Of Time and Memory: My Parents' Love Story

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Of Time and Memory: My Parents' Love Story
  • Don J. Snyder
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9780375404085

About the Author: Don J. Snyder

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Of Time and Memory: My Parents' Love Story book, this is one of the most wanted Don J. Snyder author readers around the world.

Of Time and Memory: My Parents' Love StoryPeggy Loraine Schwartz Was Nineteen Years Old When She Gave Birth To Twin Boys In A Small Town In Pennsylvania In The August Heat Of When She Died Sixteen Days After Her Babies Were Born, Her Young Husband Was Cast Into A Bottomless Sorrow The Love That He Had Shared With Peggy Had Been So New And Exquisite That In Order To Go On Beyond The Dreadful Confusion And Loneliness Of His Loss, In Order To Live Without Her, He Had To Forget HerShe Was Lost To Her Sons As Well For Nearly Fifty Years They Never Knew Who She Was, What She Stood For And How She Had Loved Them In Their Brief Moment TogetherIn The Winter Of , The Young Boy Peggy Had Married Was Seventy Four Years Old, Living Only A Few Miles From Where They Had Danced On Saturday Nights After The War Now He Was Caught In A Terrible Irony For Years He Had Tried To Forget Peggy In Order To Survive Her Loss, And Now That He Was Losing His Own Life, He Wanted Desperately To Recall Her Cancer Had Struck Him Down With Time Running Out, One Of Peggy S Sons Set Out In Search Of HerAfter A Long Silence Is The Story Of His Journey, A Journey That Took Him Into The Lives Of All The People Who Had Known His Mother And The Places Where She Was Still Remembered He Found Her Closest Friends From High School, The Elderly Women Who Had Been Bridesmaids At Her Wedding, Teachers Who Had Known Her As A Child He Retraced Her Steps To The Basement Her Friends Had Decorated For A Surprise Engagement Party, The Apartment On Broad Street She Had Shared With His Father After Their Honeymoon, The House Where She Had Kissed Her Babies Goodbye On The Last Morning Of Her Life, The Hospital Room Where She Had Died And, Remarkably,to A Face To Face Meeting With The Doctor Who Had Seen Peggy Through Her Doomed Pregnancy This Meeting Revealed The Secret Of Her Untimely Death A Secret She Had Taken To Her GraveIn The End, This Book Is The Fulfillment Of A Son S Dream To Bring Into The World The Voice Of The Young Girl Who Had Given Him Her Life

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10 thoughts on “Of Time and Memory: My Parents' Love Story

  1. Jay says:

    This is a book about the chasms that open up between people between husband and wife, father and son, son and mother, parents and daughter, doctor and patient, the quick and the dead, and that suck our lives into them It s about as poignant a story of love and loss as anyone could imagine Snyder and his twin brother, David, were born in August 1950 to a mother suffering from acute preeclampsia a condition where the fetus literally poisons the mother In this case, there were two fetuses, Snyder and his brother this is before the invention of ultrasound , so his mother was receiving double if not an exponentially higher dose of toxicity In 1950, the options were limited induce labor early and, basically, abort the child to save the mother s life or allow the mother to carry the child or in this case, children to term and risk the mother s death Peggy Snyder chose to go the distance and died mere days after she gave birth at age 19, leaving her husband a widower with two infants to raise, children who never knew their mother and never really new anything about her, except the slimmest details from their father, until they were adults Peggy Snyder gave her life for her babies and left the world a tragic enigma until Don Snyder, her son, set out to find his mother, her story and the love story between his parents that had remained interred and unremarked This story is a form of family archaeology and discovery in which Don Snyder, professional author, interviews his aging father who shared little about his wife Peggy and is now suffering from amnesia Alzheimer s , aging friends of his mother and father in Hatfield and Lansdale, PA, hospital personnel, doctors, nurses, etc There is some profound and breathtaking writing in this book real WOW stuff, and a lot of literary license when the narrative shifts to the point of view of Peggy Snyder The description of his mother s agony and travails during pregnancy are strong stuff Stronger still, in my view, are the descriptions of how isolated she became from her husband, her friends and her parents, how clueless and helpless Snyder s father was to help his wife who was, literally, being poisoned to death in front of him.I liked this book it is as tender, heartfelt and beautifully crafted as writing gets A lot of soul went into researching and writing this memoir He never beats you over the head with the tale Nevertheless, it was a difficult book to read, in places, and I cannot say I enjoyed it Further, I felt no real sense of personal closure at the end, either for Don Snyder or his father, or for his twin, David who is only occasionally mentioned in the book I suppose any kind of closure would be elusive, perhaps, given the nature of the subject matter There is anger, resignation, sadness, bafflement and frustration in Snyder s narrative Yet no sense of resolution of these emotions emerged for me, apart from Snyder s observations of the brevity and, ultimately, sadness of his mother s life, and the enduring sorrow borne by his father, how happiness and visions of happily ever after can turn on a dime to become crushing grief I applaud Snyder for bearing witness to his parents story, for seeking truths that time and memory or lack thereof nearly erased.

  2. Kandice says:

    This was obviously a labor of love A young man, born a twin, whose mother died soon after his birth goes back and tries to reconstruct her life Sadly, that life comprised only 19 years.Snyder s style is what kept me from giving this stars It was very dry and devoid of feeling I had feelings about what I was reading, mostly sorrow, but he seemed to have none What he found was relayed in such a dry voice, that I felt almost silly for the depth of feeling I would occasionally experience.In addition to finding his mother, he discovers something of a mystery Why did she die Did she have to Had he unraveled that mystery in a different way, I believe this could have been a five star book.

  3. Carolyn Simmons says:

    As I finished this book, I became angry at Don Snyder s mother She chose to give up her life in order that her child might live I am sure it was a difficult decision, but I feel she should have given her husband and her parents a chance to help her decide As it turns out, she had twins..so she left two little boys without a mother I also feel angry at the doctor and hospital who let her go home from the hospital several days after the twins were born I am not sure if they could have done anything to help or save her.after all, this was around l950 long before all of the medical advances that we take for granted today I guess the author made up a lot as he wrote this book, since it is listed as fiction instead of non fiction He really has no idea what his mother was thinking or how she felt Still, I commend him for being brave enough to seek out the truth about his mothers short life and for having the courage to write this book.

  4. Carol says:

    A serendipitous pick at the library Just browsing the shelves and found this bookjust weeks before celebrating my son s 38th birthday Other ironies I m the same age as the author and I was diagnosed with toxemia when pregnant with my son Unlike the author s mother, I had a good outcome Both my son and I survived When Don Snyder describes his mother ripping the seams of her maternity clothes because she couldn t fit in them any, memory flashed back as I eventually only had one outfit I could wear I gained 75 pounds during this pregnancy and I used to joke that I could sit and watch the fat cells grow The book is a sad exploration into the life of the author s motherher brief love affair with the author s father The grief of all who knew Peggy who died at 19 Mr Snyder touches on the melancholy nature of his mother, the emptiness of never hearing anyone talk about his mother, and the rush to find her story before his father dies I liked this book because of my own love for family stories, genealogy, and the importance I place on knowing as much as we can about our family history If you share these interests, I recommend you read this book a good book club possibility as it lends itself to great discussion on so many issues.

  5. Paul says:

    Some authors write books to have written them their product is the end result In this book, the writing was Snyder s recording of the end result his giving meaning to the mother he lost.That being said, the sentimental value alone is not reason enough to read it sentiment is fine, but it s Snyder s opening up, his fear of knowing things as they happen that makes you feel you re there, like you re seeing it happen in the moment vs hearing the spin the author has put on it afterward That s a great challenge for a writer, for it s so easy and justified to put a colorful spin on a story once you ve had time to think about it I ve told friends that Snyder writes as if he s telling his best friend in private and you the reader are merely overhearing it That s refreshing, for the author shows his own fears and flaws as he learns them along the way.ONE OF MY FIVE BEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME.

  6. Catherine says:

    Don Snyder s mother died in 1950 at the age of nineteen She had given birth to Don and his twin brother only sixteen days prior to her death Snyder delves into his mother s past to tell her brief life story Snyder s mother, Peggy, suffered from preeclampsia, a medical condition which apparently still accounts for approximately 76,000 deaths per year, according to the Preeclampsia Foundation This book is terribly sad as Snyder culls through his parents past and reveals his mother s ultimate sacrifice in order to save the lives of her twin sons.

  7. Pamela says:

    This book had a lot better rating then I would have given it There was way too much repetitiveness It was interesting learning about his Mother, who definitely had a mental disorder, and finding out why she died after the birth of her twin babies Her death was in the 60 s, so it was definitely a different time The main story line seemed to be who to blame for his Mother s death, not about their love story, even though that was in there, too I wouldn t recommend this book.

  8. Ms. S........... says:

    Watched a beautiful movie, Sweet Land, which starts by quoting this book Let us hope that we are all preceded in this world by a love story And yet, the love story that precedes Mr Snyder does not give him the peace and bouyancy that he needs Poor man He needs to forgive himself and relish in the life that was given to him, since it really was preceded by a great but sad love story Well written, intense, and deep.

  9. Marti Dahlquist says:

    Well written and at points incredibly sad, but the story was not gripping enough to grab me and keep my attention It might have made a good article in a magazine but I m not sure it needed an entire book to tell the story.

  10. andrea says:

    What an amazing authorto dedicate such time and put all his love into finding the people that knew his mother when she was alive And then to write her love story So beautiful She is smiling down on her son The son she gave her life for