The Reward

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  • The Reward
  • Peter Corris
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9780733800702

About the Author: Peter Corris

Peter Corris was an Australian academic, historian, journalist and a novelist of historical and crime fiction His first novel was published in 1980 Corris is credited with reviving the fully fledged Australian crime novel with local settings and reference points and with a series character firmly rooted in Australian culture, Sydney PI Cliff Hardy As crime fiction writer, he was described as t

The RewardWith His PEA Licence Restored And Strapped For Cash, Cliff Hardy Is Reluctantly Drawn Into A Scheme To Claim The Reward On A 17 Year Old Abduction Case.Hardy Is Distracted By A Hot New Lover, But When One Of The Schemers Ends Up Dead, The Case Gets His Full Attention Who Paid The Cops To Suppress The Ransom Note And How Come They Re Always One Step Ahead Of Hardy

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10 thoughts on “The Reward

  1. Brenda says:

    When PI Cliff Hardy was approached by an old colleague, ex policeman Barry White, to look into the unsolved case of missing presumed dead woman, Ramona Beckett he was highly sceptical Barry White had been a corrupt cop, and Cliff suspected he was still on the wrong side of the law he was also sure White would lie about whatever he told him But the temptation of the still active reward for evidence of what had happened to Ramona, even though it was fifteen years prior, was enough to tickle his interest.The ensuing investigation was fraught with difficulties the fifteen year time difference was one of the main issues but it seemed there were still people on the horizon who were determined to keep the truth from coming out Danger, manipulation, secrets, lies and corruption meant Cliff was unsure who h...

  2. William says:

    The Cliff Hardy series is always fun, and this one is no exception However, it is not Corris best work.The plot is inventive and zips along, but the ending was in large part easy to anticipate at least for me I also found it a little difficult to keep the central characters straight The best and most innovative members of the cast are Max Hawkins who is deaf and his assistant, Penny whose family name escapes me and who is paralyzed and wheelchair bound Their relationship, both personal and professional is engaging.But the downside is too much of this book is formulaic for Corris There are the usual beatings described in blood drenched detail, and the usual hook up with woman Hardy encounters The woman is not a stock character, and to s...

  3. Balthazar Lawson says:

    Cliff is asked to help solve a 17 year old murder case and his payment would be part of the offered reward Simple really However, when you are dealing with corrupt cops and the wealthy things are never...

  4. Don says:

    The Reward is another in the Cliff Hardy series of novels by Peter Coriss.Cliff is approached by an acquaintance to investigate a cold case of which the reward is still available.Being short on cash, as usual, Hardy takes the job.During his investigation there is the usual amount of twists and...

  5. Suzana Vuksanovic says:

    Another excellent yarn from the king of Australian crime fiction Peter Corris Set in Sydney as is most of his Cliff Hardy P.I. series he becomes interested in a seventeen year old case of kidnapping and disappearance of one Ramona Beckett when an old acquaintance shows up at his office in Darlinghurst touting the fact that theres is than a million dollars reward on offer for any information leading to enlightenment concerning the case The reward is so large because the initial amount was invested and has accrued interest over the intervening years The woman concerned just happens to be an old lover of Hardy s She also came from a rich family and was going for being the first female premier of New South Wales up until her disappearance Distracted by the appearance of a hot new lover as described on the dust jacket, it takes a while for Corris to pull the pieces together, and...

  6. Kathleen Hagen says:

    The Reward, by Peter Corris, b plus, narrated by Peter Hosking, produced by Bolinda Publishing, downloaded from is one of the Clif Hardy, private eye series One day, Clif is approached by a has been private eye who wants his help He has found out that a reward still exists on a 17 year old case of a woman who was allegedly kidnapped and who had permanently disappeared The reward which apparently still existed was for a million dollars Clif agrees to help this other private eye, but two days into the investigation to pin down the reward, the other private eye is murdered That same day, a woman shows up at Clif s house and asks him if he s interested in selling it, which he isn t Clif and the woman, Claudia, become l...

  7. Julie scott says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable Cliff Hardy crime mystery no 21 in this great series.Cliff is distracted by a romantic entanglement shock horror lollllllll and also low on funds shock horror again lollllllll and with his private investigators licence restored he is persuaded to take on a dubious case ice cream to claim the reward on an abduction.When one of those is murdered, the problems takes on a whole new turn and with Cliff not always...

  8. Mumbler says:

    at least one big coincidence, misleading reader rather cheaply.and Cliff is just too much a fool, it breaks the illusion, when he is not suspicious of a certain person who is too easily and immediately friendly.otherwise pretty good series comment for a f...

  9. Deb Bodinnar says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this Cliff Hardy story The reader did a wonderful job and he made the whole experience even better I love the character of Cliff and find him to be a true Aussie bloke

  10. Roger hussey says:

    Superb Cliff HardyPossibly the best Cliff Hardy book I ve readand I ve read most It has everything you d expect from Cliff Hardy and With a great plot to keep you guessing till the end.