The Object of the Game

[KINDLE] ❆ The Object of the Game ❤ Vanessa James –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • The Object of the Game
  • Vanessa James
  • 12 March 2019
  • 9780263750324

About the Author: Vanessa James

Sally BeaumanSally Kinsey Miles graduated from Girton College, Cambridge MA in English Literature She married Christopher Beauman an economist After graduating, she moved with her husband to the USA, where she lived for three years, first in Washington DC, then New York, and travelled extensively She began her career as a journalist in America, joining the staff of the newly launched New York magazine, of which she became associate editor, and continued to write for it after her return to England Interviewed Alan Howard for the Telegraph Magazine in 1970 in an article called A Fellow of Most Excellent Fancy Daily Telegraph Supplement, May 29th Apparently a very long interview The following year they met again, and the rest is history After a long partnership Sally and Alan married in 2004 She has one son, James, and one grandchild.Sally had a distinguished career as a journalist and critic, winning the Catherine Pakenham Award for her writing, and becoming the youngest ever editor of Queen magazine now Harper s Queen She has contributed to many leading newspapers and magazines in both the UK and the USA, including the Daily Telegraph from 1970 73 and 1976 8 she was Arts Editor of the Sunday Telegraph Magazine , the Sunday Times, Observer, Vogue, the New York Times and the New Yorker She also wrote nine Mills Boon romances under the pseudonym Vanessa James, before publishing her block buster novel Destiny in 1987 under her real name It was her article about Daphne du Maurier, commissioned by Tina Brown, and published in The New Yorker in November 1993, which first gave her the idea for writing Rebecca de Winter s version of events at Manderley an idea that subsequently became the novel, Rebecca s Tale In 2000 she was one of the Whitbread Prize judges for the best novel category.

The Object of the GameSHE WAS A WOMAN, NO LONGER HIS WARDNatasha Felt Suffocated By Her Safe, Ordered Life In Cambridge Alexis Persisted In Treating Her Like A Child, Refusing To Acknowledge Her As A Woman Who No Longer Needed A Father Figure In Her Life.So She Seized An Opportunity To Work For A Notorious, Best Selling Author In London S Infamous Soho District And Surprisingly, Alexis Took A Chance, Despite His Concern For Her, And Let Her Go.For Natasha It Was A Voyage Of Discovery, Rough But Vital For It Marked The End Of Years Of Waiting.

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10 thoughts on “The Object of the Game

  1. Jacqueline J says:

    This author has a strange writing style Hard to explain, sort of poetical and not necessarily in a good way The hero was pretty darn beta, an absent minded professor who is always backing his car into things etc She was his ward, but is now 22 and on unemployment Lots of stuff happens that you re not interested in And sometimes you re not sure what exactly is going on The writing sometimes is just vaguely unclear And then there was a scene from page 42 to page 62 of the hero and the villain playing cricket Seriously, you got 189 pages to tell a story and 20 of them are an incomprehensible play by play of a game that only people from the British Commonwealth understand I realize the book took place in England and I ve read many books where the characters play cricket but do we really need to know Jack Middleton, a useful spin bowler, but not an all rounder, poked the ball somewhat awkwardly past the slips and begain to pound down the wicket Alexis reached his crease before his partner, puffing and sweating, was three quarters of the way down Alexis frowned, bent forward, took up his stance He put the next ball away for four, the one after for a glorious six Might as well have been written in Swahili and just FYI, Jack Middleton n...

  2. boogenhagen says:

    RE Object of the Game This one is definitely different VJ tries to blame it all on the H and h s Russian blood but this was a funny book It has some of everything an Alpha H who has very beta habits he is a Cambridge Don and lectures on the Classics in Literature and he is a very keen Cricket player who frequently backs his car into immovable objects A tempestuous Goddess looking h who is trying to find her niche in life, and breaking hearts inadvertently right and left while she sorts it out A very funny 8 year old boy who will probably grow up to be the English Bill Gates, strip clubs, the British Library and a villainous OM who turns out to be rather interesting in the end The story starts with the 22 yr old h being called to the H s college chambers, apparently she is due for the you need to sort your life out and find a career path lecture by the H Only he is stuck in a badly knitted sweater one of his admiring students gave him and the h is carrying a baker s dozen of uncleaned trout When he starts the lecture, the h turns on the water works in an attempt to get him to stop and while she is helping him out of the straitjacket sweater, we start to see the attraction tho the h isn t really recognizing it for what it is The H has been her guardian since she was 8 and he was just 20ish her parents died and the H promised her dad he would lo...

  3. Megzy says:

    The style of writing is different in this book It was written in a conversational tone part of it worked great but part of it dragged like the scene and chapters dedicated to playing Cricket I am a sport enthusiast but even I was bored..The relationship between the various characters was complicated It isn t your typical ward guardian story The...

  4. StMargarets says:

    There s a great review that already outlines the plot of this very unusual Harlequin, so I won t go into it It s a guardian ward story But to jog my own memory, this is the one with the strip club happy sigh I loved this The hero was a beta absent minded professor who woke up nicely I loved the scene between him and one of the strippers when he was looking for the heroine A delicious scene The heroine was nicely confused, but not stupid She saw through the OM fairl...

  5. Tia says:

    Probably one of the best old school type harlequins I have read I was enchanted with the hero and heroine The first five chapters were a bit bland but other than that, it was great and the ending, omg, I adored it so much

  6. Roub says:

    this was about a guardian ward romance natasha was a cousin of alexis and alexis was an editor natasha wanted to be a writer the story was set in cambridge der was also an OW ariana whom natasha thought alexis was in love wid a lot of all dat mischief was created by their nephew a lil boy, just a kid really think he was 8 years old , his name was william he loved natasha and did not want her to go away to london in trying to get alexis and natasha reveal their feelings, he provoked them into even ridicule behaviour der was a writer, i think his name was jonathan who came there and lured natasha away to london natasha went there bcoz william s mother wanted to get married and it wud be improper for her to stay alone wid alexis she was not pleasantly surprised as instead of working as an editor, she wud infact be working in a striptease bar her reputation went in shreds she went for refuge at aunt sophie s place and alexis found her again they still did not admit their feelings neway, it was a tedious read but captivating at the same time ders a scene which really touched me in the book, dat was when alexis was looking for natasha and he went to the bar he showed a picture of him, natasha and william he asked a barmaid if she recognised natasha i had tears in my eyes as he was obviously very desperate to find her and he loved her very much he kept the picture in his breast pocket they were both very important to him i minused 1 star due to the tedious reading and as i wa...

  7. sbf20112011 says:

    I loved this one satisfying older Harlequin The hero is maybe a titch too absent minded professor, and the guardian first cousins once removed angle really adds to the ick factor, but still, I really enjoyed the chase of the romance in this one.

  8. RomLibrary says:

    She was a woman, no longer his wardNatasha felt suffocated by her safe, ordered life in Cambridge Alexis persisted in treating her like a child, refusing to acknowledge her as a woman who no longer needed a father figure in her life.So she seized an opportunity to work for a notorious, best selling author in London s infamous Soho district And surprisingly, Alexis took a chance, despite his concern for her, and let her go.For Natasha ...

  9. KC says:

    This guardian ward romance had a little bit of everything in it, from the tame to the scandalous unrequited love, matchmaking, a cricket match, strippers, etc It even contained a chick lit vibe at times What s not to like Well, the writing style mainly The plot rather than the characters drove the story, resulting in less angst and emotion The writing seemed convoluted as well Some passages were verbose and poetic, without making much sense or supporting the narrative Alexis and Natasha s big argument at the climax lost its emotional impact because of the wordy, vague writing And while I appreciated that the cricket match was included to highlight our beta hero s prowess on the field, as a cricket virgin I would have been happy to have read a shortened version.The best aspects of this romance, besides the risqu plot elements, were the characters Alexis and Natasha posses...

  10. April Brookshire says:

    I can t believe this is a 1985 Harlequin Presents It s pretty scandalous for the time and for Harlequin specifically.Strippers and homosexuality it s like reading a Rock Chick book.I have to say I liked it, but my favorite character was the 8 year old William and his scheming ways I would have liked a lot of him in the book since he was the best character.My favorite part was the surprise towards the ...