Titans of Real Estate

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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Titans of Real Estate
  • Erez Cohen
  • 25 December 2019
  • 9781119550044

About the Author: Erez Cohen

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Titans of Real Estate book, this is one of the most wanted Erez Cohen author readers around the world.

Titans of Real Estate Ebook Titans Of Real Estate By Erez Cohen Bharat24news.com Fresh Out Of College, Erez Cohen Set Foot In An Investment Banking Firm Whether Through Luck Or Fortune, He Was Assigned A Position With The Real Estate Group He Was Handed A Book That Soon Birthed His Love Affair With Real Estate That Continues To This Day Erez Left The Investment Banking Firm And Applied To Wharton Business School Where He Became A Teacher And Research Assistant To His Mentor, Dr Linneman During That Time, He Met, Talked, And Heard Stories From Distinguished Real Estate Titans, Such As Stephen Ross, Barry Sternlicht, Sam Zell, Steven Roth, Etc This Informative Time Placed Him In A Unique Position To Collect Knowledge From Many Of These Titans.Surrounded By So Many Titans, Erez S Curiosity Grew And Can Be Distilled Into Three Critical Questions 1 What Inspires These Titans To Work So Hard And Reach Such Extraordinary Levels Of Success 2 What Are The Main Elements And Traits Inside Of Them That Propel Them To Be So Grandoise 3 How Have Thse Individuals, Which Most Of The Time Had Less Resources And Talent, Succeeded On A Much Bigger Scale Than So Many Of Their Competitiors Through These Questions, Erez Interviewed The Most Successful Real Estate Titans Around The World To Take Their Combined Knowledge And Delve It For Commonalities To Dig Dig And Find The Core Pieces Of Knowledge That Drove Each Of These Titans To The Top Of Their Chosen Fields.In Real Estate Titans, Erez Will Reveal The Seven Key Lessons He Learned From His Journey Of Discover Key Lessons That Revealed Themselves Both Through These Interviews And His Time Working With Multiple Mentors And Magnates In His Careers.

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10 thoughts on “Titans of Real Estate

  1. Adam says:

    Erez looks a real estate with a magnifying glass and a crystal ball This book is a collection of tales told by the titans themselves Pearls of Wisdom I m a value add investor I like to buy when othres are selling and at a discount to replacement costs I m focused on finding market imbalances and dislocations X Gives greed a bad nameKey performance indicators KPII like to buy dollars for.50 centsWhen you invest you buy the future then the present Land assembleges The world belongs to those who readGreystar largest ownerNo matter where your standing your surrounded by landLife is about the process not a final exam Transitioning into a thought economy Learned helplessness What would it take for you to drift off into your dreams every night fully confident with who you are I started the hard work of asking vulerable questions Question marks aboundYour awfly snug with a man with no real clout I m dedicated to long walks to think Properties to me have en...

  2. Carlos Ignacio says:

    This book is for two audiences industry insiders and those unaware of the people responsible for constructing the most relevant real estate developments in the world For the first group, Erez facilitates a conversation that reveals their process, what moves them, and the deals that have marked their careers For the rest of us, we learn how remarkable individuals overcame a potpourri of adverse encounters not ...

  3. Joseph Warmann says:

    This book is extraordinary Erez has done an outstanding job of revealing the true keys to success success of TITANIC PROPORTIONS, in real estate He shares rare stories of personal experience and from his access to individuals most will never meet in their usual circles, and he simplifies and demystifies the top keys to success that all of the most successful Real Estate Titans have in common If you are even remotely interested in real estate ...

  4. Rafa says:

    Is obvious that this book is all about insights What is not obvious, and highly fascinating, were which are those characteristics that differentiate the top performers from the rest The author has a clear and intoxicating a...

  5. Jeff Thelen says:

    I received an early copy of the book and was really impressed There s a lot you can learn going through the 11 interviews with some of the world s most prominent real estate investors from around the globe He also does a great job boiling down the inte...

  6. Benji Alcalay says:

    A breathe of fresh air from other real estate business books An incredibly easy read, with a lot of insight and a wealth of knowledge I recommend it to anyone trying to gain information and learn valuable lessons.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    Erez sent me this book for free, literally showed up at my office Well researched, inspiring, and easy to sit down and read a section here and there I am always looking for an inspirational real estate book and this one literally landed in my lap Happy to have this in my library, thanks Erez

  8. Simon Coote says:

    Top class As someone who recently moved into real estate, I ve been searching for a book that would clearly and succinctly outline the keys to real estate investment This book fills that gap It s extremely readable, but also acts as a fantastic reference book.

  9. William Krasne says:

    Loved the section with Bob Faith, but didn t really love this Any book that considers Ivanka Trump a real estate titan needs to be taken with the largest grain of salt imaginable

  10. Gil Samuel says:

    Very informative and also very interestingA must read for anyone in the business or interested in learning about the subject