Before and After Page Design, Volume 2

BOOKS ✭ Before and After Page Design, Volume 2 Author John McWade –
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Before and After Page Design, Volume 2
  • John McWade
  • English
  • 19 May 2019
  • 9780321580122

About the Author: John McWade

Before and After Page Design, Volume 2 Before And After Magazine S Focus On Clarity, Simplicity, And Elegance Has Won It Legions Of Fans Fans Who Will Welcome This Second Volume Of The Definitive Before And After Page Design By John McWade Truly An Icon Of The Graphic Design Community, His Insistence On Approaching Design Not As Mere Decoration But As An Essential Form Of Communication Is Vividly Apparent In This Cohesive Primer On Page Design And Layout And You Could Not Hope For A Better, Qualified Teacher McWade Shows Readers How To Arrange And Present Information Using Today S Powerful Graphics Tools Readers Will Learn How To Design Single Page And Multi Page Documents, Brochures, And Ads Why One Typeface Works Better Than Another And Much Best Of All, They Ll Discover How To Think Visually Transforming The Images In Their Heads Into Something That Communicates Effectively On The Page.

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10 thoughts on “Before and After Page Design, Volume 2

  1. Aqsa says:

    First design book And I am absolutely loving it Should I can I may I pursue designing full time

  2. Claire says:

    An easy to follow book that covers design principles, techniques, and then a slew of practical step by step examples business cards, brochures, text logos, DVD cases, newsletters, websites, presentations, et cetera.I didn t necessarily like all of his designs, but I understood his choices because he explains them well There was plenty that I did find useful.The book uses loads of images to illustrate his points and also has several templates to help you recreate some of the complicated projects.A handy reference.

  3. Karen Calhoun says:

    Showing by example good and bad graphic design The parts I found most educational were the befores and afters of web pages, adverts, business cards, brochures In each case, I found the before informative and didn t have much objection to the design but wow The afters of each were markedly cohesive, easier to read while supplying information The author s step by steps of which things he changed and why from layout to photos to fonts very helpful

  4. Meshach Hardy says:

    The quality of the book was educational The writing was professional and fun with full color pictures.It teaches you how to design brochures, web pages, CD covers, fliers, and business cards.I would recommend this book to programmers and designers because they would use it in their career.

  5. Qiao says:

    basic but useful

  6. Mary Catelli says:

    Interesting stuff on design A lot of different objects, so may be of limited use if you re interested in only one or two.

  7. bittersweet tea says:

    The first part consists of basic know how and later on it continues with techniques and projects These are very practical to do to learn by doing Great alongside an art course.

  8. Marina ChP says:

    This is a great book for beginners in graphic design It gives you a clear understanding of what visually works and what doesn t It teaches you all the basic elements of design that you will need to make a dissent and well presented artwork It is very useful if you are a designer that tents to work with small businesses and you might lack the budget or the means to make something exceptional I highly recommend

  9. Curtis Newbold says:

    Great idea book Good resource to have on the shelf for coming up with brochure, poster, and website designs I use this book in the publication design courses I teach and seems to be a good supplement to our design discussions and practice with technology The biggest drawback to this book is that it is too simplistic for advanced designers, yet for beginning designers, there is little explanation on how to complete the tasks McWade recommends.

  10. Walt Shiel says:

    A fascinating book for anyone who designs anything for print Merely browsing through the book will spark creative ideas Actually reading through McWade s clear, concise explanations of everything from the use of the color wheel to choosing typefaces to putting white space to good use will help keep your design skills sharp And if enjoy this book but you have not yet subscribed to McWade s outstanding Before After magazines, you really should