The Washington Club

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  • Paperback
  • 253 pages
  • The Washington Club
  • Peter Corris
  • English
  • 12 March 2019
  • 9780733800313

About the Author: Peter Corris

Peter Corris was an Australian academic, historian, journalist and a novelist of historical and crime fiction His first novel was published in 1980 Corris is credited with reviving the fully fledged Australian crime novel with local settings and reference points and with a series character firmly rooted in Australian culture, Sydney PI Cliff Hardy As crime fiction writer, he was described as t

The Washington ClubThe Washington Club Takes Cliff Hardy, Australia S Favourite PI, To The Edge He Might Never Work Again.Claudia Fleischman Is Beautiful, Rich, Intelligent And Has Just Been Charged With The Murder Of Her Developer Husband.Hardy, Hired To Look Into The Background Of The Case, Is Soon Up To His Neck In Trouble When His Car Is Blown Up And Then A Friend Is Killed, Cliff Finds Himself With A Personal Stake In The Action His Investigations Introduce Him To The Shadowy World Of Corporate High Fliers At Sydney S Exclusive Washington Club And Bring Him Into Contact With Loose Canon Haitch Henderson And His Soft But Unpleasant Pimp Of A Son, Noel.In One Of His Grittiest Cases Ever, Hardy Has To Take Drastic Action Before The Pieces Fall Into Place And Very Rough Justice Is Seen To Be Done.

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10 thoughts on “The Washington Club

  1. Sue Law says:

    Not the greatest, but another worthy entry in the Cliff Hardy canon Cliff is called by his lawyer and mate Cy to look into the evidence against his client who has been accused of shooting her husband It looks clean and simple, but rapidly things get nasty leading Cliff to believ...

  2. Robert Scott says:

    Cliff is hired by his own lawyer Cy Sackville to find out all he can about the murder of a man that his client is accused of killing and to provide security for the wife Claudia Fleischman Several other deaths happen in due course and Hardy puts his own life and ca...

  3. William says:

    This is my first Cliff Hardy in decades, and it is fun to return to the series For the most part, the book is a lot of fun, especially if you like hard boiled P.I books Nope, certainly not great literature, but fine for a beach or my basement, where I read it Four stars for the fun of it, I guess.I don t remember the past Hardy novels I have read, but I suspect this is not among the best But the plot does zip along and it is a very fast read A caution to readers there is a reasonable ...

  4. Kathleen Hagen says:

    The Washington Club, by Peter Corris, B plus, narrated by Peter Hosking, Produced by Bolinda Audio Company, downloaded from is another in the Clif Walker series, an Australian P.I In this one, his best friend and lawyer for 20 years, Si, hires him to find out who is trying to frame Claudia Fleischman for her husband s murder He finds himself in a good bit of danger in this book, his car blows ...

  5. Mumbler says:

    Quibbles One of those with harsher consequences deaths than I would prefer Some elements awfully close to the last book close associate is killed by bad guys in the matter Cliff is involved in He s not directly culpable, but feels guilt In the wake of this, hot sex It both books, explicit than I recall from this series, a bit porny.The climax, and I m sorry that this sentence follows that one, the climax of the story hap...

  6. Julie scott says:

    pretty easy read of this mostly great and entertaining series I feel some of the Cliff Hardy stories are better than others I love the narrator Peter Hosking he s a great reader and gives the stories plenty of kick there s another narrator on some...

  7. Lyn Richards says:

    Cant really say i enjoyed this Cliff Hardy story of a private detective solving a local crime Some of the graphic scenes went on far too long and in too much detail which didn t really add to the story line.

  8. Any Length says:

    Easy read I like Cliff Hardy as a character Sad to see one of the other characters go.