Death by Discount

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  • 238 pages
  • Death by Discount
  • Mary Vermillion
  • 13 December 2017

About the Author: Mary Vermillion

Novelist Mary Vermillion and her husband, Benjamin Thiel, just finished writing a dual memoir about his gender transition Mary is the author of three lesbian mystery novels all set in Iowa and all featuring the plucky and neurotic radio personality, Mara Gilgannon, and her winsome BGF, Vince Loyacano Mary s third novel, Seminal Murder, available May 10, features a murder in a sperm bank, and exp

Death by DiscountPDF Death By Discount Mary Vermillion Nothing Short Of Murder Is Going To Drag Headstrong Mara Gilgannon Back To Her Dinky Hometown So Murder It Is, As She Finds Herself In Aldoburg, Iowa, Unravelling Clues Surrounding The Death Of Her Aunt, A Radio Personality The Town Is Sharply Divided Over Walmart, And Mara Suspects That Her Aunt S Staunch Opposition To The Store S Opening May Have Triggered Her Murder No One Heeds Mara S Suspicions Not Her Parents Not The Police Chief, Who Stole Mara S High School Girlfriend And Not The Beautiful Rookie Cop, Who Is Driving Mara All Kinds Of Crazy So Mara Herself Must Find The Killer And Finish Her Aunt S Battle Against The Discount Giant, All While Wrestling With The Vagaries Of Her Own Heart.

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10 thoughts on “Death by Discount

  1. Laina says:

    My rating 4 out of 5I really enjoyed this book Despite the age difference between myself and Mara, the main character, I felt that I could relate to her very well Perhaps it s being from the midwest that we have in common, but I d like to think it s than that Mara is a strong willed person who is going through a tough time but she has the ability to be as hard as nails when she needs to be I cared about her, all of the characters, really, and enjoyed the ride as she worked through the clues like a champ And Vince is very much the gay best friend I wish I had Mary does a great job of weaving humor into the story The sarcastic humor plus wonderfully written dialogue really makes the characters pop right off the page I haven t read many books that explore hate crimes or the prejudices against gays, in fact this might be my first one, but I appreciated the realistic tension Mary included in the book Recently Iowa has proved that, as a whole, it s open to homosexuality, but that hasn t always been the case in small town Iowa I like that the novel creates tension between homosexual and heterosexual characters, but that...

  2. Molly Patterson says:

    Delightful Reminds me a bit of Ellen Hart Unfortunately, I book two is still in a box somewhere after the move I m actively looking for it and forward to it.

  3. Megan says:

    Our protagonist sets out from her home in a large Midwestern city to her smaller home town, where one of her relatives has been murdered at the family owned radio station Sound familiar It should if you have read Jean Erhardt s Small Town Trouble Except for the names, the basic plot is the same as is the attempt at humor A version of Erhardt s book was vanity published in 2000 several years before Vermillion s Yet I choose to think of these similarities as just wild coincidence I have read and reviewed Small Town Trouble and found it wanting I expect Vermillion would have, too.Not that Death by Discount is much better Mara, our hero, drives to Aldoburg, Iowa, to comfort her aunt Zee, whose lover of many decades Gladys has been murdered on the eve of an important vote to decide whether the small town will allow a Walmart to invade their precinct Did the murder have to do with Walmart which the murdered woman was strongly opposed to or was it committed by someone who simply hated her lesbianism of which Gladys...

  4. Deborah says:

    A murder mystery with a group of realistic midwestern characters, including a lesbian protagonist Entertaining and scary, the story is woven through with facts about the details of Walmart s corporate domination, as well as issues around small...

  5. Carroll says:

    This was an enjoyable, fast read.

  6. Šári says:

    I read the first half of the first chapter thr day the book arrived but I swallowed the rest whole within one day A real page turner I simply couldn t go to bed without knowing whodunnit Besides that, it felt like being back in Iowa again, remembering the occasional Wal Mart trips, its low prices and often low quality goods The debate in the gym really got me hooked and thinking about big shops and how it s both good and bad to have them in town And how the bigger the chain is, the lousier it...

  7. Valerie says:

    Full disclosure I m friends with the author But regardless, I enjoyed this mystery, especially for its setting in rural Iowa, where I m also from Vermillion did an excellent job capturing the good and bad of a claus...

  8. Charles says:

    At the highest level, this murder mystery follows one of the standard whodunit formulas A woman Glad is murdered in a small Iowa town Aldoburg and there are many suspects, largely because there is no strong evidence against any particular person A young man is arrested, but the evidence against him is so weak that it is clearly a case of a hapless small town cop feeling the need to do something Few in the town really believe that the young man did it, so it is a case where the lack of evidence forces the heroine Mara Gilgannon to consider all possibilities.There are two other major plot lines in the book Aldoburg is currently in the throes of a major debate over a plan for a new Wal Mart being built on the edge of town There are those who believe that the new store will be an economic savior and there are others convinced that it will destroy the local businesses that have operated for generations Glad and her domestic partner Zee operated the local radio station, and have been forcefully arguing against the new store The arguments are passionate on both sides, with many long term friendships at risk, so it certainly could provide the motivation for the murder Vermillion has certainly done a great deal of research into the issues co...

  9. Dan says:

    A book about someone who is murdered in connection to opposing a Wal Mart coming to town That s what I thought this book was about In a way, it is It is also a an anti corporate treatise which I expected and kind of wanted and sexual orientation discrimination issue book as well One or the other of these issues would have been fine For me, the problem with having both was that the book became of an issue book than a mystery I am willing to read both types of books, but I read each type on p...

  10. Mary Vermillion says:

    This is the ebook version of my first mystery novel I hope it provides you with a fun way to learn about Walmart s impact on smalltown America and beyond.