Broken Business

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  • Broken Business
  • José Hernández
  • 16 April 2018
  • 9781119547532

About the Author: José Hernández

Jos Hern ndez born Jos Rafael Hern ndez y Pueyrred n November 10, 1834 October 21, 1886 was an Argentine journalist, poet, and politician best known as the author of the epic poem Mart n Fierro.Hern ndez, whose ancestry was a mix of Spanish, Irish, and French, was born on a farm near San Mart n Buenos Aires Province His father was a butler or foreman of a series of cattle ranches His c

Broken Business How To Prevent Corporate Scandals And Fix Good Companies That Do WrongThe News Media Is Replete With Stories Of Corporate Scandal, Corruption And Misdeeds The Need For Effective Crisis Management And Corporate Governance Strategies Has Never Been Greater Broken Business Explains Why Corporate Scandals Happen, What To Do When Scandals Arise In Your Company, And How To Prevent Their Future Occurrence.Offering Real World Anecdotes And Solutions, This Book Details How Corporations Can Mitigate The Risk Of Scandal, Reform Corporate Image And Install Structures To Create A Ethical And Profitable Company This Insightful Resource Dispels Common Misconceptions Of Corporate Misconduct And Its Causes Through Fascinating Research Into Human Nature, And Compelling Storytelling That Demonstrates Fundamental Flaws In Corporate Culture.Author Jos Hernandez Draws On Decades Of Experience Working With High Profile Global Corporations To Present Seven Essential Steps For Transforming A Company, Including Building A Better Culture, Effective Compliance Systems And Re Focusing The Strategy This Book Allows You To Examine Current And Highly Publicized Cases Of Corporate Scandal And Their Impact On Corporate Credibility Employ Practical Methods To Rehabilitate Your Corporation S Public Image Implement Managerial Frameworks To Quickly Address Cases Of Misconduct Promote A Culture Of Compliance And Integrity To Encourage Good Conduct In Your Corporate Environment At Its Core, This Book Is A Simple, Engaging How To Guide That Offers Practical Advice On Institutionalizing Integrity In Any Organization Broken Business Seven Steps To Reform Good Companies Gone Bad Is An Essential Text For Leaders Seeking A Concise Review At How Things Can Go Wrong, How To Deal With Scandal Fallout And How To Ultimately Become A Better Company.

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11 thoughts on “Broken Business

  1. David McClendon, Sr says:

    Watch on YouTube Now From Holtz, Doctor Football, used to admonish his players to do what s right and avoid what s wrong This seems like we need to clarify what is right or what is wrong, but humans are endowed with an instinct that tells us what is right and what is wrong This works well, until it doesn t.It seems that greed will cause a person s moral compass to fail I have seen it before All the front line employees could see a crisis coming, but the powers that be simply would not listen to those who could actually see that the emperor had no clothes In the book Broken Business Seven Steps to Reform Good Companies Gone Bad by Jos R Hernandez, the author presents a case study of a fictitious company that is based on a composite of several companies he has worked with Hernandez tells his readers about how there are many myths regarding corporate scandal and how it is important to deal with them properly when they occur He points out that most companies don t just all of a sudden have a crisis Typically, it is a series of things that could have been nipped in the bud had the C Suite been paying better attention to the details The author tells his readers about how a company responds initially to a crisis He points out how on top of it Johnson and Johnson was during the Tylenol scare It is also important that the company admits to wrongdoing as soon as they are made aware of it N...

  2. Carla says:

    I got this book in Dutch it has the same English title This is one of these books that when you read it so many examples of companies come to mind that had issues with corruption, fraud It s sad that there are all these examples While most of these companies have integrity as their core value How is it possible they can go so wrong Hernandez write in 7 steps how, as company, to deal with a crisis situation like fraude How to stop the crisis, make necessary changes and create a new culture It s clear he speaks from experience as consultant He s not afraid to warn against what many managers CEO think for example, it s better to cooperate with t...