Social Forces, Philanthropy: Williams College, 1867, an Oration

!!> PDF ✮ Social Forces, Philanthropy: Williams College, 1867, an Oration ❤ Author John M. Taylor –
  • Paperback
  • 30 pages
  • Social Forces, Philanthropy: Williams College, 1867, an Oration
  • John M. Taylor
  • English
  • 13 May 2019
  • 1331708761

About the Author: John M. Taylor

Librarian Note There isthan one author in the Goodreads database with this name See John M Taylor 1888 John M Taylor 1930 John M McLellan Taylor 1947

Social Forces, Philanthropy: Williams College, 1867, an OrationExcerpt From Social Forces, Philanthropy Williams College An Oration Once In An Age, Says A Classic Legend, The Genius Of Ancient Athens Comes, And Standing For A Sorrowful Hour In The Shadow Of The Acropolis, Watches With Tearful Eyes For Some Sign Of Rekindling Life Heroes And Sages Sleep On, Their Dust Heaves Not, And No Responses Rise From The Shrines Of Silence Another Spirit Waits To Day, Not The Tokens Of Resurrection, Not The Oracles Of Mytliologio Gods Long Fled From The Crumbling Altars, But The Proprophetic Words Of A Living Inspired Priesthood Interpreting The Language Of A Progressive Era The Light Of These Latter Days Falls On Another Parthenon Grander Than The Massive Memorial Of Attic Skill The Peerless Temple Which The Master Architects Of Twenty Centuries Have Wrought No Pallas Mailed For Battle, Or Divine Appollo Plead Alone The Nobility Of Art, But Historian, Poet And Philosopher Engrave On Lasting Tablets The Sublimest Of All Epics, The Glory Of Artistic Effort Humanity Hi Progression Still That Suggestive Aphorism Know Thyself Is Written On The Portal, But Significant Of A Deeper Philosophy Than Socratic Or Platonic Dialectics The Philosophy Of Modern Civilization Another Song Of Triumph Rises From The Forum, Greeting, Not The Veteran Legions Of A Marius, But Welcoming A Heroic Exile, The Champion Of Liberty Xew Emblems Are Sculptured On The Lofty Arches, And The Solemn Chant Of The Hooded Friars Breaks The Silence In The Halls Of Jupiter Weary Pilgrims Kneeling At The Tomb Of Mahomefturn No To Swell The Ranks Of Wrarriors At Jerusalem The Doughty Knight Inscribes A Nobler Motto On His Ensign, The Legend Of A Purer Chivalry God And The Right

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