Retirement Village of the Damned

[ PDF ] ✍ Retirement Village of the Damned Author Kent Hill –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 37 pages
  • Retirement Village of the Damned
  • Kent Hill
  • English
  • 26 August 2018

About the Author: Kent Hill

KENT HILL is the new , thinking man s Jean Claude Van Damme He has been known to fight in desperate battles against impossible odds against hordes of imaginary foes He has been known to volunteer for suicide missions, and has been witnessed shooting fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse He is the author of Alien Smut Peddlers from the Future StrangeHouse Books , DeathMa

Retirement Village of the DamnedDownload Retirement Village Of The Damned By Kent Hill When A Writer, Down On His Luck, Takes An Assignment As A Reporter For A Small Town Newspaper He Figures Life Couldn T Get Much Worse Or Mundane Being That The Town In Which He Is To Reside Is On One Of Those Fabled Roads That Are Seldom Crossed Even By Folks That Are Lost But The Town Of Gabyvale Is About To Get Interesting Interesting Enough To Write Home About Kent Hill, Author Of DeathMaster And Zombie Park, Takes You On Yet Another Bizarre Romp Which Showcases The Weird Side Of Town And Country Living.

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15 thoughts on “Retirement Village of the Damned

  1. Kent says:

    of course I like my own stuff forgive me.

  2. Crystal Horrorder says:

    Hunter S Thompson s bloodied nut cousin after being abducted by the unfairer sextopian planet invaders of another time fractured dimension Worth every minute and penny Waste no time, dive in Dr Hill s satisfying tales before it s too late Then do it over and over again.

  3. Bo says:

    Fear the walking old.This is the second story by Kent Hill I ve read and it was a big step up from Zombie Park The story made sense The movie references were still there but atleast now they were not what the whole thing revolved around There was no character i...

  4. Deedra says:

    Kent Hill grossed me out again.I only got halfway through this one.Not the fun I was hoping for karl A Nordman was a fine narrator though.I was given this book by the narrator,author or publisher free for an honest review.

  5. Oliver Eike says:

    How do i put my thoughts of this book after having read it into some semblance of sanity I compare it to movies and shows with a similar sense of madness This short story is the unholy love child of South Park and the movie Jay Silent Bob Strikes back, with a few sprinklings of Lesbian Vampire Killers and most American college movies So it does have lots of laughs in it, but the college movie feel is what keeps it from greatness, a...