The Class

[Epub] ↠ The Class  Author Frances O'Roark Dowell –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Class
  • Frances O'Roark Dowell
  • English
  • 06 September 2019
  • 9781481481793

About the Author: Frances O'Roark Dowell

While Frances O Roark Dowell Dovey Coe, The Secret Language of Girls, Trouble the Water is best known for her award winning novels, she also hosts the popular Off Kilter Quilt podcast, where she talks about her latest quilt projects with friends and fellow quilters around the globe Her own little corner of the globe is Durham, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, two sons, and a

The Class Twenty Kids Twenty Points Of View One Rambunctious, Brilliantly Conceived Novel That Corrals The Seeming Chaos C Mon, TWENTY Points Of View Into One Effervescent Story.Sixth Grade Is A MOST Confusing Time Best Friends Aren T Friends Any Worst Enemies Suddenly Want To Be Partners In Crime And Classmates You Thought You Knew Have All Sorts Of Surprising Stuff Going On The Kids In Mrs Herrera S Class Are Dealing With All These Things And Specifically, Three 1 There S A New Girl Who Just Seems To Be Spying On Them All And Scribbling Things In A Notebook Maybe She IS A Spy 2 Someone Is Stealing All Of Mrs Herrera S Most Treasured Items 3 Their Old Classmate, Sam, Keeps Showing Up And No One Knows Why Until They Do Which Leads To A Fourth Problem But We Can T Tell You About That Yet The Twenty Kids In Mrs Herrera S Classroom Can, Though, And They Do Every Single One Of Them.

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10 thoughts on “The Class

  1. DaNae says:

    I enjoyed this book so much Before I began I worried it wouldn t work for me The concept of so many points of view left me wondering if connections to any of the characters would be made And at heart, I m a character driven reader Dowell nailed the shifting friendship and identities of sixth graders I ve been at my school long enough now to watch most of the same students from Kindergarten through 6th And 6th is the year when personalities and friendships take a hard knock She was great at painting many complex characters, both through their own POV and the perceptions of other Some characters only got a passing glance but all, with one exception, where shown with compassion and grace And frankly, I do think self centered, powerful Rosies exist, and the best bet is to avoid them This had A VIEW FROM SATURDAY feel to it.

  2. Leonard Kim says:

    There was a Breakfast Club style book a while back where I noted how hard it was to do this kind of book well, but maybe John David Anderson should give it a try I should have said Frances O Roark Dowell though technically this is not a Breakfast Club setup Dowell is a writer of uncommon perception, which is just what is needed to pull off a technically difficult book like this And despite the realism of the characters, the book is still aspirational, which is just as it should be.Edited to add I just realized what this reminded me of, in a good way the Origami Yoda books.

  3. Theresa Grissom says:

    Thanks to Edelweiss Plus for an ARC of this book.I totally and completely LOVED this book Distinct and unique with each chapter told from the perspective of a different student in one class I would love to see how the author planned this one ahead of time Every person that reads this book with identify with at least one student in the class My favorite was Henry I will not only be buying several copies of this for my school library but will recommend this as a read aloud to the classroom teachers Student will love this one.

  4. BunTheDestroyer says:

    Henry was my favorite

  5. Jennifer says:

    Cute story told of a class that bands together to protect their teacher from being fired Each character gets their own chapter Totally engrossing and a great read to start off the new year

  6. Genevieve says:

    kidlitexchange thank you to author francesdowellbooks and publisher simonandschuster for sharing an advanced review copy of The Class with the kidlitexchange network All opinions are my own This book was released on October 8, 2019 This was a cute book written in multiple voices In fact, it was written by a whole 6th grade class, each telling the reader their perspective on the happenings in Mrs Herrera s classroom Ellie, whose dad is in the military, has just moved again and for some reason is having a hard time finding friends my students might be able to relate But she notices some weird things happening within her classroom, and decides she s going to solve the mysteries Like, who stole the items that Mrs Herrera has on display in her special collection by her desk And why is Sam, who left to go to another school, still hanging out around campus And why is Mrs Herrera on thin ice Not to mention all the weird changes in social dynamics within the class.These mysteries are all intertwined and layered on the age old question why does middle school and the teen years change people Suddenly, best friends aren t friends any, enemies are hanging out together and getting crazy haircuts , and people you ve never looked at twice suddenly seem the most interesting This 6th grade class has a bunch of secrets, and the students in the class are ready to crack them wide open Each student brings the reader closer to solving the mysteries through their own perspectives I thought this was a fun, fast, and important read The first chapter opens with the new girl Ellie, who has a couple of other chapters scattered throughout the book to hold the story together But every other chapter is told from another person in the class Frances Dowell artfully weaves each classmate s perspective on what is happening in their own life while also advancing the plot of the mysteries One classmate might be directly involved, so the reader learns a lot through their voice, while other characters are trying to solve the mystery and deal with their own issues at the same time ie the jock who hates the jock label the mean girl who decides she doesn t want to be mean any the nice girl who has a secret the nerd group who really aren t that nerdy and the loner who just wants to make a friend There is a lot in this book for everyone I highly recommend it and even though it is about a 6th grade class, I think my 7th graders would enjoy it

  7. Michelle Kidwell says:

    The Classby Frances O Roark DowellSimon and Schuster Children s PublishingAtheneum Caitlyn Dlouhy BooksChildren s FictionPub Date 08 Oct 2019I am reviewing a copy of The Class through Simon and Schuster Children s Publishing Atheneum Caitlyn Dlouhy Books and Netgalley There are twenty kids in Mrs Herrera s Sixth Grade Class there is Ellie who has just finished writing her first novel, and Becca who is out to please all the adults in her life, when Becca discovers though that she will not become Mrs Herrera s favorite she s determined to become her most unfavorite Carson is in the class too, after his Mother got diagnosed with Cancer everyone in his family became Vegan s but his Mother lets him have Cheese Pizza at parties but never Pepperoni He feels different from the rest of his classmates.Cammi loves weekends because on weekends she can earn extra screen time so she can watch Netflix Ben is really into science and he feels that precludes his Mother s strong Faith, besides he would much rather spend his time on the computer playing video games Petra seems to think everything is boring, she uses sarcasm to mask her feelings when she is hurting.Rogan isn t into drama, he d rather spend his weekends playing basketball with his friends or playing Assassins Creed.Arianna is looking forward to her sleepover with three other girls, she wants to help Becca but how can she do that when Becca is so mean Stefan somehow always get gets put in with the kids who have ADHD, or disrupt the class in some way.Rosie was Petra s friend, her former friend after Petra cut her hair without discussing it with her, she misses her best friend but feels as if she has been replaced.Ethan, Rogan and Cole are the trio of trouble or so they call themselves as they track down who stole the special things from Mrs Herrea s special collection.The twenty kids in Mrs Herrera s sixth grade class are dealing with such diverse issues as Homelessness, Learning Disabilities, As well as gifted learners.If you are looking for a good novel for a middle grader, or perhaps are looking for something to read as a class, The Class is a book I would definitely recommend.I give The Class five out of five stars Happy Reading

  8. Kimberly says:

    Thank you kidlitexchange and simonandschuster for providing me we a review copy of this book All opinions are my own The Class by francesdowellbooks is set to release 10.8.19 This is such a creative and fun middle grade book Forget having a main character All twenty students in Mrs Herrera s sixth grade class get a chance to tell this story Each chapter alternates to a new person which is a wonderful way to introduce the importance of perspective to young readers Middle grade is always new and full of chaotic drama making it the perfect setting for a story This class is dealing with some issues as well as a couple mysteries that will definitely keep you intrigued until the end of the book Special items that the teacher showcases in her room start to disappear Who took her autographed copy of Hatchet, a beloved photo of her favorite teacher and a set of adorable cat figurines There s also some confusion about a former student Sam supposedly moved away over the summer, but everyone swears they keep seeing him around campus Students are hanging out with new cliques and playing around with what label they identify with One girl tries to reinvent her goody two shoes persona by cutting her hair in the art room as she starts breaking rules Needless to say, there s a lot going on in this book However, it was easy to distinguish everyone as an individual character Every reader will have no problem identifying with a certain personality or problem that s covered Along with the playfulness of the story, it does cover some deep topics and eventually shows how all personalities can come together and show empathy regardless of their interests It also has a great theme about how others view an individual based on their observations The chapters are short and would be a perfect selection for a read aloud or book club to discuss.

  9. Amy Hodges says:

    I loved reading this book told from the perspectives of the students in Mrs Herrera s 6th grade class It was a very creative way to tell the middle grade novel Mrs Herrera s class has a mixture of students popular, smart, nice kids, mean kids, bullies, jocks, kids who struggle, quiet kids, jokesters, and kids who want to be the teacher s favorite Each student lives up to their label at the beginning of the year and mostly stay on separate paths They begin to come together and better understand one another after three things happen the good student in the class cuts off all her hair and beings misbehaving, their principal tells their teachers she is on thin ice, and they begin to see a boy around the school they thought had moved away When their beloved teacher s favorite items go missing, the class adds this to the list of mysteries and begins to try and solve them This novel approached topics such as homelessness, learning disabilities, and gifted learners in a way that I thought was appropriate for this age Students who struggle with each of these diversities would be able to relate to the students similar to them Other students would also have the opportunity to gain a better insight on how a label isn t a person s true character I would recommend this book to middle grade readers It would be a great book club book or a wonderful classroom read aloud Thanks to Simon and Schuster Children s Publishing, Atheneum Caitlyn Dlouhy Books and NetGalley for an eARC of this book The Class is expected to be published on October 8th, 2019.

  10. Kristin Crouch says:

    Thank you to the author for providing me an ARC to review I m a huge fan of books written from multiple perspectives, and The Class did not disappoint Mrs Herrera s class is filled with every type of student kids who bully, kids who love sports, quiet kids, nice kids, studious kids, and, of course, the one kid who drives everyone else crazy But as they start sixth grade, they start to realize, separately and then collectively, that they are all than their label would dictate.Interestingly, they come to this conclusion after they all start noticing this after three interesting events the goody goody of the class goes off the rails, people start seeing a boy who has moved away in the school at odd times, and they overhear the principal telling their beloved teacher that she s on thin ice Nothing like a good mystery to pull kids together With themes of the devisivenss of labels, standing up for others, and good versus kind, this book will make kids think about who they are when people aren t looking I d love to create a book club this year with The Class, The Frog Effect, Because of Mr Terupt, and The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary All are thought provoking stories of classes told from multiple points of view The Class is quick moving, with shorter chapters something I always appreciate Highly recommend for students in grades 5 and up.