[PDF] ⚣ Transformers  ✯ John Barber –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Transformers
  • John Barber
  • 15 January 2017
  • 9781684054114

About the Author: John Barber

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Transformers book, this is one of the most wanted John Barber author readers around the world.

Transformers End Of The Road The Autobots Are Faced With Mutliple Threats, One Of Them A Danger Not Only To Cybertron, But To The Whole Universe Trapped Between Shockwave S Attack And Unicron S Onslaught, Optimus And The Autobots Struggle To Make Sense Of What S Left Of Their World, As Optimus Colonist Soldiers Contend With A Brutal Reality They Have No Homes To Return To Plus, Shockwave Reveals Ancient Truths As An Old Friend Tries To Reconnect With Cybertron.Collects The 2018 Annual And Issues 22 25, Which Conclude The Series.

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10 thoughts on “Transformers

  1. Christopher Colton says:

    With this, the finale of the second of IDW s two Transformers lines, their continuity essentially comes to an end It s been a hell of a trip, and overall I ve thoroughly enjoyed it But this review is about this volume in particular, and I ve really got mixed feelings about it.On the one hand, it has some great moments and is book ended by two fantastic stories It opens with Starscream the Movie, which is just a joy in every respect and is the epitome of why Thundercracker s arc is one of the best things IDW s done for the character It s also just pure Starscream It closes with Post, which along with the Lost Light finale How to Say Goodbye and Mean It Part 2 concludes IDW s continuity and wraps up most of the remaining plot threads.On the other hand, the middle of this volume really can be largely summed up with and this stuff was happening during the Unicron miniseries, and not really in a good way Mostly in the...

  2. Kavinay says:

    It s almost cheating to include the Annual, The Starscream Move, here It might be the single best story told in the run of IDW s universe Thundercracker under John Barber is an utter joy.The mainline issues though are another matter A lot of Prime s critics are basically rehashing the same points over and over again I get it Sli...

  3. James says:

    I don t know when it happened, but I fell out of love with Optimus Prime as a character I haven t liked a version of him that I ve read or seen since Animated the messiah complex everyone insists on saddling him with makes for a character who sounds like he always giving a prepared speech He s so pompous and full of himself that I just can t take it How...

  4. Andy Luke says:

    The forty page opener, Starscream The Movie is one of John Barber s finest with a spark premise that would write itself for best smarts and chuckles, yet also succeeds in political thought and nuanced characterisation From there to epic IDW finale with highly skillful art by Kei Zama In just story terms the Unicron arc is a mighty ambitious contest and ...