Bedtime Stories for Managers

➷ Bedtime Stories for Managers  Free ➭ Author Henry Mintzberg –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Bedtime Stories for Managers
  • Henry Mintzberg
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9781523098781

About the Author: Henry Mintzberg

Managers Not MBAswhich outlines what he believes to be wrong with management education today and, rather controversially, singles out prestigious graduate management schools like Harvard Business School and the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania as examples of how obsession with numbers and an over zealous attempt at making management into a science actually can damage the discipline of management He also suggests that a new masters program, targeted at practicing managers as opposed to younger students with little real world experience , and emphasizing practical issues, may be suitable.Ironically, although Professor Mintzberg is quite critical about the strategy consulting business, he has twice won the McKinsey Award for publishing the best article in the Harvard Business Review.In 1997 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada In 1998 he was made an Officer of the National Order of Quebec He is now a member of the Strategic Management Society.He is married to Sasha Sadilova and has two children, Susie and Lisa.

Bedtime Stories for Managers In Forty Two Succinct, Surprising Essays, Legendary Scholar Henry Mintzberg Brings Management Down From The Clouds And Onto Solid GroundIf You Re Like Most Managers And Things Keep You Up At Night, Now You Can Turn To A Book That S Designed Especially For You But You Won T Find Talking Rabbits Or Princesses Here There Is A Cow, But It Doesn T Jump Henry Mintzberg Has Culled Forty Two Of The Best Posts From His Widely Read Blog And Turned Them Into A Deceptively Light, Sneakily Serious Compendium Of Sometimes Heretical Reflections On ManagementThe Moral Here Is This Managers Need To Leave Their Castles And Find Out What S Actually Going On In Their Kingdoms And Like Real Bedtime Stories, These Essays Have Metaphors Galore So Prepare To Grow Strategies Like Weeds And Organize Like A Cow Discover The Maestro Myth Of Managing, Find The Soft Underbelly Of Hard Data, And Learn Why Downsizing Is Bloodletting And Your Board Should Be A Bee Mintzberg Writes, Just Try Not To Be Outraged By Anything You Read, Because Some Of My Most Outrageous Ideas Turn Out To Be My Best They Just Take A While To Become Obvious

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10 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories for Managers

  1. Ronald J. says:

    I like Henry Mintzberg, and certainly enjoyed his books Managers, Not MBAs and The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning I disagree with his views on climate change consensus isn t science , pharmaceutical companies, campaign finance laws, his Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0, capitalism, and economics generally, but he s thoughtful when it comes to managing business enterprise, and giving it soul Some of my favorite lines in this short work Do they measure like mad or serve with soul Managing without soul has become an epidemic in society The fable that leadership is separate from management has been bad for management and worse for leadership Over managed and underled is now the opposite All managers are flawed Only two ways to know a person s flaws marry them or work for them Managing is rooted in art and craft, not a science or a profession based on analysis Managing change without managing continuity is anarchy Big difference between a network and a community, as your Facebook friends to help paint your house Networks connect communities care Strategies thus form by learning, not planning Appreciate that it achieves its effectiveness by being inefficient Without some slack, innovation dies.He critiques John Kotter s 8 steps to transformational change, and takes down the incredibly stupid axiom what is not measured can t be managed Whoever measured culture, leadership, or the potential for a new innovation Has the performance of measurement ...

  2. Robert says:

    Excellent Short snippets that weigh heavily with the history and research of Professor Mintzberg s other writings Perhaps pointing the way to a sustainable method of managing while simultaneously clearing the air of the opaque clouds of s...

  3. Wally Bock says:

    I got everything from this book I expected Now I will set it aside and read one of his little essays every week When I m done with that, I may just start again In the meantime, I ll read his new blog posts.See my full review at

  4. Denis Romanovsky says:

    Not a great reading But something that you take to kill boredom Still, some very deep thoughts from time to time.

  5. John Volker says:

    I found this to be light reading with some good points for consideration The author does stray from dogmatic management thought and I enjoy that.

  6. Tara Nichol says:

    The humor is this book is great It has a technical aspect, but done in a light fun style Someone not in HR or business would still find this book entertaining.

  7. Peter Richardson says:

    Experience of the master This book may not tell you what to do, but it will make you think I like his analogy of a cow.