Beyond Coincidence

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  • ebook
  • 220 pages
  • Beyond Coincidence
  • Jacquie Underdown
  • 05 November 2018
  • 9780857991843

About the Author: Jacquie Underdown

Jacquie lives in Central Queensland, Australia, where it s always hot and humidity constantly coats the skin, summer or winter.After her profession as an accountant almost killed her with mind numbing boredom , she is on permanent hiatus.She now spends her time wrapped up in her imagination, creating characters, exploring alternative realities, and falling in love with a host of mouth watering he

Beyond Coincidence Mixing Romance, History, And A Touch Of The Unexplained In A New Novel From Jacquie Underdown About Love That Needs To Cross Oceans And Time Before Finding A Place To Come True.In 2008, 250 Australian And British Soldiers Are Uncovered In A Mass Grave In Fromelles, France, Lost Since The Great War One Soldier, Bearing Wounds Of War So Deep It Scarred His Soul, Cannot Be Laid To Rest Just Yet When Lucy Bumps Into The Achingly Sad Soldier During A Trip To France, She Doesn T, At First Glance, Realise What He Is A Ghost Who Desperately Needs Her Help Lucy Can T Turn Away From Someone Who Needs Her, Even Someone Non Corporeal, And They Travel Back Together To Australia In Search Of Answers And, Hopefully, Some Peace This Chance Meeting And Unexplainable Relationship Sets Into Motion A Chain Reaction Of Delicate Coincidences That Affect The Intertwined Lives Of Family, Friends, And Lovers In Unexpected, Beautiful Ways.

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10 thoughts on “Beyond Coincidence

  1. Andrea Guy says:

    Beyond Coincidence combines two things that I love reading about, WWI and ghosts It is hard to imagine being in France and being approached by a long dead soldier looking for closure The story put me in mind of the beautiful song No Man s Land, about another battle in France in the same year The Battle of Fromelles was one of the worst for the Allies, and definitely one of the worst for Australia 5500 lives were lost in 24 hours Jacquie brings one of them to life in Freddy.I loved how eager Lucy was to help Freddy in his quest to rest, at last, in peace There s so much heartbreak that he has to go through, including learning of the death of his wife, though she lived 88 years, and his son, who lived 75.In the course of their journey together, Lucy finds love of her own, in the ghost s grandson, Nate Their courtship r...

  2. Sara Strand says:

    I ll tell you upfront the reason I picked this book to review is I absolutely believe in reincarnation I don t think we just die and go off into the ether of Heaven, I think we come back as something else, in some other time and basically, we re always being recycled to an extent So when I read the description I knew I would be all in because it sounded interesting And it was It starts with Lucy, fresh off a traumatic breakup easing her woes in France, literally running in a ghost of a soldier from the Great War Freaked out, she obviously hauls ass out of the cemetery Later on, she sees him again in a coffee shop and then in her CAR, which I would have peed my pants I m just going to throw that in here But turns out, she s the only person who is able to see him and he is desperate for help He needs to be identified so he can have a proper burial and go onto whatever is his next stop in the afterlife A sentimental at heart, she agrees because what else would you do The dead soldier looks pitiful So Lucy sets to work trying to find figure out about him Fortunately, through the wonders of the Internet, she is able to track down his family tree and finds he only has a living grandson A grand...

  3. Tia Bach says:

    Lucy has run to France to try and heal a broken heart There she meets a man Freddy looking for his, but there s one problem he s been dead over a hundred years Together, they go on a journey to put his soul to rest To help Freddy, they must find his next of kin Nate isn t interested at first, but Lucy convinces him to give it a go Along the journey, they fall for each other Will they find happiness and can they lay Freddy to rest I loved this charming love story Lucy is tender hearted, yet strong Seeing her connect to Freddy made her ultimate love for Nate even sweeter For a quick read, it s packed with emotional depth and interesting story In addition to finding out Freddy s background, the couple has their own interesting path to discover big life changes for both of them.The I thought about this book I added this paragraph after posting my original review , the I loved the idea that life is a lot about simply being open to the possibilities Lucy doesn t walk away when a ghost asks for help or when her first encounter with Nate is a huge turnoff She doesn t make rash judgments, and her heart is ready to accept love even when pain is a short term consequence She s a character that will stay with me, and I look forward to reading books by this author.If you love to emotionally connect to a story and fall in love with the characters, definitely pick this one up A real winner

  4. Kim says:

    This book is also reviewed here absolutely loved this book I laughed, I cried, I got disgusted, mad, hopeful, all sorts of feelings and emotions while reading it, and it was really hard to put down.The book was a mixture of romance, and paranormal, with a touch of history in it Beautifully written, I ve never been overseas around the places that were written about, or heard of the battles that were discussed, but I can almost imagine being there, and seeing the things, and the idea of the restaurant that was talked about in this book is absolutely amazing You walk with the main character as she meets Freddy, a ghost from the past, as she tracks down relatives and tries to help him find an ending to his story I loved the ending, how everything wraps up and toget...

  5. Ros Schmidt says:

    I loved this book, it took my mind to another place, I loved Freddy the soldier I found it hard to put down I kept wanting to know what happened next The setting was amazing because I have not been to any of the places Just want to say I loved it.

  6. Marlene says:

    Originally published at Reading RealityBeyond Coincidence is a romance that requires that the reader throw their willing suspension of disbelief out the window, but the history behind the love story is based on actual events.Let s just say that the author has taken an extremely romantic perspective on a project that is both sad and moving, and uses the romance to personalize something important.The genesis of everything lies in the Battle of Fromelles, which took place in France in World War I Fromelles wasn t merely a disaster for the Allies, it was also one of the most costly battles in history for the Australian Army Over 5,500 men were killed in 24 hours of fighting.In 2008, a mass grave was found near Fromelles, containing the unidentified bodies of 250 of those Australian losses In the intervening years, a project has been mounted to identify those remains and create closure for the families.Beyond Coincidence is a romanticized, in some ways paranormally romanticized, story about the identification of the remains of one particular soldier.Lucy sees the ghost...

  7. LuAnn says:

    Lucy traveled from Australia to France, solo, to recover from the demise of a relationship She visit the new cemetery at Fromelles, where a cemetery is under construction to re inter the remains of the British and Australian soldiers buried there in WWI She goes early in the morning, and as she absorbs the atmosphere of the sacred place, she nearly runs into a man He is wearing a period soldier s uniform, and compliments him on its authenticity Lucy gets a little nervous, though, as the man talks as if he had fought and died in that battle She leaves quickly and, upon reaching her car, turns for a last look and the man is gone.So begins Beyond Coincidence Lucy is like most of us, a little skeptical, and figures the soldier has followed her to Paris She runs to her car, gets in and locks the door When she turns on the ignition, the soldier is in her passenger seat He knows her name She is the first person that has been able to see him since he was dug up five months previously, and he asks for her help in getting his remains identified so he can have his name, Frederick Ormon, on the headstone.I really liked the character of Lucy A woman traveling alone across oceans and continents, even in our day, really is an adventurer If a ghost showed up in my locked car and asked for help in getting his remains identified and finding out what happened to his wife a...

  8. Heather says:

    Fresh out of a three year relationship, Lucy quits her job and takes a vacation alone to France to find herself and forget her ex boyfriend Jason While visiting an historic WWI battlefield where Australian soldiers lost their lives and were buried in a mass grave, Lucy unknowingly meets the ghost of one of the deceased soldiers named Freddy He wants Lucy to help him get his bones identified, but he has no idea how to do this Freddy travels back to Australia with Lucy, and she tracks down his only remaining relative his great grandson Nate with the hopes of getting him to contact the Army to submit a DNA sample for comparison to the remains in France When Lucy meets Nate for the first time, the proverbial sparks fly, and their story begins.This was such a lovely romance between Lucy and Nate It certainly wasn t love at first sight, and their first meeting was anything but pleasant and left neither one with a great first impression of the other But there was an undeniable draw between the both of them that made them want to work together, to be friends first and work towards something Lucy s determined attitude and calm, caring nature made her a perfect fit for Nate s cau...

  9. sparklyunikorn says:

    2.5 round ups to 3 starsLet s start with the very thing that intrigued me to read and managed to stay until the end of this book, it s the blurb Beyond Coincidence is one of the unique books I ve ever encountered because I ve never read anything alike You can see a ghost and it asked you for help so that it can move on in later life Interesting, isn t it The romance wasn t bad It was nice it didn t start as instant love but attraction Admittedly, the instant attraction fast track to love started a little bit after that The sparks was there but mild development of romance.Sadly enough though, apart from what I mentioned above, the rest of the book didn t manage to capture my interest I did put this book down several times Sometimes, I was thinking to just simply put it aside and never going to continue reading ...

  10. Stacie says:

    Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I need to come clean here I was doing a book challenge and I needed an author with a last name that started with U I went to NetGalley, found this book and said, sure why not, I ll give it a shot What a surprise I had when I actually enjoyed this random book I knew nothing about It combined a love story with history and redemption as well as some good old fashioned ghosts I liked finding out the family...