Trident Security Field Manual

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 161 pages
  • Trident Security Field Manual
  • Samantha A. Cole
  • 04 November 2017

About the Author: Samantha A. Cole


Trident Security Field Manual The Trident Security Field Manual Standard Operating Procedures For FNGs F Cking New Guys And Anyone Else Who Wants To Read It Is A Fun Compilation Of Extras For Fans Of The TS Series And Its Spinoffs Fans Will Get An Extended Who S Who Of Trident Security And The Covenant, Character Profiles From The Original TS Series And The Doms Of The Covenant Series, A QA Session With Characters From The TS Series, The TS Omega Team Series, And The Doms Of The Convenant Series, And Exclusive Short Stories Four Of Which Had Been Previously Published, But No Longer Available, On Samantha A Cole S Website, Plus A Never Before Released Short Story Featuring Fan Favorites Jenn Mullins And Doug Henderson To Wrap Things Up, Family Trees For The Sexy Six Pack Are Included

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10 thoughts on “Trident Security Field Manual

  1. Debbie Hanson says:

    Trident Security Field Manual Vol 1Samantha A Cole This is THE BEST It is the ultimate, who s who of Trident Security and partners, making it so much easier to navigate what is fast becoming a crazy hot company Because there is no story per stay, it is facts and figures of the ones we have fallen in love with over the years.The questions and answers was hands down the best and funniest part of the whole book Getting down and dirty with questions asked by Samantha s own Sexy Six Pack Facebook group It was a very entertaining read.The bonus stories were excellent too Although I ve read the, all previously but they were as hot and steamy second time round I m still hanging for Jenn and Doug s Story, it s gonna be as funny as it will be drama.Well done S Cole, you have once again stunned and sucked us back into Trident world.

  2. Rhonda says:

    If you re a fan of Samantha Cole and her Trident Security series, this is a must have You get the facts on all the characters which helps when reading the stories they are in The question and answer section is just awesome and some parts are funny as all get out Samantha also included the short stories for some of the characters so her readers can see what is going on in their lives One short story will be setting up a future book and I can wait to read that one I highly recommend this Field Manual

  3. Ruth Kabeche says:

    OMG.yummmmmm.I could totally leave it there, but I will be nice and won t I absolutely LOVED this I am so happy Samantha thought of this idea and ran with it The Trident series is awesome and this addition makes it even better It was great to have all the characters summed up and on one list so that you can remember all the amazing characters and their stories It was such a trip down memory lane I will even confess, I may have gone and re read the series after reading this.There is a really cute QA with the characters which is just so amazing You get great inside to the characters, that you normally don t see from authors The questions are great and the responses are even better The additional short stories Samantha has written about the characters are also included, and we get a great new glimpse at Dan and Jen s future story so can t wait Definitely a must read, but make sure to have read the entire series beforehand, if not there will be WAY too many spoilers.

  4. Nikki Brooks says:

    Brilliant little gem for keeping the Sexy Six Pack and their friends family and of course T Carter in order With little nuggets of info over the boys favourite ice cream, etc and a collection of little stories which give a little behind the curtain information to the books in the series.Questions from readers are answered by the author and some of the characters there is a load of good fun to be had I would definitely read this after reading the stories so you don t blow the surprise but it is also a great add on for those of us who have read the books and need to keep things fresh in the memory There is even a map to help me keep what building is where in the old mind Now waiting on tenterhooks for Jenn and Doug s story I m just wondering if they can get a HEA before her uncles break Doug s legs

  5. Anne Donaldson says:

    This is a companion to Samantha Cole s Trident Security books, but if you happen upon it without having read those, it should tempt you to start For those of us who are avid TS followers addicts , it is an absolute gem of a book It has a history of the group and the club details on the characters a brilliant QA section Ian will have to learn to stop swearing five short stories that are not in the books two with my favorites Jake and Nick , one of which hasn t been seen before and features Doug and Jenn yes, at last But no, not together yet and family trees useful when the series is growing as it is It s exactly what it claims to be a field manual and it s one you ll want to have for reference.

  6. Kasey Stuckey says:

    So let me just say that I freaking love the TS series and everyone in it This field manual is all I could have asked for except for Jenn and Doug s full story , which hopefully we will get at a later date , I love that we see all the guys and girls snark and playfulness come out in the QA segment in this and the short stories where we get to see an extended HEA made my heart happy for those couples If your a fan of this series , although ok not sure how your couldn t be , then your going to want to catch up with the guy and ladies and see what s been happening since we last saw them

  7. Rosemary says:

    A must have book for any reader who loves the books by Samantha A Cole I wish authors that write Series books would publish a book like this that gives info and background on all the characters in all the books he she has written I enjoy reading Samantha s books but sometimes come across a character that was in a previous book and I find myself trying to remember what I should already know This book allows me to enjoy each new book and still immediately look up everything about a character so I can proceed with enjoying the storyline.I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest and totally voluntary review.

  8. Kirsty Adams - Kindle Freak Book Blog says:

    As an addict of the Trident Security series, the characters feel like family to me The idea to bring together family trees and in depth who s who, a laugh out loud qa session and a few short tantalising stories, is beyond brilliance and it proved to be a very entertaining read It certainly got the clogs working in my forgetful brain, with the character history and connections If you are new to this series, this will wet your appetite to jump into books as the short stories included will make you want to find out about this brilliant cast of characters and their stories Highly recommend

  9. Nicki - The Overflowing Bookcase says:

    The perfect way to make sure you have not missing anything in each of the interconnected series With family trees a hilarious Q A, as well as the breakdown of who is who, character by character and story by story An additional section of book shorts that take the reader on small but powerful journeys is the icing on the cake One book that will put everything in their place and aid anyone who is new to the collections A definite must have for all those things Trident and Covenant related with all of the spin offs.

  10. Wendy Hodges says:

    This a must for any fans of the Trident series, it contains a fun Q A of some of the characters that has you chuckling while reading A few short stories starring a few fav characters and of course the who s who of all of them Plus to top it off the family trees This helps you keep check on who everyone is and how they fit in with Trident and the Covenant, I really enjoyed not just reading the Q A and short stories but being reminded why I love the books from the main series and the tag on s Well worth having and keeping.