Marvel Rising

[Ebook] ↠ Marvel Rising Author Devin Grayson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 168 pages
  • Marvel Rising
  • Devin Grayson
  • 08 January 2018

About the Author: Devin Grayson

Devin Kalile Grayson birth name Jennifer Eisenman is an American writer of comic books and novels Titles that she has written include Gotham Knights, The Titans, the Vertigo series USER, and Nightwing Her work on Gotham Knights made her the first, and as of 2010 the only, woman to serve as the regular writer for a Batman title.

Marvel RisingCollects Marvel Rising , Marvel Rising Alpha , Marvel Rising Squirrel Girl Ms Marvel , Marvel Rising Ms Marvel Squirrel Girl , Marvel Rising Omega Squirrel Girl Meets Ms Marvel For The Very First Time When Doreen Green Volunteers As Head Counselor For An Extracurricular Computer Programming Class, Little Does She Know Junior Counselor Kamala Khan Also Moonlights As A Crimefighting Super Hero But This Coding Configuration Is Than Just Ones And Zeros When A Mysterious New Super Villain Shows Her Face Ember Quade Can Bring Video Games To Life And That Just Raised The Stakes To A Whole New Level Can Doreen And Kamala Save The Day Without Blowing Their Secret Identities Join Ms Marvel And Squirrel Girl And A Few Special Guests As They Learn What It Truly Takes To Become The Next Generation Of Marvel Heroes

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10 thoughts on “Marvel Rising

  1. Diz says:

    I m a fan of Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel, so I was excited when this title was announced Unfortunately, this wasn t very good The creators change from issue to issue, so the writing and the art vary in quality depending on who is involved It s just a bit jarring to have so many changes in one volume Also, the villain that they are fighting isn t that interesting, and in ...

  2. Rod Brown says:

    Who would have thought the first meeting of Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel would be so very, very bland I guess that s what you get from one of these corporate comic books by committee with three writers and four artists It s easy to...

  3. Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads) says:

    Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel team up with special guests America Chavez and Inferno to save an Inhuman struggling with her new powers This is definitely geared toward younger readers but it s still an entertaining story overall probably so for me be...

  4. SzaraReadsComics says:

    It was a really enjoyable read As it is with crossovers, not all characters were written perfectly in character all the time but the main heroes, Doreen and Kamala, were a great team up to read about I had lots of fun especially since the main plot was co...

  5. Bogi Takács says:

    This crossover is for people like me who enjoy both Ms Marvel Kamala Khan and Squirrel Girl I liked it, but I thought it could have been better Really appreciated the G Willow Wilson and Ryan North chapters, which are not at the beginning, so you might want to keep on reading even if you think the beginning is meh The plot is the really overdone people get stuck in a video game, but this time written partially by people who understand about video games and software development, so that added a fresh perspective.Erica Henderson draws Squirrel Girl so differently from anyone else, and honestly I prefer her version, so this book was a bit frustrating in that sense It s as if everyone else was afraid of drawing thighs Squirrel Girl has muscles, people I felt sad about the antagonist, I hope we ll see her again Also, yay for postmodern superpowers D Overall, I think this book is worth a read if you like either of the main series...

  6. Veronica says:

    CUTE CUTE CUTE The girls in STEM team up you ve been waiting for Not enough Nancy tho Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl must work together, using their knowledge of computer science as well as their superpowers, to fight a villain who makes videogames come to life, while attempting to conceal their secret identities from each other despite the fact that Kamala ...

  7. Kaitlin says:

    Very cute, but the plot gets a little redundant The characters are hilarious and some of my favorites pop up here It s a little misleading because everyone on the cover art is not in the story, though.

  8. Hugo says:

    Strong themes somewhat diluted by a VR conceit which robs the climax of vitality and believability, and the story only really comes alive when North and Wilson write their signature characters Read as single issues.

  9. McKinlay Dennis says:

    Would really like to see from this crew

  10. Becky B says:

    Doreen Green is a college computer science student volunteering to teach an after school computer class for high schoolers She s also secretly superhero Squirrel Girl Kamala s grades have been struggling thanks to her secret life as Ms Marvel so she s taking the class to boost her GPA There s another girl in the class with Kamala named Ember Ember was turned into an inhuman in an accident and she doesn t feel like anyone understands her except someone she met online She has powers that can take items out of video games Ember doesn t really understand how her powers work or how to control them, when she gets upset things just happen Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel keep having to make sudden appearances to take care of these objects that seem to be from video games, can they solve the mystery of where the things are coming from Yeah A Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel team up is so very fun I love both of their comics, and have gotten several students hooked on them as well I like that Ryan North and G Willow Wilson were able to help write this so the voices of their characters remain true to who they are in their own story arcs Doreen is a fantastic mentor, it d be nice to see her influence and positive attitude rub off on Kamala who has been strugglin...