Just A Wager: Just A Wager

      Just A Wager: Just A Wager
 ↠ Ebook By ↠ Mysty McPartland southern africa – johndore.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • Just A Wager: Just A Wager
  • Mysty McPartland
  • 01 December 2018

About the Author: Mysty McPartland

I live on a sixty five acre property two hours from Perth Western Australia, with my husband Stephen we have a few cows, sheep and plenty of kangaroos We have four children my son Jayde, and daughters Tamara, Kyrsty and Bradie and also five grandchildren so far.The serenity of our property makes it a great place to write No sirens, no traffic and no neighbours Just the birds and the breeze in the trees.Love travelling and seeing different cultures and the history of annother country and we try to at least go travelling once a year At the moment I have the opportunity to live in Penang for a year.A Dangerous woman is the first of my books to be published by solsticepublishing My second book is My Mountain My Woman and the third is Drive Me Mad Shortly my serious The Mathews Men will be released the first of the serious being Dane The Payment and Lucifer s Kitten will be released as well Would love to have your feed back about my books and please feel free to join my fan page on facebook.

      Just A Wager: Just A Wager
Just A Wager Furious after overhearing her cousins discussing a wager involving a certain man, Shelby plans to teach them both a lesson She would play along with the game, but in the end, she would come out the winner What she never took into account was the earl s sensuality or her own attraction to him Worse, she couldn t prevent her heart becoming involved In a night of drunkenness, Courtland foolishly agrees to a dare his friend puts to him, what he never expected was that he would fall under the spell of the most beguiling woman he had ever laid eyes on He needed to remind himself he was only seeing her because of the wager he made instead of how much he wanted to bed her. Download Just A Wager: Just A Wager – johndore.co.uk

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