Women of Fortune

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  • Hardcover
  • 350 pages
  • Women of Fortune
  • Linda Levy Peck
  • 24 May 2018
  • 9781107034020

About the Author: Linda Levy Peck

Linda Levy Peck is Professor Emeritus of History at George Washington University.

Women of Fortune Women Of Fortune Tells The Compelling Story Of Mercantile Wealth, Arranged Marriages, And Merchant Heiresses Who Asserted Their Rights Despite Loss, Imprisonment, And Murder Following Three Generations Of The Bennet And Morewood Families, Who Made Their Fortune In Crown Finance, The East Indies, The Americas, And Moneylending, Linda Levy Peck Explores The Changing Society, Economy, And Culture Of Early Modern England The Heiresses Curious, Intrepid, Entrepreneurial, Scholarly Married Into The Aristocracy, Fought For Their Property, And Wrote Philosophy One Spent Years On The Grand Tour Her Life In Europe, Despite The Outbreak Of War, Is Vividly Documented Another S Husband Went To Debtors Prison She Recovered The Fortune And Bought Shares Husbands, Sons, And Contemporaries Challenged Their Independence Legally, Financially, Even Violently, But New Forms Of Wealth, Education, And The Law Enabled These Heiresses To Insist On Their Own Agency, Create Their Own Identities, And Provide Examples For Later Generations.

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