Put Your Best Face Forward

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  • Audio CD
  • Put Your Best Face Forward
  • Sandra Lee
  • 23 December 2017
  • 9781982554224

About the Author: Sandra Lee

Dr Sandra Lee, also known as Dr Pimple Popper, is an American dermatologist operating out of Upland, California Her own Dr Pimple Popper TV series premiered on July 11, 2018 on TLC Librarian s note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

Put Your Best Face Forward An Entertaining, Comprehensive, Illustrated Skin Care Guide From The Social Media Phenomenon And Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr Sandra Lee, Also Known As Dr Pimple PopperDr Sandra Lee S Fame Exploded When She Began Posting Videos Of Her Popping Zits, Cysts, And Blackheads On Her Social Media Channels Now, The Board Certified Dermatologist Shares Her Warmth, Wit, And Passion For Healthy Skin In This Practical GuideAn Informative And Entertaining Look At The World Of The Internet S Favorite Dermatologist, Put Your Best Face Forward Offers Essential Information On Skin Care, Whether You Re Hitting Adolescence Or The Middle Years Including Acne Treatments, Anti Aging Advice, Step By Step Tutorials, Quizzes, Prevention, And Tips Everyone Needs A Good Routine, No Matter If You Re Genetically Blessed With A Flawless Complexion Or Have Serious Facial Problems Through Education And Empowerment, Dr Lee Helps You Understand The What And The Why Of Skincare And Sends You On A Path To Clearer, Beautiful Skin Covering A Host Of Skin Issues, Filled With Invaluable Information, Put Your Best Face Forward Shows You How To Look Good Every Day, No Matter Your Age

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10 thoughts on “Put Your Best Face Forward

  1. Amy says:

    As someone who has had a lot of issues with their skin acne, skin tags, moles, skin cancer, eczema, etc , I did not find anything new here, but Lee does present this information which covers all things related to skincare in an easy to read easy to understand format She addresses each item, i.e Skin Tags, by providing a little information about the item and then addressing the following How to Prevent Them if possible , Treatment Options, What You Can Do at Home, Where Applicable, When to See a Doctor, and Healing Times Results or What to Expect There are color photographs for most concerns, as well as some interesting sidebars on a variety of topics, including Skin Types Also, scattered throughout the book are little Did You Know bubbles that provide interesting tidbits of information For example, Drinking water does nothing to hydrate dry skin I mean, if you re dehydrated, yes, your skin can look sallow But the you drink, the you ll pee, and your skin won t look amazingly improved I laughed out loud at this one If you have concerns about your skin, this would be a good place to start to learn about what may be going on with your skin But, first and foremost, I recommend you visit a dermatologist

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Let me start by saying I m a popaholic , as D.R Lee would say For any other popaholics out there, this book is for you If you are just looking for some info on the skin and common questions about acne, aging, etc, this book is super interesting, as well It is not a novel, so if that s what you re looking for, look elsewhere There is medical and skin terminology throughout, so you can t read it like you would read a novel With all that being said, I loved this book Highly recommend to fellow popaholics or people interested in common skin questions.

  3. Courtney says:

    Super informative, and easy for people with no dermatology medical background Obsessed with her insta YouTube tv show and this was a in depth discussion of what we saw and other cases A lot of this I never knew before and it just really helped me understand things I see everyday Loveeee Dr lee

  4. Julia Bennett says:

    This is a good book if you are interested in skin conditions, even beyond Dr Pimple Popper s classic blackhead, whitehead and cyst pops

  5. Emily Duchon says:

    i m a skin care junkie true story before i met my husband i would have boxes outside my door weekly after i came home from work happily dressed lotions and moisturizers in various mutations of color and viscosity ready to be tried on as soon as the next shower since marriage i think i ve gone down to one or two boxes a month sigh , but the joy in finding one at the end of a long day is still as good as a long pull of a hard drink on a thursday night some things just make life really worth it i have shelves full of things that peel, plump, hydrate, and shimmer it s a guilty pleasure it s fun to try new ones and if the product is REALLY REALLY good, can make a huge difference in appearance i still remember fondly trying on my mother s various products as a little girl slathering on estee lauder or lancome in the mirror and her finding me out with hands on her hip those are expensive products for a little girl to be having fun with so carelessly ah yes, sneaking lotion was almost almost as good as sneaking out back to have a cigarette during 4th hours of high school i loved every minute of it this book is straightforward and answered bluntly some questions i had regarding cosmetic procedures, aging, and other skincare issues because i m shallow, slightly basic, and somewhat vain, i enjoyed it maybe you will to at least check out the q and a in back it was worth the five minutes to read and disputed a few things i had long thought to be accurate.

  6. Leila says:

    This book had a lot of gross skin pics but if that is what interests you, then enjoy gleaning through the pages. I liked Chapter 6 sack the lie, hack the truth It s basically a myth buster QA section with the common myth question and why it s true, false or maybe Examples your hair will grow longer if you cut it often False.People get acne breakouts because their face is dirty Maybe.Overall, sound advice about skin, hair and nails

  7. Mapleleaf says:

    My teen daughter told me about Dr Pimplepopper and her videos Then I saw her book at the library There are medical jargon but she tries to explain as simply as she can Pictures are edited so not as gross as her videos She explains lightly on as many skin conditions including prevention and treatment at home and professional The best part is at the back of the book debunking fact from fiction Wherever possible, she plugs in her own line of products and does not suggest anything other The book is for people who want to learn about the skin conditions whereas her videos are for those who are thrilled with seeing cysts and blackheads ooze out of pores Informative but cannot think of anyone who would appreciate a recommendation.