Limited Wish

[BOOKS] ⚡ Limited Wish ✯ Mark  Lawrence –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 222 pages
  • Limited Wish
  • Mark Lawrence
  • English
  • 13 March 2019

About the Author: Mark Lawrence

Holy Sister and

Limited WishPDF Epub Limited Wish Mark Lawrence Contra One Choice Two Possible Timelines And A World Hanging In The Balance.It S The Summer Of 1986 And Reluctant Prodigy Nick Hayes Is A Student At Cambridge University, Working With World Renowned Mathematician Professor Halligan He Just Wants To Be A Regular Student, But Regular Isn T Really An Option For A Boy Genius Cancer Survivor Who S Already Dabbled In Time Travel.When He Crosses Paths With A Mysterious Yet Curiously Familiar Girl, Nick Discovers That Creases Have Appeared In The Fabric Of Time, And That He Is At The Centre Of The Disruption Only Nick Can Resolve This Time Paradox Before The Damage Becomes Catastrophic For Both Him And The Future Of The World Time Is Running Out Literally.Wrapped Up With Him In This Potentially Apocalyptic Scenario Are His Ex Girlfriend, Mia, And Fellow Student Helen Facing The World Ending Chaos Of A Split In Time, Nick Must Act Fast And Make The Choice Of A Lifetime Or Lifetimes.Game On.

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10 thoughts on “Limited Wish

  1. Mark Lawrence says:

    OUT TODAY Book 2 in the Impossible Times trilogy All three books due in 2019

  2. Mary S. R. says:

    5 10 STARS This book will make you go round and round and round in a never ending loop of paradoxand fall down dead a head twister is what I like to call it Time heals all wounds Sam offered the old clich Time causes a lot of them, too J.D Salinger wrote, What really knocks me out is a book that, when you re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it That doesn t happen much, though. but when it does, it s an author who feels fabulously familiar, who understands you in a wondrous way, who you know you would have the most terrific talk withand every time, every time, I turn the last page of a book by Mark Lawrence, that wish descends upon me like a vicious falcon, that cunning cruel creature, would upon its vulnerable prey Limited Wish is the best sequel for One Word Kill I, this mulish maniacal meretricious mortal who would read anything the malefic muni...

  3. Teodora says:

    NOW I m intrigued

  4. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    More time travel craziness mixed with a little less DD and a little paradox Final review a joint review with Kat Hooper at FanLit first posted on Fantasy Literature As Limited Wish begins, Nick Hayes, the 16 year old math genius that we met in One Word Kill you need to read it first is being pursued by a pack of drunken Cambridge students bent on beating him up It s 1986 and Nick has just been enrolled at Cambridge, thanks to the notice of Professor Halligan, a brilliant mathematician who recognizes Nick s potential What Prof Halligan doesn t know is that Nick has to invent time travel so that when he s older he can come visit his teenage self in the late 1980s and, in so doing, save Mia, the girl he thinks he loves and has a future with.But there are several major problems with this scenario Worst 1 Nick has no idea how the mathematics of time travel might work, especially when you throw in the time paradoxes he s experiencing, and 2 Mia has dumped Nick Other significant problems include the hazing that Nick is undergoing at Cambridge, the weird instances where he seems to perceive time fragmenting to create multiple potential futures, the fact that he s met another girl, Helen, who he s very much attracted t...

  5. preoccupiedbybooks says:

    What a wild ride Limited Wish was full of adventure, mystery and adrenaline Limited Wish hooked me in hard and fast from the very first page, in fact I think I even enjoyed it than its predecessor, One Word Kill, which I also loved Nick s story continued, and not content with battling cancer, and being a maths genius, he also started Cambridge University at the tender age of 16 That s not even the strangest thing that happened This book took me on a whirlwind adventure, involving time travel, paradoxes, creepy villains, like seriously that train scene creases in the fabric of time, and the possible destruction of the universe Oh is that all you say My heart was racing throughout the whole of this book, I was on constant alert, with the shocking twists and revelations My head did nearly explode with all of the maths and science, but it was done really well so that even non geniuses like me could follow and understand Although, I often felt like this, Limited Wish still had the great feel that the first book had, centred around Nick and his friends, and they still played D D I loved the friendships, and the love and support they had...

  6. Bradley says:

    A perfectly awesome time travel tale served up on a platter of fun DD mirroring, future knowledge angst, time ghosts, paradox, and mathematical hijinx that does than skirt the edges of a heist novel.Again.But don t worry While this may have a lot of the same elements of the first book in broad strokes, the story ramps up with some rather awesome snags that aren t just romantic And even the other kinds of encounter mirroring is fully explained in the recesses of the paradox Very cool stuff, well thought out, delightfully fast read.And it is fully taking advantage of our recent loves of Stranger Thi...

  7. Adam says:

    Limited Wish, book two of the Impossible Times trilogy, is a highly enjoyable and heady sci fi adventure with heavy emotional beats Although this book takes a bit longer than One Word Kill to have its full scope be revealed, the mind bending paths that we re being led through becomes a twisty and challenging puzzle that deepens as the story progresses Exploring the implications of the characters actions and their ripple effects through various timelines is as impressive as it is complex Yet Lawrence does an admirable job interpreting these rule breaking time travel theories and making them quite clear for the reader to follow The book itself is a paradox in a sense, as it is simultaneously a light and heavy read Romance, role playing games, and challenges at school help to shape Nick s coming of age tale, yet it also asks the reader to contemplate advanced mathematics and physics theories, time loops, paradoxes, universal energies, and the potential existence destroying possibilities that stem from it all Although Lawrence outlines some of the bigger concepts in as clear a way as possible, I still recommend spending a bit of extra time to think about and absorb each new fold before continuing Like any good book, you get out of it as much as you put in, and I found myself pausing and doing a bit of extra research to consider some new angles of where the story might be headed And if any book makes me want to...

  8. ☽¸¸.I am¸¸.•*¨ The ¸¸.•*¨*Phoenix¨*•♫♪ ☾ says:

    I want to thank NetGalley for sending me and advanced digital copy of this book.In this second chapter to the Impossible Times trilogy, we follow the characters of the previous book going through math, paradoxes and nerdiness The plot unfolds from where the first one had stopped, answering many questions but also asking for I was pleasantly surprised by this book, and by this whole series in general Although I don t necessary like new young adult books, I love a good sci fi trilogy, especially when it has a good amount of scientific lingo The dd part is just a bonus I don t want to give up too much about this one, as it would spoil the first book but I love the writing style and the story line, even though I still think there is some potential that has not been completely developed in this series I wonder how is the third book going to continue the story, since this one seemed pretty much the e...

  9. Micperk says:

    I m pretty sure Mark Lawrence wrote these books just to let us know that he has figured out time traveling or is very close to doing so I was nervous coming into this book because I loved the first book so much I was worried this one might not live up to it I m glad to say that my fear was unfounded and this book was a great installment The story picks up pretty much right where the other one left off, within a couple of pages I found myself drawn back into this world and eating up the pages It introduces a couple of new characters which were well written and great additions, I hated one of the bullies in this book with everything in me The story does a good job of keeping the magic of the previous book but also feeling unique from it at the same time The pacing wasn t as strong as the first book for me but it was in no way a hindrance to the story The theories behind time travel and paradoxes also felt a little harder to wrap my mind around in this one, I did manage to follow the explanations in the end though so I would consider it of a personal problem than any problem with the writing If anything it should be praise to the writing that it made me understand it at all The ending was very well written and had me glued to the pages In the same format as the prev...

  10. Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum m loving the quick release schedule for these books, because it meant I was able to jump right into Limited Wish almost immediately after finishing One Word Kill and I was definitely looking forward to continuing the story of Nick Hayes and his friends Following the events of book one, our protagonist has beaten his diagnosis of cancer and is now enrolled in the prestigious Mathematics program at Cambridge, following in his brilliant late father s footsteps It is 1986 and Nick is looking forward to beginning a new chapter in his life as a university student, but still he maintains close ties to his mother and his group of DD friends at home Of course, things haven t exactly been the same between them any, not since their brush with time travel, and considering what they ve all been through, that s not too surprising.As it turns out though, Nick s adventures are far from over At school, he meets a fellow student who seems strangely familiar, though he s pretty sure he s never seen her before Comprehension dawns as he realizes that his past shenanigans must have caused several disruptions through time, and now life as he k...