Slothantula (A B-Movie Novel Book 2)

★ Slothantula (A B-Movie Novel Book 2)  PDF / Epub ✪ Author Essel Pratt –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 124 pages
  • Slothantula (A B-Movie Novel Book 2)
  • Essel Pratt
  • 17 November 2018

About the Author: Essel Pratt EsselPratt

Slothantula (A B-Movie Novel Book 2) Eight Legged Deadly Sin A Season After Sharkantula Devastated Shark World, The Park Reopens With A New Feature Attraction S Arrival, A Feisty Sloth As Peyton And Stephanie Help Trey, The Newest Park Staff Member, Prep The Sloth For Its Release In The Forest Exhibit Alongside The Existing Female Sloth, The Genetically Modified Tarantula That Created The Sharkantula Pays A Visit While The New Sloth Gains Comfort In Its Surroundings, The Gates Open To Thousands Of Visitors Anxious To Check Out The Dolphantula Show And Get A Peek At The Majestic Animals However, Not Everyone Is Excited As A Group Of Bible Thumping Activists Have Devious Plans In Mind As The Day Progresses, The Day S Extreme Heat Casts Its Toll On The Visitors And Forces The Park S Closure, Leaving A Small Number Of Park Staff To Close The Place Down, Unaware That The Activists Have Remained Behind To Kill The Dolphantulas All Are Oblivious Of The New Beast That Lurks In The Shadows, The SLOTHANTULA

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