The Re-Emergence of Virtual Reality

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  • The Re-Emergence of Virtual Reality
  • Leighton Evans
  • 22 June 2018
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About the Author: Leighton Evans

In 2013, I successfully defended my PhD thesis in the Philosophy of Technology at Swansea University My research was in in the remediation of place and surfacing of the possibility of place through mobile technologies and social gazetteers I m also interested in the practices of being in online places, digital ecologies, privacy, smart cities and technological dystopianism Decidedly Heideggerian.My first book is Locative Social Media Place in the Digital Age Locative Social Media offers a critical analysis of the effect of using locative social media on the perceptions and phenomenal experience of lived in spaces and places It includes a comprehensive overview of the historical development of traditional mapping and global positioning technology to smartphone based application services that incorporate social networking features as a series of modes of understanding place Drawing on users accounts of the location based social network Foursquare, a digital post phenomenology of place is developed to explain how place is mediated in the digital age This draws upon both the phenomenology of Martin Heidegger and post phenomenology to encompass the materiality and computationality of the smartphone The functioning and surfacing of place by the device and application, along with the orientation of the user, allows for a particular experiencing of place when using locative social media termed attunement, in contrast to an instrumentalist conception of place.Much of my everyday existence is taken up in a remorseless devouring of digital culture, from video games and social networking to science fiction, futurism and posthuman texts.

The Re-Emergence of Virtual RealityIn This Short Book, Evans Interrogates The Implications Of VR S Re Emergence Into The Media Mainstream, Critiquing The Notion Of A VR Revolution By Analysing The Development And Ownership Of VR Companies While Also Exploring The Possibilities Of Immersion In VR And The Importance Of Immersion In The Interest And Ownership Of VR Enterprises He Assesses How The Ideologies And Desires Of Both Computer Programmers And Major Silicon Valley Industries May Influence How VR Worlds Are Conceived And Experienced By Users While Also Exploring The Mechanisms That Create The Immersive Experience That Underpins Interest In The Medium.

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