Life Is Worth Living: First and Second Series

[BOOKS] ✮ Life Is Worth Living: First and Second Series Author Fulton J. Sheen –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Life Is Worth Living: First and Second Series
  • Fulton J. Sheen
  • 24 September 2019
  • 9781984823281

About the Author: Fulton J. Sheen

Fulton John Sheen, born Peter John Sheen was an American archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio His cause for canonization for sainthood was officially opened in 2002, and so he is now referred to as a Servant of God.

Life Is Worth Living: First and Second SeriesFifty Inspiring Lessons To Deepen Your Faith From One Of The Leading Religious Figures Of The Twentieth Century And Author Of The Catholic Bestseller Life Of Christ For Over Four Decades, Fulton Sheen Was The Face Of Catholicism In America And Literally Received Hundreds Of Thousands Of Letters From People Around The World In Search Of Truth, Faith, Salvation, And Spiritual Guidance In This Newly Repackaged Reissue Of One Of Sheen S Classic Works, The Emmy Award Winning Priest Takes An Intimate Look At Our Sacred Journey To God And Answers Some Of Life S Most Profound Questions With His Clever Wit And Straightforward Language, He Explains How We Can Find Contentment In The Modern World By Applying The Christian Philosophy Of Life In Our Day To Day ExchangesDrawing Authority From Scripture, And Created For People Of All Ages And Backgrounds, Sheen Explores Our Journey Home To God In An Insightful Conversation Designed To Strengthen The Reader S Personal Relationship With Jesus Sheen Also Shares Humorous Stories That Made Him One Of The Most Celebrated Personalities Of His Time This Book Is A Lasting Testament That Your Life Is Worth Living

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10 thoughts on “Life Is Worth Living: First and Second Series

  1. booklady says:

    My husband and I listened to this throughout our recent trip around the west It was an interesting combination sightseeing and listening to these old broadcasts Halfway through I remembered the book was downloaded to my kindle but when I tried to match up the text to the audio it didn t That was somewhat disappointing, because the Archbishop is so interesting it would have been nice to be able to find all of his quotes and reproduce them here for the review Mostly everything he said in the broadcasts is probably there in the book in some form or another just arranged differently However, you have to be creative in hunting and seeking It s worth it I included many of my favorite quotes below possibly too many On the negative side, the material is dated These shows predate Vatican II and there are references to concepts which the church has expanded and developed since the 1950s or dropped altogether And if you aren t used to the dramatic flair of those bygone days, which admittedly my husband and I weren t, it can be seem a bit overdone at times Although the overall recording quality was excellent considering they were made over 50 years ago, there were a few times we had trouble hearing what was said Still, we both agreed that we learned a lot, fo...

  2. Lauren says:

    Fantastic, wonderful I really enjoyed most of the chapters Each chapter is 3 4 pages and is a transcript of one of his shows So it isn t something you can read through straight I found that I could only read ...

  3. Steven R. McEvoy says:

    This particular book is available in numerous editions from several publishers A few with shorter titles of The Life of all Living and Life Is Worth Living in researching this review I came across 24 different editions, and three different subtitles also The subtitle of this edition is, 50 Lessons to Deepen Your Faith , some of the others are The Christian Philosophy of Life and First and Second Series For this book is compiled from a series of audio recordings that ran over 21 hours on 25 vinyl records The book was composed to take those lessons and make them available in a different medium, as it had been available only on vinyl and cassette for over 20 years The sections in this book are Foreword By Robert BarronPreface To The 2001 EditionPart I God And Man1 The Philosophy Of Life2 Conscience3 Good And Evil4 The Divine Invasion5 Line Up The Claimants6 Revealed Truth7 Miracles8 New Testament RevelationPart II Christ And His Church9 Divinity Of Christ10 Humanity Of Christ11 The Blessed Trinity12 The Mother Of Jesus13 Christ In The Creed Birth14 Sufferings, Death, And Resurrection15 Ascension16 Holy Spirit17 Church ...

  4. Edward says:

    He is a genius with humble simplicity God Love him The book consists of transcripts taking on all existentialism, communism nihilism with the simple truth of our lord Jesus

  5. Fr. Ryan Humphries says:

    Bp Fulton J Sheen was on television in prime time when television was in diapers He was teaching the undiluted faith before other public Catholics came along to screw it up This little book contains the texts of his shows The...

  6. Gabriella Hoffman says:

    Amazing book Not only does it talk about faith, it discusses culture and the ills of communism It s incredible how this book from 1954 has so many parallels to the modern day I highly encourage you to read this book

  7. Sarah Crawford says:

    This book has much emphasis on religion then does his series of television episodes Some of the things I found interesting He says science is not atheistic Basically science cannot be compared to religion any than apples to oranges God and religion are outside the scope of science One of the main differences between men and women is that men are concerned mainly with things and women are mainly concerned with persons Love for men is tied up with their intellect but with women love is its own reason Men may stand for the justice of God and women for the mercy of God.He has an interesting section on teenagers Babies cannot stand the interval between wanting and getting yet people grow up and can learn to wait He has a lot to say about tolerance As to education he says that every adult regrets that he did not study harder when in school That is one statement I disagree with I think some do but it seems the majority don t Look at how few people read books other than something...

  8. Joyce says:

    This book, a transcription of Ven Fulton Sheen s episodes, is divided into a number of small, disconnected, and very readable chapters They do not take long to finish, and include a good dose of humour Ven Sheen s TV show was a huge hit in its day, and I can see ...

  9. Chris Phillips says:

    A fantastic and easy to read exposition of the Christian faith Highly recommended.

  10. Krysta says:

    Basic Catholic apologetics along with some reflections on prayer, marriage, and individual responsibility.