Deep Diving

Ebook ➡ Deep Diving  Author Cate Ellink –
  • ebook
  • 180 pages
  • Deep Diving
  • Cate Ellink
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9780857991829

About the Author: Cate Ellink

Cate Ellink became intrigued by the erotic when her grandfather used to pass books to her father saying, Don t let the girls read page X Although her mother and sisters never bothered to chase those pages, Cate always did Invariably, her imagination was better than what she read While pursuing a career in science, Cate amused herself by writing about ordinary events and giving them an erotic

Deep Diving From Cate Ellink Comes A Sun Soaked, Sandy, Seaside Erotic Novel About A Tropical Paradise, Two Athletes Used To Getting Physical, And A Sex Filled, No Strings Holiday Fling Samantha Is Celebrating Her Newly Retired Status From Competitive Triathlons With A Diving Holiday In Her Favourite Place In The World Australia S Lord Howe Island But All Divers Need A Buddy, And Sam Can T Dive Solo A Chance Meeting With Rugby League Superstar Cooper Sterling In The Dive Shop Seems Serendipitous Sam Can T Wait To Have A Partner Who Might Be Able To Keep Up With Her.It Soon Becomes Evident That Cooper And Sam Are Compatible Both In And Out Of The Water, And Things Gets Seriously Sexy But Sam Is Disinclined To Be Another Football Groupie, And Cooper Has Been Burned Before So The Rules Are Clear A Holiday Fling, No Strings Attached, And They Part As Friends At The End.But As The Final Days Of Their Time Together Come To A Close And A Life Apart Becomes A Reality, Sam And Cooper Start To Question Their Decision Is This Holiday Fling Really The Finish Line Or Can Sam And Cooper Turn Their Friendly Competition Into Than Sizzling Sex

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10 thoughts on “Deep Diving

  1. AusRomToday says:

    Deep Diving is truly enjoyable sweet contemporary romance novel from Cate Ellink The central characters, Samantha a recently retired triathlete and Cooper a hunky footballer are easily likeable and combined with a gorgeous Lord Howe Island backdrop which Ellink beautifully weaves into the story , Deep Diving was a story that I finished in one sitting It was refreshing to read fr...

  2. Roz ~ My Written Romance says:

    I was provided with an ARC of this book by Escape Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. If you are in the market for a fun, sexy, likeable and hot love story, Deep Diving will be entirely up your alley It would ...

  3. Lily Malone says:

    I ve learned about diving than I ever knew I certainly never knew it was possible to talk underwater The physicality of this pair Cooper and Sam leaves me breathless It also leaves me doing the pinch test and deciding it s time I stopped eating so much white chocolate tart and started running Exercising Or just doing anything to get my heart pumping, .These two sporty people are a match made in hea...

  4. Georgina Penney says:

    Cate Ellink s writing style is so different to any other author I know that I would have trouble making a comparison but what I can tell you is that if you like her, you really like her and that s the case for me There s a frankness and a downright fabulously filthy sexiness in Deep...

  5. Sophia says:

    A sea side holiday fling between two Australian sports pros held tons of appeal and I was glad to take it down and dust it off my shelf It was sizzling hot, but had a nice undercurrent of emotion to drive the relationship forward.Deep Diving is a fast read standalone set on an Australian island for two people looking for a sea diving holiday Sam is a newly retired pro triathelete now coach who encounters Cooper a star football player The extent of the story is one week, but so much happens from them starting as diving buddies with a strong attraction, to holiday bed buddies with rules about parting after, and then the feelings get involved.I was all set for this to play out in the usual way, but then I perked right up Sam is telling the story and it is not long before her personality shines forth Samantha is 38 and she is a vibrant, confident and competitive woman She has no problem saying what she thinks or what she wants She is not abrasive or rude, but just certain Though, yes, she likes her control and likes to dictate the p...

  6. Fiona Marsden says:

    I m not really into first person POV but this worked quite well We get this story totally from Sam s point of view She is a recently retired triathlete so for a 38 year old, she is pretty fit and buff Every year she comes to Lord Howe Island for her holiday to dive and snorkel and eat chowder at her favourite restaurant The only thing she needs is a dive partner.Cooper is a youngish footballer from Melbourne He is this solid mountain of muscle with a crazy sexy grin on top He usually travels to a different place for his diving in the footy off season and this year he lands on Lord Howe Island The only thing he needs is a dive partner And maybeLord Howe Island is the third character in this book The author loves it, the characters love it If I ever thought I might go there, I suspect I would love it too.Cooper and Sam team up as dive partners and it works really well They are in sync right from the start and it s pretty obvious they might just be in sync in just about ever...

  7. Sienna Logan (Lost to Books) says:

    More reviews at htpp I m really struggling to rate this book as it has split my opinion right down the middle On one hand parts made me consider giving up, while on the other I m glad I finished reading it I think by the end of it though, I really loved the characters and their story.It was the first forty per cent of this book that has me struggling with my rating so much It really didn t engage me and I felt the writing was a bit stiff I was thrown straight into the story and I felt like I was constantly trying to catch up with background information and trying to make a connection with the characters I also didn t think I was going to grow to like the characters I m not sure what is was about them but in the first half of this book, but I felt very disconnected from everything maybe it was the speed at which everything happened I don t know.However, saying that, I m glad I didn t give up on this book as the second half than made up for it The characters grew on me, as did their relationship and the writing picked up It became engaging and I couldn t put the last half down I think the main reason for this was that there were feelings involved rather than just sex which was still hot.I found the holiday fling believable maybe not all of the conversations but in general things moved along well and I liked how the characters grew together I liked Cooper s playful att...

  8. Laura White says:

    Deep Diving was sent to me via Netgalley for an honest review So here goes Deep Diving stars two main characters Samantha and Cooper Sam is a retired triathlon competitor and Coop still plays football They meet on a Diving holiday and become dive buddies Lust at first sight is quickly followed by a growing relationship Will it turn into than just a holiday fling I ll let you read and find out for yourself I have never read a story which included Diving and i found this a lovely surprise It was so full of description and i could imagine being down there with them I loved the competitions they both took part in, i found it very cute.They both aren t great at having relationships and admit that to each other, but i ...

  9. Connie says:

    Received an ARC copy from Netgalley for a honest review When I started reading this book, I wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy it since I don t know a lot about diving plus it took a little while to warm up to the storyline I am glad though that I kept reading because I did actually enjoy the book Storyline is interesting, entertaining, fun and ...

  10. Rhyll Biest says:

    The author rocked this book so hard it took my breath away The level of craft, the level of emotion, the gorgeous, beautiful language, the wonderful story, wow And there s enough sex to satisfy the greediest of erotic romance readers.