Dont Be A Stranger (Valerie Inkerman Investigates, #1)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 154 pages
  • Dont Be A Stranger (Valerie Inkerman Investigates, #1)
  • A.R. Winters
  • English
  • 22 November 2017

About the Author: A.R. Winters


Dont Be A Stranger (Valerie Inkerman Investigates, #1) When Valerie Inkerman S Roommate Jerry Gets Her A Waitressing Gig At Cushy Hamptons Party, She Has No Idea That Murder Is On The Menu.But When One Of The Guests Is Found Dead And Jerry Is Accused Of Being The Killer, Val Knows She Needs To Utilize All Her Skills As A Private Investigator To Clear His Name Trying To Track Down The Victim S Possible Enemies And Find New Leads, Val Faces Distractions In The Form Of Old Acquaintances And A Hot Dinner Date But As Val S Leads All Turn Into Dead Ends, The Killer Seems To Stay Step Ahead Of Her All The Time.Val Knows She S Close To Finding Out The Truth, But Will She Be Able To Put The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together Before Time Runs Out For Jerry Or The Killer Strikes Again

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10 thoughts on “Dont Be A Stranger (Valerie Inkerman Investigates, #1)

  1. Deborah Davis says:

    I couldn t finish the first chapter The story has promise but the typos are just too much One kind friend could have saved this book, but I wonder was the author too arrogant to ask for help If an update comes out, I will give it another try Until then, i just cannot be bothered to interpret the story.

  2. Elizabeth Ray says:

    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book The 2nd one I ve read by A.R Winters It was similar to the other book I ve read, Innocent in Las Vegas, although this main character seemed less naive and inexperienced Valerie is a Private Investigator who has mainly been doing small time PI work, like cheating partner cases This is why she is working as a waitress at a party when a girl is killed Her roommate, Jerry, becomes the main suspect and his father hires Valerie to clear his name and find the real murderer I really enjoyed Valerie s character She was likable, trusting of people, like her roommate Jerry who she has only known a few months, but not so trusting that she doesn t make intelligent choices I really liked the friendship chemistry between her and Jerry He was like an adorable dog loyal, but sometimes clueless At times, this book made me laugh out loud, like when a potential suspect comes over and the roommates grab a frying pan and butcher knife for protection and pretend they re cooking something I also liked the mystery I wasn t expecting the twist, but it was believable I admired how it was Valerie s first big case, but she was really organized in her investigation and persevered in her interviews I really have no complaints with this book Even though it was a little short, I hate when mysteries drag on unnecessarily so it didn t bother me Likable characters, laugh out loud moments, and a well written mystery I would highly recommend this book

  3. Adriane says:

    This was a quick, easy and light read that kept me turning the pages till the end I do agree with some of the other reviews that the author really should have had someone give this book an extra edit to pick up some of the silly errors Some which really should have been picked up and lowered the stories professionalism On a whole the characters and story flow well, if the story is a little short I think it would have benefitted from maybe an extra 50 pages to allow some of the storylines to be bulked out a bit and give them substance An I think our leading lady needs a little bit back bone Perfect if you want a light read to pass sometime.

  4. Rianonne says:

    2,5 stars

  5. Beth says:

    Actual rating 3.5This was a nice, simple, light read that was a perfect for a break away from my longer current read.As many have pointed out, there were multiple editing errors that shouldn t have occured, and therefore this could have used some extra lovin.But putting the errors aside, I thought this was a nice who done it mystery Valerie wasn t inexperienced, which was a great point A lot of authors I ve found try to have their characters just starting out with no previous experience, or even relatable experience So Valerie having a background in PI work, even if not a lot, was a nice touch.On the flipside, she really had no idea what she was doing at times, which is partially why my rating is actually 3.5 instead of a solid four Jerry did most of the leg work in terms of contacting people, which is why it wasn t surprising that his father, Kyle, wanted Valerie and Jerry to team up And when you think about it, with Jerry being a suspect in the case she was doing private investigative work on, he shouldn t have had any input whatsoever Had they not found anything or who the real killer was, Jerry could have had than just a murder charge against him This could have been considered impeding investigation since Jerry was not the PI.But I digress Overall, this was a nice, quick read If you re not too much of a grammar and spelling stickler, but love mysteries, I m sure you ll enjoy this one.

  6. Jaclyn Kitchen says:

    MehThe story was okay I guess The thing was I almost stopped reading it by the second chapter There were just too many stupid type o s for such an easy read I wasn t sure it was even worth reading with as many as I was marking I did appreciate that it was a clean book though I might give another book of hers a chance but I certainly won t be rushing out to find or buy one I was glad I got this one for free.

  7. Linda Poppen says:

    Fun read, loved the characters I will defiantly read of her books Liked the settings and situations Easy read without all the unnecessary added filler Glad she is writing about these characters..

  8. connie friedel says:

    This is a fun who done it read I liked how all the characters were portrayed.I also enjoyed the quirky humor between the main characters.I will definitely recommend this book to like minded readers.I plan to look for of this author s writings soon.

  9. Nola Arganbright says:

    I liked itA good well written Cozy Mystery Great characters, a new PI and her wanna be an actor roommate work together to solve this who done it Strong plot with plenty of false leads.

  10. Marilyn says:

    Easy fun, quick read I needed a short time relaxer Sitting out in the gazebo up popped this story It proved to be light and funny The relatively new roommates one and 1 2 detectives came up with some New York ways to solve a murder Try it, a fun fast refreshing read