you will discover how much you do not know and become an informed consumer, producer, tax payer and voter And here s the good part unlike many of the tomes offered as college text, McGreal s work is eminently readable He provides clear definitions of new terms highlighted with real world understandable examples In some places, it is almost fun because you are reading about current events, but from a new perspective You ll also learn how often the papers and news stations get it wrong Reporters should read this so should our government, at all levels He begins with the history of money most of us don t even know what money is Again, your ignorance won t survive this book As someone who has studied other economics books, I was shocked at how much I still had to learn An essential concept is that money earnings Inflation is due to unearned money But though these are axioms, he takes care to explain and validate each one in a way that anyone can grasp.Each chapter tells you what you will learn, then summarizes and...

  2. Rand McGreal says:

    In writing this book I discovered a couple of concepts readily accepted by conventional economists that are not thoroughly studied in sufficient depth to be axioms I found replacements that I thought were at least as logically supported and in keeping with my goal of using only the strongest principles to create a solid foundation for Economics One of these principles I challenged was the idea Economics is a scientific study This idea comes down to us without discussion since the idea originated with Adam Smith The idea is founded in the historical context Adam Smith worked than a rigorous evaluation Much like the trendline in current Economics once it is evaluated it is found lacking systematic integrity and tied to simple contemporary practice Likewise, the idea money is a thing rather than a theoretical concept lim...

  3. Rich Boberg says:

    Great instruction on how the elements of the economy work and how the author s creative N Theory can turn the economy around I found Chapter Seventeen Taxation one of the most interesting chapters as it summarized a 2000 year history of how low tax rates increase tax coll...