Psychology of Gambling

[Read] ➲ Psychology of Gambling By Jon Halliday –
  • Hardcover
  • 310 pages
  • Psychology of Gambling
  • Jon Halliday
  • English
  • 21 April 2018
  • 9780060904180

About the Author: Jon Halliday

Jon Halliday is an Irish historian specialising in modern Asia and was a former Senior Visiting Research Fellow at King s College London.Halliday authored a biography of filmmaker Douglas Sirk and has written and edited seven other books He and his wife, Jung Chang, live in Notting Hill, West London Together they researched and wrote the biography of Mao Zedong, Mao the Unknown Story which rece

Psychology of GamblingThe Psychology Of Gambling University Of Cambridge Gambling Is A Thriving Form Of Entertainment In The UK, But May Also Become A Form Of Addiction For Some Individuals Just Why Do People Gamble When The House Always Wins Advances In Brain Imaging Techniques Are Helping Cambridge Scientists Find Out Psychology Of Gambling Why Do People Gamble Psychology Of Gambling The Common Misperception The Above Reasons For Gambling All Tie Into This Most People Think About Gambling As A Low Risk, High Yield Proposition In Reality, It S The Opposite A High Risk, Low Yield Situation The Odds Always Favor The House Despite That, The Thought And Excitement Of Hitting A Casino Jackpot Are Often Too Alluring Regardless Of Its Probability The Psychology Of Gambling Psychology Today Protect Yourself From Emotional Contagion Whether It S Joy Or Anger, We Re Wired To Catch And Spread Emotions Here S How To Inoculate Ourselves Against Negative Ones Psychology Of Gambling Online Casinos Canada The Gambling Can Either Have Taken Place In A Land Casino, A Slot Gaming Center Or Even By Buying A Lottery Ticket Out Of All The Provinces, Ontario Has The Largest Percentage Of Players At % The Province With The Least Gamblers Is Quebec, At % Psychology Of Gambling Why Do People GambleGambling Has Been Around For Thousands Of Years, And At One Point In Time We Do Ask Ourselves These Questions Why Do People Gamble When A Lot Of People Constantly Lose Their Money , What Motivates Us To GambleandPsychology Of Gambling Get Gambling Facts Gambling PsychologyWhat You Need To Know Many People Gamble Without Giving It Much Thought Or Do They Psychology Is Actually Involved From The Start I Feel Lucky Maybe I Ll Go Play To Finish I Don T Want To Quit When I M Down Maybe I Ll Just Play A Little Longer Psychology Of Gambling Gambling Risk Informed Nova Scotia GRINS Is A Not For Profit Organization Based In Nova Scotia Canada We Have An All Volunteer Board Of Community Members Who Care Deeply About The Health And Safety Of Our Communities Psychology Of Gambling Review Paper APS The APS Is Dedicated To Advancing The Discipline And Profession Of Psychology For The Benefit Of Members And The Communities They Serve We Aim To Increase The Impact Of Psychology On Public Policy For The Benefit Of All Sectors Of The Community And Be Responsive To Community Needs And Advocate For Community WellbeingPsychological Reasons Gambling Is So Addictive Gambling Has Become One Of The Most Popular Pastimes For People Today Whether It S Betting On Your Favourite Football Team, Playing The Slot Machine At A Local Casino, Or Pulling The Trigger In A Risky Round Of Russian Roulette, Gambling Never Seems To Lose Its Appeal

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7 thoughts on “Psychology of Gambling

  1. Ffranzz says:

    I found this little book in a flea market, and bought it for less than a US dollar The introductory essay which comprises the first hundred pages is endearingly awkward in its phrasing The rest of the book consists of a series of essays, one of them by non other than Freud, though he never quite leaves the map, as practically all the other authors use him as an irreplaceable foundation to their own theories.What a bunch of weird shit I don t even mean that as an insult, since the words anus, excrement and masturbation and all their possible variations are present throughout the book Now that s something I wasn t expecting AT ALL But before reading this, I was kinda a complete ignoramus on Freud, so I guess that was my bad Still, it was a really weird experience reading all these papers and their completely serious elaborations on how chronic gamblers share all a pathology with the infamous anal phase from their childhoods and underlying desires to either kill their fathers or be loved...