Gypsy Grace

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  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • Gypsy Grace
  • Joan Bannan
  • 15 March 2018
  • 9781733348317

About the Author: Joan Bannan

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Gypsy Grace Would You Marry The Father Of The Man You Love Arranged Marriages And Parental Dominion Were Deeply Established In Grace S Irish Travelers Heritage While Betrothed To Collen, Grace Accepted Her Ancestor S Traditions, But Hoped Her Future With Him Would Allow Her To Be A Writer, A Voice Of Encouragement In The World Then Collen Died As Her Friendship Grew With Collen S Younger Brother Zane, Everyone Expected A New Arrangement Was In The Works There Was Grace And Her Sister Were Shocked To Overhear Their Father Promise Grace To Zane S Widower FatherGrace Was Destined To Live As Zane S Father S Wife In The Same House With Zane Or, She Could Choose To Abandon Her Family To Start A New LifeThis Is A Story About Love, Loyalty, Murder, And Betrayal

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13 thoughts on “Gypsy Grace

  1. Kkfryer says:

    Wholesome, Enjoyable Read of an Escape from Cult LifeWhen you belong to a cult, your values can be skewed Grace, for instance, is a young woman in the highly patriarchal and rather insulated Irish Travelers cult, where the father determines the lives of all family members When Grace is first promised in marriage by her father to a boy her age whom she doesn t love, she readily agrees When her fianc dies, however, she s not only promised to a much older man, but to the father of another young man she s come to love It s then that Grace truly begins to question her way of life Grace dreams of running away and pursuing her dream of becoming a writer, and she s surprised when her mother not only agrees with her, but arranges a way for Grace and her younger sister to escape her father s plans Grace and her sister are sent to live with a distant cousin During this journey from her familiar way of life to one where she must navigate her own way amidst the dangers of modern times, Grace must rely on herself than ever before And she discovers in the process what her values really are and how to stand up for them The myriad of vivid, very likable characters in this book make this an enjoyable read Grace s wry humor and her faith in God see her through the trials she and her younger sister must face throughout the book robbery, bad dates, spousal abuse, date rape, drug use, subsistence minimum wage jobs, etc Grace becomes a strong, independent woman, one capable not only of facing these trials head on, but also coming to terms with her cult background and forging a new relationship with the family she left behind.

  2. jennifer says:

    This is the best of this author s writing It kept me up til 2am this morning

  3. Joan Bannan says:

    Would you like to delve into the world of a little known secretive society I first heard about the Irish Travelers in an episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent circa 2002 When I wrote the Treasure of Granzella Ranch, I researched what little there was to learn about this clan, whom outsiders often call gypsies Readers may remember infant Johnny, who was handed to a Granzella Ranch neighbor by his Irish Traveler mother.In Gypsy Grace, I used my imagination to create a story around this intriguing community Treasure fans will recognize several of Johnny s family members in this tale.When Grace Devlin feels forced to make a decision to leave her family, her mother supports her and sends Grace s sister, Uny, away too The decision catapults them outwardly into adventures inwardly to emotional and spiritual growth.