• Natasha Cooper
  • 16 May 2019
  • 9780671853525

About the Author: Natasha Cooper


ROTTEN APPLES (A WILLOW KING MYSTERY)Willow King Is No Ordinary Newlywed Convinced That Marriage Would Invite Disaster, She Has Resisted Chief Inspector Tom Worth S Courting Attempts For Years Once Married, However, This Combination Civil Servant, Glamorous Romance Writer, And Amateur Sleuth Is Happier Than She Ever Thought Possible When She Is Called On By England S Minister For Rights And Charters To Investigate The Suspicious Suicide Of Dr Fiona Fydgett, A Famous Art Historian And Trouble Maker, Willow Is Certain The Minister Is Wasting His Time And Hers The Case Seems Obvious Dr Fydgett Clearly Had Something To Hide When The Tax Office Began To Investigate Her Willow Is Given The Cold Shoulder In The Tax Office, But She Forges Ahead To Learn Everything She Can About The Elusive Kate Moughette, The Devilish Jason Tiller, And Fiona S Sister Serena, A Judge With Many Secrets When A Fire Breaks Out In The Tax Office And Kills The Inspector Who Headed The Inquiry Into Fiona S Finances, Willow Begins To Feel The Investigation S Heat Her Biggest Fears Are Then Confirmed When Her Husband Is Mysteriously Shot Willow Knows She Must Act Quickly Or Become The Next Victim In Natasha Cooper S Engaging Tale Of The Public And Private Lives Of A Worldly And Spirited Sleuth.

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  1. Denise Spicer says:

    This Willow King mystery has her investigating the practices of the Inland Revenue Her husband Tom gets shot and is hospitalized while Willow continues her work during the course of which she makes a daring action packed escape from a burning building Includes interesting charact...

  2. Laurie D& says:

    A little dry, a bit pretentious, but fine otherwise Mild to moderate swearing.

  3. J says:

    BEWARE I DON T FLAG SPOILERS BUT THEN I DON T PUT MY MY REVIEWS ON ANY FEED.I myself prefer Cooper s Trish Maguire to her Willow King But I ll read any Cooper book I can get my hands on The writer is so sensitive to nuance of character, of language.Though I m not keen on how Cooper titles her King novels, I am starting to get the gist It s usually adjective noun that refers to a food or growing thing e.g., Sour Grapes, Bitter Herbs The titles are, to me, superficial or trite than the books warrant.I can detect Cooper s cleverness in this book, which is based around a possibly mundane topic tax collections The story combines a tax mystery with a mystery involving a teen boy who s mother has recently either been murdered or commited suicide Both Willow and her police husband get seriously injured in the book, during different incidents.It seems unlikely that Willow s personality would have her allow needy stra...

  4. Jussi says:

    story line wasn t bad and the author knows her craft as writer unfortunately her tastes are very specific this book faced up to every cliche in the genre of pretty smart girl in a man s world mysteries and in the genre of daydream of life in a quirky but immaculately tasteful mews home romance an...

  5. Sarah Adamson says:

    A fun cozy mystery concerning a tax scandal, civil servant unrest and a mystery shooting.Gentle and interesting story, my first by this author I will read but this one lacked any addictive turn paging and was relaxed and a smooth steady adventure.

  6. Margaret says:

    The names of many of the characters are fun Fydgett, Profett, Scoffer.

  7. Pat says:

    Willow King is mystery solver, civil servant in England, writes romances Checks into a tax audit of an art historian who committed suicide.Pretty good.

  8. Delores Alger says: