Night Brothers

[PDF] ❤ Night Brothers ✮ Sidney Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Night Brothers
  • Sidney Williams
  • English
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9781558172906

About the Author: Sidney Williams

Sidney Williams is the author of 12 books including three young adult horror novels under the name Michael August He holds an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College Ask about review copies.

Night BrothersThe Drought Stricken Louisiana Town Of Bristol Springs Was Turning Into A Living Grave Little By Little Its Desperate Citizens Were Watching Their Dreams Die But The Terrible Blight Was Bringing Something Else To Life A Deadly Horror Far Worse Than Any Earthly Bane A Vampire As Old As Time With Powers Greater Than Mere Legend, She Summoned The Beasts Of The Night To Serve Her Foul Will Fierce, Relentless, They Made Humans Their Unnatural Prey, Leaving Them Helpless Victims Of Her Endless Blood ThirstNow She Is Growing Stronger, Insidiously Gathering Followers, Drawing Ever Closer To Completing An Unspeakable Ritual Of Nightmare Only A Few Townspeople Suspect The Unthinkable Truth Fewer Still Will Try To Stop Her Monstrous Plan But They Will Be Forced To Use Nature S Most Savage Forces To Turn The Tide In A Battle Where The Choice Is Between Eternal Torment Or Hellish Oblivion

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10 thoughts on “Night Brothers

  1. Stephen Carter says:

    NIGHT BROTHERS A VAMPIRE NOVEL is an exemplary horror thriller, a chilling blend of straight up occult horror with the pacing and excitement of an action thriller The pace accelerates smoothly and in the story s latter stages moves to its climax at breakneck speed Alison and Travis have settled down to manage a small town newspaper when mysterious and lethal animal attacks start occurring Parallel with that we are shown Navarra s occult practice, controlling animals to attack residents as cover for her taking their blood to continue her life in death In the story s middle she takes an interest in Alison, and this unfolds in a superbly controlled manner redolent of such spiritual horror as Henry James Turn of the Screw Most impressive was the detail and backstory given for all the characters, even relatively minor ones It s done with deft and swift economy, never impeding story flow I realized as I read this how much powerful mystery and action in any genre become when the reader is given a fuller picture of each character Thus do character motivation, desire, regrets, preferences, fears, and all the panoply of human emotions percolate in the background as the action unfolds That said, the story has a multiple protagonist, an ensemble of characters who work together opposing the antagonist, Navarra, and those retainers she gathers about her Usually I prefer a single heroic protagonist, but this approach works well here.The story exhibits a rare blend of physi...

  2. Charles says:

    Although several of his books come close, my opinion is that Night Brothers is Sidney William s best work.

  3. Don Copeland says:

    Solid, enjoyable fare Williams presents a tale that s satisfying and delivers many visceral thrills.

  4. Katherine says:

    One of my favorite books of all time Haven t read it for over 15 yrs, must find it again.

  5. Kruppshin says:

    Bizarre animal attacks in the small, drought plagued town of Bristol Springs are only a prelude to something much deadlier Navarra Ageless daughter of the night, she awakens after a century s sleep, determined to exact revenge on the town and fulfill what her persecutor...

  6. Joshua says:

    Long, but worthy horror tale with an exciting finale Recommended.