Seven Footprints to Satan

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  • Seven Footprints to Satan
  • A. Merritt
  • 14 March 2019

About the Author: A. Merritt

Abraham Grace Merritt, wrote under the name of A Merritt, born in New Jersey, moved as a child to Philadelphia, Pa in 1894, began studying law and than switched to journalism Later a very popular writer, starting in 1919, of the teens, twenties and thirties, horror and fantasy, genres King of the purple prose, most famous, The Moon Pool, a south seas, lost island civilization, hidden undergrou

Seven Footprints to SatanThis EBook Edition Of Seven Footprints To Satan Has Been Formatted To The Highest Digital Standards And Adjusted For Readability On All Devices.James Kirkham Is A Fearless Explorer, Who Came Back To New York From A Very Profitable Trip In China He Gets Kidnapped Off The Streets Of Downtown Manhattan By The Minions Of A Crime Lord And Evil Genius Who Calls Himself Satan Kirkham Finds Himself In Satan S Lair With Many Other Famous People Trapped Or Blackmailed By Satan, And Forced To Play A Game Of Seven Footprints Kirkham Winds Up A Bond Servant To Satan, And Is Compelled To Commit Various Fantastic Crimes While In His Service.

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10 thoughts on “Seven Footprints to Satan

  1. Henry Avila says:

    They found Satan in the suburbs of New York City, Long Island, to be exact You reply on the street, that s not news, the Devil manipulates the Stock Market, again, give me something I haven t heard before Lucifer has a vast treasure trove, looted, the biggest in history, in his massive, secluded, mansion, on the north shore, you yawn and walk away Jim Kirkham is back from China, where the adventurer, had a very profitable trip, stealing finding jade, in a Tomb , and selling them to a fat cat, in Gotham, who to show his goodness, donated them to a museum, how noble But Mr.Kirkham, unwisely invested all his profits, so difficult to obtain, almost losing his life, numerous times, on the New York Stock Market The man still has a few dollars, in his pocket, over fifty bucks And the awareness that someone or thing, has been following him, for weeks, maybe just shadows on the wall A creepy feeling though, James is not a coward, he deliberately goes on the streets of the city Bumps into a man with a familiar face, his own, on 5th Avenue, heading to Kirkham s club Must be a lot of guys that look lik...

  2. Sandy says:

    Readers of Abraham Merritt s first four novels The Moon Pool, The Metal Monster, The Face in the Abyss and The Ship of Ishtar may feel a little surprised as they get into his fifth, Seven Footprints to Satan Whereas those earlier fantasy masterpieces featured exotic locales such as the Pacific islands, the Himalayas and Peru extravagant purple prose, dense with hyperadjectival descriptions and living light creatures, metallic sentient cubes, a lost semireptilian race and battling gods, Footprints takes place, for the most part, in good ol New York City and its suburbs, and tells an almost realistic tale of kidnapping and crime in direct, almost blunt prose Indeed, although Footprints first appeared in Argosy magazine in 1927, and in book form the following year, it almost reads as if it had come from the pages of one of the crime pulps, such as Black Mask or Crack Detective Stories In this fast moving tale, we meet James Kirkham, an adventurer explorer and, with a name like that, future candidate for Star Fleet Academy who is kidnapped off the streets of downtown Manhattan by the minions of Satan, a crime lord supervillain evil genius Kirkham is forced to play a game in Satan s lair, duri...

  3. Dfordoom says:

    This is part horror, part adventure and part crime novel A bit like a combination of Fu Manchu and Indiana Jones But a much much less racist version of Fu Manchu It involves an intrepid explorer who finds himself ensnared by a diabolical criminal mastermind who calls himself Satan The seven footprints of the title are a wonderful idea they re the footsteps of the infant Buddha, some of which were turned to evil, and they form the centrepiece of a cruel but ingenious game by which Satan s victims can escape his clutches, or become his servants forever There s to the idea than my brief summary would indicate, and I think it s a delightfully clever idea The book combines suspense and romance, and ...

  4. Derek says:

    Merritt is all about the spectacle Every single story climaxes around some magnificent set piece and then obliterates itself in cataclysm, usually with the hero and heroine love interest barely escaping the conflagration And usually well before that the hero is forced to be witness to some other over the top elaborate set piece spectacle.Which is weird, in this case, because the best part is not the final conflagration but in the tense, quiet introduction as Kirkham is delicately captured and brought to Satan This is not by force or guile though Kirkham pointedly asks why he didn t just receive a badly needed job offer instead but by a combination of careful planning, impersonation, and manipulation of witnesses A later jewel heist works similarly and even impressively the wrap up explains why his strange instructions worked and were absolutely perfect.But Merritt, apparently, couldn t keep this Mission Impossible stuff up, which is a real shame He reve...

  5. Leothefox says:

    The second round with A Merritt presents some interesting parallels It s the story of an explorer who is kidnapped to a massive estate by a villain called Satan who controls powerful people by forcing them to gamble with him in a sort of a weird gameshow Our hero tries to bide his time and pretend to go along with Satan s plan while becoming obsessed with a woman who aided in his kidnapping It s like the 60s The Saint movie The Fiction Makers crossed with The Running Man film, not book , with heavy doses of Howard s Skullface , and Rohmer s Fu Manchu It s a 1920s product, relying on different notions of honor, courage, etc Coincidence is a major factor, too These are factors that tend to make for a period throwaway, but Merritt s style and imagination sustain it On a side note, I love the old pulp stuff better than anything, but what the hell was with writers in the 20s and over selling character s accents In The Blind Spot the book almost stopped dead because a Scotch character showed up with long blocks of apostrophe filled dialogue, Merritt s earlier The Moon Pool did something similar with a bombastically Irish character, and now here in Seven Footprints to Satan we have Barker, ...

  6. Johnny says:

    Originally published in 1928, Seven Footprints to Satan one ups the standard pulp formula of a world famous explorer who recovered a valuable artifacts with great dollops of wit and courage, only to find that her his success provided a springboard into something dangerous and mysterious That dangerous and mysterious situation usually involves a criminal mastermind with massive resources in terms of both wealth and minions combined with some scientific or supernatural power that enables the criminal mastermind to prosecute his her nefarious schemes with virtual impunity But what if that criminal mastermind was the ultimate criminal mastermind, Satan No, this isn t a Church Lady routine from the old Saturday Night Live skits The ultimate bad guy presented in Seven Footprints to Satan is presented as Satan.Protagonist James Kirkham is abducted against his will from the center of Manhattan and discovers both the tremendous power and innate cruelty of this ultimate bad guy such that, late in the book, he observes, And, if Satan was not what he pretended, very surely he was not disgracing the power whose name he had taken p 118 When Satan protests that the old religious metaphors of hell and brimstone were outdated, Kirkham responds with a call back to the temptation of Christ Yet still, as of old, you tak...

  7. Иван Величков says:

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  8. Alice says:

    I love Merritt s scenery chewing histrionics His books are like popcorn for my brain Junk food, but healthier junk food.


    review of A Merritt s Seven Footprints to Satan by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE August 3, 2017 I have a vague memory of reading Merritt s name in association w H P Lovecraft s That may be completely false I ve never found Lovecraft very interesting so, apparently, if I ran across that association it didn t do much to compel me to read Merritt As such, this is the 1st bk I ve read by him I reckon that if I d been alive been a literate adult read it in 1928 when it was 1st published I might ve just found it ridiculous pop garbage However, 89 yrs later, I found it quite enjoyable maybe b c I like all the pulp trappings that it excels in exploring The 1st p proclaims Over 5,000,000 Copies of A Merritt s Books Sold In Avon Editions That s impressive I wonder if Merritt got any of the money or if the publishers managed to screw him I think of all the big budget movies that ve been made from Philip K Dick bks I think about his reputedly being so poor that he had to resort to eating dog food when he was alive According to Wikipedia, Merritt was highly pd so I can t point an accusatory finger at publishers for this one The clock was striking eight as I walked out of the doors of the Discoverers Club and stood for a moment looking down lower Fifth Avenue As I paused, I felt with full forc...

  10. Ignacio Senao f says:

    Alguien llamado Sat n, con mucho peso y esclavos Se ayudo del enga o haciendo creer que es tal quien dice Intimida a nuestro protagonista quien nos narra c mo es manipulado para que robe unas joyas A l no le enga a y sabe que no es el diablo, pero s que tiene a quien quiere