[PDF] ↠ DE ANIMA  Author Joe Costanzo –
  • Paperback
  • 234 pages
  • Joe Costanzo
  • English
  • 11 July 2017

About the Author: Joe Costanzo

Joe Giuseppe Costanzo was born in Pedivigliano in the mountains of Calabria in Southern Italy, a town not unlike the fictional Roccamonti in his novel RESTORATION Both of his grandfathers were so called birds of passage who frequently traveled back and forth between Italy and America and were the inspiration for his novel THE GRAND JUNCTION A veteran newspaper reporter, Joe covered some of

DE ANIMA When Jumpin Jack, The Jackrabbit Mascot At Gennesaret Christian College Goes Missing And A Note Bearing An Enigmatic L Is Left At His Cage, Suspicions Immediately Focus On The Philosophy Class Of Professor Edward Stathakis Citing Aristotle S Treatise De Anima On The Soul During One Of His Lectures, The Professor Had Tacked An L Onto The End Of The Word Anima To Stimulate A Socratic Dialogue Among His Students On The Question Of Whether Animals Have Souls But Edward Soon Discovers That His Simple Academic Exercise Has Inflamed Imaginations And Deep Seated Passions That Threaten To Upend His Life And The Lives Of His Students Caught Up In A Whirlwind Of Investigations, Revelations And A Tragic Death, The Professor Is Forced To Examine His Own Philosophy Of The Meaning Of Life, Animal As Well As Human.

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12 thoughts on “DE ANIMA

  1. Pamela N. says:

    This is a good book for people who received a classic college education especially if it included Latin It s not especially campy, for those who did not go to college, but one can smell the ivy blocks away De Anima l is a mystery written in the third person, with clearly defined characters, and based around the effect a philosophy professor has on a student Wishful thinking The chapters average about four pages, which is long enough to get a full concept or short episode, and not so short as to mimic a sitcom The story is not exactly riveting or compelling, but it is interesting I would say this book reminds me of The Name of the Rose lite okay, extra lite.

  2. James says:

    I found this book provided a good starting point for a philosophical debate over animal rights, and whether animals and humans have souls.Joe Costanzo is an established newspaper reporter and I found that it showed in the writing style, occasionally focused on the facts of the scene rather than the emotion Overall it was an interesting book that provided the reader with some great food for thought on the philosophical level, but not so much on the mystery and plot.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  3. David says:

    As a retired collage professor I found this book very interesting Individuals interested in animal rights or philosophy should find this a very interesting book But it also should be interesting to anyone.

  4. Lindsey says:

    I wasn t sure if I would like this book, but it was quite good A few parts could use an edit, but I m a bit picky about that.