Storeys Guide to Raising Sheep, 5th Edition

[PDF] ✪ Storeys Guide to Raising Sheep, 5th Edition  ✬ Paula Simmons –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Storeys Guide to Raising Sheep, 5th Edition
  • Paula Simmons
  • 01 May 2019
  • 9781612129808

About the Author: Paula Simmons

A respected authority on sheep raising, Paula Simmons has written many articles and books, including Storey s Guide to Raising Sheep with Carol Ekarius and Your Sheep with Darrell L Salsbury Simmons also lectures and conducts workshops across North America on raising sheep and spinning wool for a living Simmons and her husband have been raising and shearing sheep, and spinning and weaving w

Storeys Guide to Raising Sheep, 5th Edition Storey S Guide To Raising Sheep Is The Best Selling, Most Trusted Reference For Farmers And Backyard Homesteaders With Any Size Flock The Fifth Edition Is Now Updated With Full Color Illustrations And Photographs Throughout, Including A Gallery Of The Best Breed Choices For Both Meat And Fiber With Their Small Size And Gentle Dispositions, Sheep Are One Of The Easier Livestock Species To Raise And Offer Varied Marketing Opportunities, Including Meat, Wool, And Milk Detailed Instructions And Graphics Lead Readers Through Every Essential Procedure, Including Shearing, Building A Lambing Shed, Breeding And Lambing, Butchering, And Marketing.

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3 thoughts on “Storeys Guide to Raising Sheep, 5th Edition

  1. Hayley says:

    I am in the process of researching raising sheep and have browsed through books looking for a one stop all the information and here it is The break down with each topic is all a rookie could ask for and yet the extent of the information surpasses into the next level for someone who wants to expand and continue to learn Covering everything from guardian dogs to fencing to feeds and breeds I will hang on to...

  2. Cherry says:

    An excellent introduction to all major aspects of hobby sheep farming in a thorough and accessible format This is a great place to start learning, as well as a basic reference book, and it offers resources to turn to for an even in depth look at various aspects It covers sheep breeds, fencing requirements, feed and pasture concerns, common pests and diseases in sheep and Because of the breadth of the coverage, it is not extremely deep in any given topic but it gives you enough information...