Girls Like Us

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  • Hardcover
  • 276 pages
  • Girls Like Us
  • Cristina Alger
  • English
  • 10 September 2017
  • 9780525535805

About the Author: Cristina Alger

Girls Like Us From The Celebrated And Bestselling Author Of The Banker S Wife, Worlds Collide When An FBI Agent Investigates A String Of Grisly Murders On Long Island That Raises The Impossible Question What Happens When The Primary Suspect Is Your Father FBI Agent Nell Flynn Hasn T Been Home In Ten Years Nell And Her Father, Homicide Detective Martin Flynn, Have Never Had Much Of A Relationship And Suffolk County Will Always Be Awash In Memories Of Her Mother, Marisol, Who Was Brutally Murdered When Nell Was Just Seven.When Martin Flynn Dies In A Motorcycle Accident, Nell Returns To The House She Grew Up In So That She Can Spread Her Father S Ashes And Close His Estate At The Behest Of Her Father S Partner, Detective Lee Davis, Nell Becomes Involved In An Investigation Into The Murders Of Two Young Women In Suffolk County The Further Nell Digs, The Likely It Seems To Her That Her Father Should Be The Prime Suspect And That His Friends On The Police Force Are Covering His Tracks Plagued By Doubts About Her Mother S Murder And Her Own Role In Exonerating Her Father In That Case Nell Can T Help But Ask Questions About Who Killed Ria Ruiz And Adriana Marques And Why But She May Not Like The Answers She Finds Not Just About Those She Loves, But About Herself.

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10 thoughts on “Girls Like Us

  1. Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Four I m hooked from the first page, gripping, fast paced, making me skip lunch and five tea times I already lost 3 pounds, so it works better than Keto Diet and turning pages nonstop to learn how it ends stars The plot FBI agent Nell Flynn returns back to her childhood for his estranged police officer father s sudden death from motorcycle accident She finds herself involve into the investigation of grisly murders of young girls and search of a serial killer.The story progression As soon as she starts digging about murders, she finds out her father might have involved She found his offshore bank account, an apartment lease for a young Latina girl, one of the victim s cell phone and photos of victims at her father s place Considering his father s anger management issues and alcoholism, barely raising her alone because of her mother s violent murder, increase the suspicions over him The characters Nell acts like rough, introvert, loner, a typical tomboy But she s smart She can catch the subtleties efficiently She acts nonchalant, but she s emotional, hurt, shaken and she needs to make peace with her past to move on This book keeps your attention alert, pumping adrenaline, endorphin into your veins, makes you feel like you finished a marathon, sweaty, breathless, smelling But you finally realized all the pieces of puzzle have found the right places so you may get a proper and peaceful sleep One part about one of my favorite character broke my part Maybe I shouldn t connect them so easily It always makes me feel like I get the news that one of my best TV series is canceled As the most mature reaction, I start to cry and scream WHHYYYY So what happens in fiction world should stay in fiction world, right As a summary I like it a lot Better than most crime thrillers with satisfying ending and smartly story development If you keen on this genre, it s a great finished at one sit book for you.

  2. BernLuvsBooks (Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas) says:

    4.5 5 A string of grisly murders on Long Island, a serial killer and a BAU profiler with doubts that her father might be the killer I was ALL IN for this book I mean, it sounds like it could be an episode of my fave show Criminal Minds How could I not read it This book totally lived up to my expectations If you enjoy mystery thrillers pick this one up it will not disappoint The book was twisty, tension filled and mysterious, the writing was excellent and the main character was a strong, courageous bad a female Nell Flynn hasn t seen her father in 10 years when she is forced to return home following his death Nell s shaky relationship with her father is about to get even rockier as she is pulled in to a local investigation of a young undocumented latina sex worker that is suspected to be the work of a serial killer Nell quickly realizes that her old hometown might be harboring deadly secrets and there are few, if any, people she can trust including her own father.Girls Like Us kept me on the edge of my seat, furiously turning the pages I loved that there were so many strong females in positions of power who weren t afraid to do what had to be done in the face of men who were trying to keep them subservient I also appreciated that these women were duty bound and determined to uncover what happened to these young women and saw them as girls like us despite the hometown boy consensus that these undocumented, latina sex workers were less than and not worthy of a full blown, intensive investigation Nell and her FBI crew were definitely the kind of people you want to see in law enforcement and I m hoping we might see of them in the future Hint, hint Cristina Alger Huge thank you to Cristina Alger, Putnam Books and Edelweiss for an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review Obviously, I loved it

  3. Berit☀️✨ says:

    Cristina Alger has a new fan This was a compulsive dark and gritty ride Nell has returned home to spread her fathersashes, after being gone for 10 years Nell is a FBI agent who works in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, amd is currently on injury leave after being shot Nell thought she was just going to stay home long enough to settle her dad s estate, but she soon finds herself in the middle of a serial murder investigation An investigation that will expose corruption and reveal secrets that could possibly destroy those close to Nell, including her father s Legacy The story drug me down a dark and twisty road with Nell who would stop at nothing to find the truth Nell was one strong relentless Bad b tch I love her obsession with justice and the truth I appreciated how hard she fought for these girls even though others thought they were worthless The title of this book is so appropriate This was a book filled with strong, smart, and spirited women GIRLS LIKE US An absolute must read for all crime thriller fans An intricate intriguing story full of well developed characters and a multi layered Mystery The perfect summer read Big thanks to GP Putnam for my gifted copy

  4. Lindsay - Traveling Sister says:

    4.5 stars Loved the characters Loved the atmosphere Loved the storyline Twelve years after moving away, FBI agent Nell Flynn, returns to her small seaside hometown to handle closing her father s estate Nell s mother was murdered when Nell was a child and since then, she and her father, a police detective, had a rocky relationship When Nell was old enough to be on her own, she left her hometown and never looked back Now that she is back in her childhood town following her father s death, old memories return and she is drawn to looking into some unanswered questions about her past Shortly after her arrival, a dead body is found and Nell finds herself helping the local police investigate Could the body be connected to one of her father s old cases These characters were fantastic I ADORED Nell She was such a strong yet vulnerable character who I was rooting for from start to finish Each character carried an air of mystery which kept me curious to see how things would play out The atmosphere was thick and engrossing throughout this thrilling and edgy storyline which had me flipping the pages as quickly as possible I really enjoyed the writing the pace and flow of the story was excellent I look forward to reading from this author Thank you to Edelweiss for providing me with an ARC to read and review Girls Like Us is available now

  5. marilyn says:

    Nell Flynn is an FBI agent who hasn t been home in ten years Now she is back because her police detective dad had died in a motorcycle accident and she needs to scatter his ashes and deal with his home, will, and then leave Suffolk County behind forever Her hometown really doesn t have good memories for her since her mom was murdered in their home when she was seven, and her distant, prone to anger dad, didn t make growing up a pleasant experience Nell is happiest living out of a suitcase, on the road all the time, investigating cases on her own, working all the time People are not her thing, work is what she loves and does and working is when she feels the most comfortable The young partner of Nell s dad, Lee Davis, asks her to collaborate on a grisly murder investigation of two young sex workers and there are signs that their murders could be the work of a serial killer It s clear to Nell that law enforcement in Suffolk County is corrupt and several people on the police force could be involved in crimes that include murder In fact, the Nell learns, the she wonders if her dad could have killed her mother all those years ago and might have killed the young sex workers Nell realizes there are few people she can trust and that even her life may be in danger This is a very grim, gritty, story and I enjoyed a lot but there is very little happiness to be found in Nell s life and the book I wouldn t mind reading about Nell s work and future if there is ever a sequel She is one no nonsense woman who has no time for fluff in her life Thank you G.P Putnam s Sons Penguin Publishing Group and Edelweiss for this ARC.

  6. Sandy says:

    It should have been so simple FBI agent Nell Flynn hasn t seen her father in 10 years when she gets news he died in a motorcycle accident All she has to do is return to Long Island, scatter his ashes put the house up for sale Poor Nell she has no idea her visit will make her rethink everything she thought she knew about about her family friends.Nell is on medical leave due to events around her last case Being back in her childhood home lifts the lid on a lot of memories that s amplified when her father s colleagues begin to drop by Martin Flynn was a cop these men were his brothers in blue Nell s mother died young she s known most of them since she was a kid Among them is Lee Davis, an old school friend her dad s last partner And he has a favour to ask The body of a young woman has just been found The MO is not only disturbing but eerily reminiscent of a case her father was working on when he died Lee is well aware Nell works with the Behavioural Analysis Unit wants her to visit the crime scene to see if she has any insight to share That should have been the end of it But Nell s innate curiosity need for answers kicks in soon she s spending time investigating than dealing with her father s estate Picking away at the dead woman s life leads her to information that turns her world upside down As she hunts for a suspect, witness statements other evidence keep pointing to the same person.her father.There are many threads in this book it s better you go in without any hints from me An intricate plot well developed characters combine for a thought provoking read with plenty of surprises I read this author s previous work The Banker s Wife found this slower with darker tones I enjoyed The story is just as much about Nell s past as it is about the present There are long passages interspersed throughout that reveal various vignettes from her childhood They help us understand her relationship with her parents why Nell left when she was 18 But I did find this frustrating at times as it slowed the pace any building tension was snuffed each time the current story line was interrupted They inform the present to some extent but fewer of them would pack the same punch even out the book s flow It would also provide space for the ending The pace picks up at warp speed with many elements wrapped up at once but instead of being there while it all went down, we re only told about them after the fact.But what these passages did very well is illuminate how our memories are influenced by time circumstances Things you remember from childhood can take on a different spin when revisited as an adult Experience gives us the tools to see angles like Nell, you might be left wondering what was real I really liked Nell She s smart, confident fearless She may have had a rocky past with her father but he s still her Dad She s a daughter who doesn t want to acknowledge where the clues lead but she s also an FBI agent who can t ignore evidence It s one thing to not really like your father, quite another to accept the possibility he s a killer Either way, Nell decides she has to know her desire for the truth ends up changing the lives of everyone involved If this is the start of a series, I d gladly tag along on her next adventure.

  7. Chris says:

    Girls Like Us is something special A beautiful, deeply textured novel and a poignant, surprising mystery I loved it, every chapter and every word I m going to be thinking about it as a reader, a father, and a storyteller for a long, long time.

  8. Lisa says:

    A dramatic and tension filled crime thriller with a delightfully strong and courageous female protagonist.SUMMARYFBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn t been home for ten years It s a place she had no desire to see again Her mother had been brutally murdered there when she was only seven She and her father never had a particularly close relationship And now her father, a thirty year homicide police officer, is killed in a motorcycle accident She returns to Suffolk County on Long Island, New York to scatter his ashes and sell his house While she is there, her father s partner, Lee Davis asks Nell for help on the investigation of the murders of two young Hispanic women It s the case her father was working on when he died As Nell investigates, she discovers that her father had all the traits they were looking for in the murder suspect He was tall, left handed and drove a red truck His truck had might even had been seen sitting outside one of the victims house just before she disappeared Could his friends on the police force be covering his tracks Did her father perhaps kill himself over his guilt or was something else going on here REVIEWGIRLS LIKE US is a irresistible crime thriller with a strong, vulnerable and relatable protagonist Nell s courage and persistence drives the plot of this dramatic story I was hooked when Nell climbs on board Glenn Dorsey s fishing boat with a cooler of Guinness and an urn The plot is tightly woven and packed full of tension and mystery Suffolk County on Long Island seems like the perfect setting for this gray novel My favorite part of the novel was Nell s character, particularly her objectivity and need for answers I loved how the story is told from her perspective While I didn t like the frequency of Nell s flash backs to her childhood, I did appreciate how they greatly informed the backstory of her relationship with her father In a sense this is a story about how our past, our childhood, make us who we are today If you like crime mysteries you have to put this one on your reading list Author Cristina Alger is a lifelong New Yorker She graduated from Harvard University and NYU Law School She worked as a financial analyst and a corporate attorney before becoming a writer Her third novel The Banker s Wife 2018 was a USA Today bestseller and was one of my favorite books of 2018 Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Publisher G P Putnams s SonsPublished July 2, 2019Review

  9. Julie (JuJu) says:

    I d really like to give this book 3.5 s It was mysterious and twisty enough to keep me intrigued to the end, and the writing was excellent, so I m rounding up to 4 s.My previous read was focused around memories This book didn t focus on memories quite as much, but they certainly played their part Are they always reliable Can we tell ourselves something enough times, it becomes real to us The author threw out so many threads that lead in so many different directions, I wasn t sure where to focus my attention I was kept guessing to the end While Nell and her father went on a camping trip when she was seven, her mother stayed home She was brutally murdered, so Nell was raised by her father Marty was a cop with the local PD, in the homicide division, but they were never very close She grew up around his PD coworker s and they were like her family Dorsey, was even Nell s godfather Nell herself became an FBI agent in the BAU, after leaving home.She returns to her home in Long Island after her father is killed in a tragic motorcycle accident, to attend his funeral and take care of his estate Just a quick trip and she s out of there Then a murder victim is found and she s asked to consult on the case by Lee Her father s previous partner and another local that Nell grew up with Her father had a case the previous summer that he never closed Similar profile She begins to suspect the local PD of corruption Even her deceased father isn t above her suspicion It turns out that her father had secrets that could link him to the murder But was he capable of murder Even though they weren t close, it s hard to imagine the man that raised her being responsible for murder And if the local PD is corrupt, she can t share her suspicions with them.Excerpts So many puzzle pieces, none of which seem to fit The white board looks like a spider s web, connecting Suffolk County s richest residents to its poorest Between the investigation and being in her childhood home, memories of her own mother s murder begin to bubble to the surface She was so young She was never sure about what happened that night Her dad had a fierce temper, but could he have killed his own wifeand her mother I love trying new authors and Cristina Alger is one I ll read again Thank you to Edelweiss, G.P Putnam s Sons and Cristina Alger, for this ARC, in exchange for my honest review My Rating 4 sPublished July 2nd 2019 by G.P Putnam s SonsPages 288Recommend Yes

  10. Norma * Traveling Sister says:

    3.5 Stars rounded down An easy breezy, entertaining and quick read GIRLS LIKE US by CHRISTINA ALGER was an interesting premise with a fabulous and strong female character that mildly held my interest throughout I was immediately intrigued and thoroughly enjoyed the mystery but felt like I was never fully engaged though I was a little disappointed with the way a few things played out in the end which lowered my rating to 3 stars.I enjoyed it just didn t love it as much as I would have liked It was a much loved book by quite a few other Traveling Friends though so please don t let my rating review deter you from picking this one up.Thank you so much to Edelweiss, G.P Putnam s Sons and Cristina Alger for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy of this book.