City of Woe

[Ebook] City of Woe  By Christopher   Ryan –
  • Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • City of Woe
  • Christopher Ryan
  • 18 January 2019
  • 9781475159233

About the Author: Christopher Ryan

I was born and raised in The Bronx, allergic to the planet As a result I read, a lot Comics, Bantam pulp novel reprints of The Shadow and Doc Savage, my brothers school novels, my father s crime and war books, The Daily News, anything I could get my hands on.I also delivered The Daily News, reading Jimmy Breslin s columns about the Son of Sam, and becoming sure that killer was in the staircases

City of Woe What If Paul Farrington, A Veteran Fixer For A Shady Corporation, Found Himself Targeted For Elimination Just As He Was Trying To Finance His Daughter S Ivy League Education How Far Would He Go To Provide For His Family And Keep Them Safe What If Detectives Frank Mallory And Alberto Gunner Gennaro Were Forced To Play Catch Up With A Killer Who May Or May Not Be A Demon And Who Leaves Trails Of Dantesque Murders, Each One Occurring Further South In Manhattan And Deeper Into His Version Of The Inferno How Could These Situations Be Connected How Long Can The Detectives Stick To Strict Police Procedural Facts When Confronted With Increasingly Bizarre Events, Especially Once They Begin Invading Mallory S Private Life And How Does He Find A Balance Between His Rejection Of The Case S Alleged Demonic Elements And His Strong Desire To Believe His Dying Father S Visions Of Long Dead Relatives Beckoning Him To Heaven When Must A Detective Reconsider What Exists Outside Man S Law These Are The Dominant Concerns Of City Of Woe, A Novel Combining Ryan S Personal Experiences, Knowledge Of The Family Business The NYPD , An Understanding Of Literary Classics And A Love For Classic Rock And Roll Running 327 Double Spaced Manuscript Pages, Readers Have Noted Obvious References To Dante S The Inferno, Subtle Nods To Joyce S Dubliners And Ulysses And The Influences Of El Leonard, Walter Mosley, And Richard Price.

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10 thoughts on “City of Woe

  1. Bill says:

    Christopher Ryan comes from a family of cops, and it shows And he was an award winning crime and politics reporter, and that shows, too, in his hardboiled mystery thriller City of Woe, a compelling story of the hunt for a particularly nasty serial killer who may or may not be a demon in New York City.The case is overseen by partners Frank Mallory a family man whose father was a cop before him, and who has turned his back on the Catholic faith of his youth and autodidactic, salty tongued, self described single, fat and sloppy Al Gunner Gennaro Even before the first murder victim is really cold, a second body turns up Then a third, each found with literal calling cards, index cards upon which the killer has scrawled increasingly menacing messages apparently intended to taunt Mallory and Gunner.The detectives methodically complete first the jigsaw puzzle s edges, then begin filling in to the center, but Ryan skillfully keeps us from too easily guessing what the finished thousand piece puzzle will look like Ryan also sensitively confronts the ill defined boundary separating mental illness from demonic possession, and in spite of Mallory s dismissal of any possible spiritual explanation manages to convince the reader that each can be mistaken for the other.Chris Ryan combines a deep knowledge of literary classics a...

  2. Celeste Demby says:

    This book was an excellent read I had fun following Detectives Mallory and Gunner hunt for this sadistic and methodical serial killer I loved that this book didn t end the way I thought it would It s not your run of the mill police procedural book it s so much with ...

  3. Caseen Gaines says:

    I started reading Christopher Ryan s debut novel about a week ago Today, at about a hundred pages in and extremely exhausted, I picked up the novel, thinking I d read a little before taking a nap The book had different plans for me About four hours and 250 pages later, I finished, having been completely unable to put it down.City of Woe is listed as being part of the Mallory and Gunner Series, but this story really belongs to the former of the NYPD duo Through Mallory, we not only experience a compelling crime suspense thriller, but also an archeological adventure through New York City geography, 1970s rock history, and Dante s Inferno We feel his highs as the crime clues start to piece themselves together, and his lows as The Job begins to invade his personal life, complete with a loving wife, young sons, and dying father Gunner, his rougher around the edges and occasionally crude partner, makes for a great bad cop to Gunner s good, although those roles occasionally become reversed throughout the text You won t find many dirty cops here Ryan avoids going for the familiar corrupt cop narrative, and instead presents us with main characters, and an entire force of the city s finest, trying th...

  4. Renee says:

    meant to start this book in the evening with the intention of picking it up the next day when I had free time, but couldn t put it down The police detective duo of Mallory and Gunner were believable and the element of supernatural forces only added to the surprise After all, who doesn t love the possibility of an exorcism or an animal entering demon in modern day Bronx, New York The cop drama was played out well until the end.City of Woe is a murder mystery first and foremost and the main characters are the police force and their families For those that enjoy these books you will not be disappointed as the play by play banter between the squad is lively, as well as between each character they are involved The reference to Dante s Inferno brings a spiritual quality to the cop s work as well as the lovely references to music I can tell the author knows his classics, books as well as music, and I w...

  5. Johnplavelle says:

    The City of Woe and the Movie FALLENThis book is much too much like the movie FALLEN starring Danzel Washington and John Goodman I think that Mr Ryan should have at least given it some credit for some inspiration That being said, it was a story that hooked the reader In the early stages of the book the two detectives are snubbed by their fellows and called names and sneered at for working strange cases, yet there seems to be no b...

  6. Kerry says:

    I was asked to give an honest opinion of this book It took me a bit to get into the plot but once I did I was hooked Its a great read The ending could have been beefed up a bit, but all in all worth reading I look forward to Mallory and Gunner stories.

  7. Stef says:

    Love it It is a must read

  8. Tina Ryan says:

    Great characters and great feel for the streets of New York and the Bronx You wont want to put it down