Road Humps and Sidewalks

!!> Reading ➻ Road Humps and Sidewalks ➳ Author Kalyan C. Kankanala –
  • Paperback
  • 237 pages
  • Road Humps and Sidewalks
  • Kalyan C. Kankanala
  • English
  • 16 October 2019
  • 9781492886419

About the Author: Kalyan C. Kankanala

Dr Kalyan is a storyteller and scribbler from Bangalore, India He writes legal thrillers, crime mysteries and short stories All his novels have blind protagonists and are well researched.Professionally, Dr Kalyan is an Intellectual Property Attorney He works extensively with technology driven companies, film music production houses and creative upstarts Dr Kalyan also teaches at premier ins

Road Humps and SidewalksA Tale Of Drugs, Patents, Health Care And GreedInspired From Real Life Experiences, Road Humps And Sidewalks Is The Story Of Arjun, A Young, Blind Lawyer With A Small Law Practice, And His Battle With A Pharma Major A Realistic Modern Day Drama About Defenseless Victims And Fatal Diseases Exploited For Commercial Gain Taken Directly From The Pages Of The Daily News As Thousands Fall Prey To A Deadly Viral Infection, A Dedicated Team Of Doctors Succeed In Their Quest For An Effective Treatment But Their Achievement Is Short Lived, As The Unscrupulous Multi National Berminger Pharmaceutical Corporation Deliberately Creates Artificial Scarcity Of The Drug By Using Their Patent To Profit From The Panic Exasperated With The Powerful Corporation S Stone Cold Indifference To Loss Of Lives, Doctors Take The Fight To The Court Relying On Arjun S CounselSet In Hyderabad, The Pharmaceutical Capital Of India, Arjun Clashes In The Court With India S Leading Patent Lawyer The Battle Turns Nasty As Dirty Tricks And Devious Tactics Undermine Arjun S Challenge Brilliant Arguments And Crafty Legal Reasoning Enlighten, While Gripping Sequences Add Flavour To The Fire Of GeniusAcclaimed A Feast For Legal Thriller Enthusiasts, The Novel Has Been Compared By Reviewers With The Works Of John Grisham And Harper Lee Notable Reviews A Blind Lawyer, A Virus Outbreak, A Dog That Dreams And A Patent Infringement Case Dr Kalyan Kankanala S Debut Fiction, Road Humps And Sidewalks The Path Less Travelled Is An Engrossing Fast Paced Legal Thriller The Hindu This IP Law Thriller Has All The Hallmarks Of A Winner Corporate Espionage, Attempted Kidnapping, Foiled Hits, Court Room Romance, A Corrupt Chief Justice And A David V Goliath Battle Over Patents For A Life Saving Drug IP Kat

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10 thoughts on “Road Humps and Sidewalks

  1. Biswanath Banerjee says:

    What s in a thriller Obviously a story that thrills you with surprises and unpredictability But can a boring courtroom drama thrill you Or a story that that has a sizeable part full of legal implications In front of a judge two counsels are arguing about various aspects of law They are trying to get closer to the truth or might in fact, trying to hide the truth Nobody will believe there will be thrill elements It may be exciting, ornate but thrilling No way Well the debut novel by Kalyan Kankala Road Humps and Sideways is enough to correct your misconception about the thriller Kalyan is an esteemed practitioner of intellectual property act and his insight into the nook and corner of the intellectual property rights has been transformed the story into an entertaining fast paced thriller.The story runs on two parallel threads one is the spread of a mystery disease and consequential profit motive of a multinational drug firm and the other is the near silent rise of fame of a blind is virtually a battle for the eminent physicians of CIMS Charaka Institute of Medical Science to tackle the killer disease which is threatening to take the form of a silent epidemic Equally anxious is the famous Dr Krishna about the cause and treatment of the disease because it is virtually a disease suddenly rising from hell And it strikes swiftly like cold jaws of death An unknown team from the institute is working day and night for revelation of the killer disease Full review athttps 20

  2. Anna Fantabulous says:

    Dr Kankanala s story has corrupt pharmaceutical practices and the importance of saving lives versus preserving intellectual property rights all rolled into one breezy read that is high on content and low on thrills The novel starts with a theft in the laboratory of Dr Schumann who has just found a cure for a deadly disease at Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany Someone steals his lab results Half way around the world, in Charaka Institute of Medical Sciences, India, third casualty has just occurred from an as yet unidentified disease A cricketing hero, Ram Patekar, dies on the emergency table oozing blood from nose and mouth and no traditional anti viral medicine works on him The leading doctors at the Institute have heard of such cases in Hyderabad too Dr Krishna, the founder and chief physician and Dr Sridhar, chief of critical care, both learn from a shadow network Unknown Team that the disease is a mutant variety of HIV which causes AIDS, but unlike both, Immediate Immuno Deficiency Syndrome kills all cells in immune system and beyond rendering the victim entirely helpless How or why the disease occurs is left unexplained is it biological, earth borne, sexually transmitted but the disease affects the entire body and is treatable through a drug meant for nervous system Nervir.Nervir is made by a pharma giant Berminger, with HQ in Munich Germany It s easy to guess that Berminger may have had something to do with stealing Dr Schumann s research into cure for the said disease in the first place, but the pieces of the puzzle fit after a while.Hundred people die in India and the drug is made scarce by the company holding the sole patent for it Berminger and there s nothing that even Union Minister for Health can do about it since hundred isn t that big a number that national health emergency be declared and the drug is not approved as treatment of IIDS.That s when the blind lawyer hero Arjun Mamidi has to fight the case of the century for the common man and woman against the company run by an inscrutable Dr Christian Muller who tries every trick in the book to get rid of the problem hiring hit men, buying off competition, changing judges all the while maintaining a facade of impeccable humaneness Why would an actress give an important case to a blind lawyer who has never been in a court room is beyond me Why would seasoned medical officers hand over the biggest trial to an inexperienced lawyer is left unexplained plus one needs a few years experience before being able to be a High Court lawyer Good things just fall in Arjun s lap unlike coterie of lawyers sweating in small sheds near district courts The novel is written in a style where people enter on cue and are left midway when their role in story telling is filled The important thing to take away from the story is corrupt business practices.

  3. Ravi Jain says:

    The plot of this book is about the greed of multi national pharmaceutical companies in regards to critical drug patents and a lone blind lawyer s fight against this system.Full Review

  4. Kanchana says:

    I am still reading the book Is is really good I cant wait to know what happens next It has been a long time since I have read a book like this Almost never by an Indian writer

  5. Jayant Mahajan says:

    Good Story on todays times