The Heart of a Boy

[Reading] ➷ The Heart of a Boy  ➭ Kate T. Parker –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Heart of a Boy
  • Kate T. Parker
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9781523505517

About the Author: Kate T. Parker

KATE T PARKER is a mother, wife, Ironman, and professional photographer who shoots both personal projects and commercial work for her clients Her STRONG IS THE NEW PRETTY photo series led to collaborations with brands such as Disney, Athleta, Kellogg s, and NBC It has also inspired Kate to launch a philanthropic arm of SITNP, partnering with organizations such as Girls on the Run, Girl Up, The

The Heart of a Boy Reading The Heart Of A Boy Author Kate T Parker Terrapin A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER It S Time To Celebrate Boys Against The Backdrop Of A Growing National Conversation About How To Raise Sons To Become Good People, Kate T Parker Is Leading The Way By Turning Her Lens On Boys Author Of The Bestselling Book About GirlsStrong Is The New Pretty, She Now Shows The True Heart Of A Boy In 200 Compelling Photographs Boys Can Be Wild But They Can Also Be Gentle Bursting With Confidence, But Not Afraid To Be Vulnerable Ready To Run Fearlessly Downfield Or Reach Out To A Friend In Need In This Empowering, Deeply Felt Celebration Of Boys Being And Believing In Themselves, See The Unguarded Joy Of A Little Brother Hugging His Big Brother The Inquisitive Look Of A Young Scientist Examining A Bug The Fearless Self Expression In A Ballet Dancer S Poise There Are Guitarists, Fencers, Wrestlers, Stargazers, A Pilot Boys Who Aspire To Be President, And Boys Whose Lives Are Full Of Overwhelming Challenges, Yet Who Bravely Face Each Day As It Comes With Inspiring And Joyful Quotes From The Boys Themselves, This Book Spreads A Heartfelt, Uplifting Message Of Openness, Self Confidence, And Warmth Kate T Parker S Incredible Strong Is The New Pretty Helped Us Reimagine Girlhood As Silly, Messy, Spirited, And Fun Now She Turns Her Perceptive Lens On The Other Sex To Expand Our Definition Of What It Means To Be A Boy And Presents Something Desperately Needed In Our Well Meaning Cultural Conversation About Boys She Shows Us Their Enormous, Wonderful Hearts Michael Ian Black, Actor And Writer Silly, Serious, Nerdy, Athletic, Creative, Bold The Adjectives Describing Boys Could Go On For Pages But If Boys Are To Grow Up To Be Admirable Men, The One Thing They Must Be Is Kind Kate T Parker S Book Helps Clear The Way For A Time When Everyone Understands That R J Palacio, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author OfWonder Every Parent Who Picks Up This Book Will Be Grateful For The Impact It Will Have On Their Family Gary Vaynerchuk, Author OfCrushing It

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10 thoughts on “The Heart of a Boy

  1. Sheila says:

    I m a little partial to this book, seeing that my sweet boy is in it I love that the book celebrates boys for who they are And Kate shows us how big each and every one of their hearts are.

  2. Scottsdale Public Library says:

    There is to a boy than his strengths or athleticism This book is beautiful at highlighting boys being joyful, vulnerable, creative, resilient, curious, kind and A quick fast read that would make an excellent coffee table book for families wit...

  3. Nichole says:

    5 out of 5 starsGold right here Kate T Parker has created an absolute treasure A heart felt, stunning, memorable read for anyone s book collection Especially if you are a boy Mom Boys are strong Boys are fearless Boys are adventurous Boys are courageous, Boys are sensitive Boys are smart All boys are unique.Emotions are powerful What better way to hear about what boys of all ages, from all around the world are feeling, then to read quotes from them directly.The Heart of a Boy lets their voices be heard.A brilliant read for any parent An even better read for the youngsters themselves Give them a chance to see what others may be going through To see that they are not the only ones, to receive the inspiration they deserve or may need at times showing them just how truly important and special they are.The Heart of a Boy has inspired me and will keep inspiring me It will stay...

  4. Bunny says:

    Received via Netgalley in exchance for a fair and unbiased review.When I read Strong is the New Pretty in 2017, I immediately wanted to buy it for all the little girls in my life It was a love song to them, celebrating their strength, their spirit, their individuality It was telling little girls they could be anything they wanted to be, and it was okay to strive for It made me cry, and it made me smile and feel warm inside Kate Parker has done it to me again, and I may never forgive her for giving me too many feelings wrapped in another simple, sweet, powerful book The young men featured here range in ages, from 4 to 19 They are seen in every scenario, from sports to family time to just quiet moments alone with a pet There are boys of different races, different abilities, different religions There s smiles from whe...

  5. Panda Incognito says:

    A year ago, I wrote a three star review of the photographic collection Strong is the New Pretty, complaining that it reinforces its own set of gender stereotypes by focusing on athletic girls to the exclusion of those with artistic or traditionally feminine interests Because that reading experience was so irritating, it thrilled me to see how much better this book is Firstly, I appreciate the fact that it exists at all, because as the author confesses in her introduction, she always believed that only girls needed their voices amplified, until people begged her to do a similar book for boys and showed her how destructive social stereotypes about masculinity can be People tend to squelch boys non masculine interests and natural feelings, making it difficult for young men to become healthy, wholehearted adults, but the world is a much better place when boys are allowed to be both strong and vulnerable.Because The Heart of a Boy explores the range of interests and feelings that boys experience, instead of focusing on the single, restrictive theme of being a strong girl, it is far superior to the original book The photographer selected children from a variety of different racial backgrounds for both books, but this one features even boys with physical limitations and health issues, and it represents a wide range of personal interests It tells you a lot about the preponderance of athletic photos in the girl book that there were fewer here Boys who are musicians, wr...

  6. Tom Jorgenson says:

    3.5 good, but I wanted depth in the quotes from kids The pictures were super powerful though, and definitely the strongest part of this book.

  7. Megan - Alohamora Open a Book says:

    You can t run away from who you are, but what you can do is run toward who you want to be Jason ReynoldsThere is to a boy than his strengths or athleticism This book is beautiful at highlighting boys A quick fast read that would make an excellent coffee table book for families with boys The photographs are stunning, and the quotes from the boys as well as the short chapter leads are inspiring and full of gems Definitely a great companion to her first book, Strong is the New Pretty Rating 4 5 starsBest For Adults parents of boys of Pages 250Clean Read Yes.Worth a Check Out Yes If you are a parent of a boy you must read it It s an incredibly fast read, but so inspiring and uplifting Buy It or Not Yes, it s a great book to gift as well Other fav quotes The thing about being creative is that it is like a muscle The you use it, the bigger and better it gets pg 95 Don t waste your en...

  8. Kathy says:

    Kate T Parker, best selling author of Stong is the New Pretty book for girls, now turns her attention to boys and gives them their due.With beautiful pictures and meaningful quotes from the boys themselves, as well as famous people, Parker encourages readers to leave old stereotypes of gender behavior behind and rather celebrate all facets of the combinations of personality, emotions, weaknesses and strengths that make each of us the unique human being that we are.The Heart of a Boy is a joy to read, a visual gift, and a book with an important message, we all want love and acceptance for who we are A conversation starter, a coffee table book to be enjoyed time and again, this book would be a good gift to yourself or others.Many thanks to NetGalley and Workman Publishing Company for pr...

  9. Melissa says:

    Tomorrow is today Let s have fun Ramel I m amazing because I m strong and fast and funny and kind and good WillAs a Librian I really like this one, I can be anything when I read, even a mouse dressed in a superhero suit CamdenLOVE I liked losing my front teeth because I could fit ...

  10. Emily Myhren says:

    I was anticipating this book for a long time I absolutely adore Strong is the New Pretty and am always gifting and recommending it I m so happy now that I will have a boy equivalent to do the same with Her photography can be enjoyed at any age and I love the interviews ...