Ağaçtaki Kız

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 360 pages
  • Ağaçtaki Kız
  • Şebnem İşigüzel
  • English
  • 13 August 2019

About the Author: Şebnem İşigüzel

1973 y l nda do du stanbul niversitesinde antropoloji okudu lk kitab Hanene Ay Do acak 1993 y l nda yay mland Ayn y l Yunus Nadi yk d l ne de er bulundu Sonra s ras yla yk m Kim Anlatacak yk , 1994 , Eski Dostum Kertenkele roman, 1996 , a rl kl olarak Radikal kide yay mlanan yaz lar n toplad Ne eli Kad nlar Aras nda deneme, 2000 , Sarma k roman, 2002 , pl k roman,

 Ağaçtaki KızFrom An Award Winning Turkish Novelist Comes A Powerful English Language Debut About A Girl S Coming Of Age Amid Violent Unrest And Her Unexpected EscapeA Young Woman Climbs The Tallest Tree In Istanbul S Centuries Old G Lhane Park, Determined To Live Out The Rest Of Her Days There Perched In An Abandoned Stork S Nest In A Sanctuary Of Branches And Leaves, She Tries To Make Sense Of The Rising Tide Of Violence In The World Below Torn Between The Desire To Forget All That Has Happened And The Need To Remember, Her Story, And The Stories Of Those Around Her, Begins To UnfoldThen, Unexpectedly, Comes A Soul Mate With A Shared Destiny A Lonely Boy Working At A Nearby Hotel Looks Up And Falls In Love The Two Share Stories Of The Fates Of Their Families, Of A Changing City, And Of Their Political Awakenings In The Gezi Park Protests Together, They Navigate Their Histories Of Love And Loss, Set Against A Backdrop Of Societal Tension Leading Up To The Tragic Bombing That Marked A Turn In Turkey S Democracy And Sent A Young Girl Fleeing Into The TreesNarrated By One Of The Most Unforgettable Characters In Contemporary Fiction As Full Of Audacious Humor And Irony As She Is Of Rage And Grief This Unsparing And Poetic Novel Of Political Madness, Precarious Dreams, And The Will To Survive Brilliantly Captures A Girl S Road To Defiance In A World Turned Upside Down, In Which It Is Only From The Treetops That She Can Find A Grip On Reality And The Promise Of Hope

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10 thoughts on “ Ağaçtaki Kız

  1. Amalia Gavea says:

    Some of us die before the story ends, some of us die long after the story has ended, and some of us die right at the very start Istanbul, 2015 A girl has finally had enough of the society she lives in, her highly dysfunctional family, her troubled mother s pain, a school that doesn t understand anything beyond forcing tyranny down the students throats After an act of violence that costs the lives of teenage students who were protesting for peace and equality, our heroine decides to rebel Disillusioned and with the possibility of death in her thoughts, she climbs a tree in G lhane Park with the intention to stay there until the end Whatever endThis is one of the most moving, thought provoking novels you ll ever read People are nothing than the accumulated stories of others ig zel has created one of the most memorable young protagonists in recent Literature A girl that knows what she wants even though she claims the opposite, firmly faithful to her ideals, with a clear, pragmatic view of the world and how it should be, a lover of Literature and writing, a rebel in heart and spirit, a thinker trying to find a way out The writer weaves a story for adults and young readers through a vivid combination of true events that shook Europe and the reality of the teenagers of the world who share the same dreams and insecurities The difference is that many teenagers experience the results of being governed by a tyranny, however covert it may be In The Girl In The Tree, it is anything but How can I dress up the pain of a hurt heart The girl comes face to face with troubles ranging from seemingly unimportant problems to serious domestic issues The death of her favourite singer is the trigger that brings her anger and frustration to the surface ig zel makes excellent use of modern pop culture and connects it to literary references to fairytales and myths, to Austen, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Proust, as Literature is the great love of our protagonist and the only source of light in her life The writer provides an extremely accurate commentary on writing, focusing on its redemptive qualities Our heroine shares excellent remarks on what today s audience likes to read, on how quality is slowly disappearing, unseen in the crowd of naked front covers and YA mass marketing that fills the young heads with utter rubbish The young woman stands between the Scylla and Charybdis, censorship and narrow minded teachers that serve a dictatorship Young love and a glimpse of a better life struggle for fulfillment When there is no freedom, no law to protect women s rights, a discussion of politics is unavoidable but you won t read a political commentary from me A tyrant is a mirror of his society and that is all I am going to say on this matter I admired the writer s honesty and bravery on extremely sensitive issues such as the Gezi Park protest, the Kurdish war, the Armenian Genocide, and the 1955 Istanbul pogrom when Greeks, Armenians, and Jews were once persecuted, violated and massacred One time when my people fell victims of the barbarian mobThis is the voice of a highly intelligent, educated, spirited girl Raw and poetic, this is a novel that deserves to find itself among the finest reads of 2020 I wonder if the dead can see us I mean, when the people we love depart from this world, do they come back sometimes, watching us as we go through this adventure we call life Many thanks to Crossing and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.My reviews can also be found on

  2. Ace says:

    I struggled to get with the flow of this narrator, she is all over the shop I think it is supposed to be representative of the fact that she herself has lost the plot or lost all hope I m intrigued to read from this author but this one didn t speak to me at all It is possible that I am a woman on the ground rather than a girl in the trees, so we were never going to connect anyway.With thanks to Crossing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book TheGirlInTheTree NetGalley

  3. Moonkiszt says:

    The Girl in the TreeI am so glad I stayed with this book through the very last line it took my breath away The narrator pulls no punches, doesn t spare you a bit of her free associating, with no filter in place Her heart, hurts and hopelessness hang out there for all to read.making for uncomfortable moments in reading than I usually tolerate That said, it was compelling in places that pushed me impatiently to the tale s conclusion Growing up is hard in the best of circumstances, in the best of times Growing up when everything you love is a spent target that s excruciating Enough to make a girl climb a tree and stay there.This is a bright, shiny read 5 bright, shiny tears for a girl you won t forget When you next walk under spreading trees I suspect you ll look up with a interested eye.wait.is that a stork s nest A sincere thanks to Sebnem Isiguzel, Crossing and NetGalley for an e ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  4. Moony MeowPoff says:

    At first, i liked it i really liked the raw, heartbreaking and a bit jumpy style of writing I wanted to give the main character a hug But after 50%, i tried to hold on, i tried really tried to like it But the jumpy style was tiring and confusing and all the different people that came and went, made it hard Plus the main character was so miserable in one moment and so in love and pink skies and unicorn in the next It was just tiredsome So i decided to DNF a 69%, i just had to stop.

  5. Janet says:

    I received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do From an award winning Turkish novelist comes a powerful English language debut about a girl s coming of age amid violent unrest and her unexpected escape.A young woman climbs the tallest tree in Istanbul s centuries old G lhane Park, determined to live out the rest of her days there Perched in an abandoned stork s nest in a sanctuary of branches and leaves, she tries to make sense of the rising tide of violence in the world below Torn between the desire to forget all that has happened and the need to remember, her story, and the stories of those around her, begins to unfold.Then, unexpectedly, comes a soul mate with a shared destiny A lonely boy working at a nearby hotel looks up and falls in love The two share stories of the fates of their families, of a changing city, and of their political awakenings in the Gezi Park protests Together, they navigate their histories of love and loss, set against a backdrop of societal tension leading up to the tragic bombing that marked a turn in Turkey s democracy and sent a young girl fleeing into the trees.Narrated by one of the most unforgettable characters in contemporary fiction as full of audacious humor and irony as she is of rage and grief this unsparing and poetic novel of political madness, precarious dreams, and the will to survive brilliantly captures a girl s road to defiance in a world turned upside down, in which it is only from the treetops that she can find a grip on reality and the promise of hope.Wow, this is not a beach read or a random book to pick up and read for fun it is serious, highbrow literature I enjoyed it to a certain degree, but it was a little too much for me at times I read to enjoy or learn something important to me I am not saying that the book is not well written it is expertly crafted but it just didn t float my personal boat I stopped reading it as a librarian, if I do not learn something new or get engaged in the characters I do not finish the book as there are too many good ones out there to read and perhaps review.Many people did enjoy it, so perhaps you might I am giving it one for it being a good book for some people and a second for the fact that it was expertly translated Some books are not good once translated into English but this one was.

  6. Mel Tinsley says:

    The Girl in the Tree is by far the most breath taking book I have read in 2019.I dont remember the last time I wept start to finish, but if you beed a good tear jerker, or just a mood boost, please pick this one up.The author writes so poetically, and paints such a clear picture that you love the entire cast of characters even with their flaws This is a book I will want on my shelf to have on hand for gifts.5 stars, wish I could give it 6

  7. Simon Fennex says:

    E ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Let me just start by saying how beautiful this cover is I think is very important to invest in having a good looking book That will definitely help with making it successful.Anyway, the story was very compelling and I like how over descriptive some scenes or places were.The characters were excellently flashed out and I found them very likeable.I thoroughly enjoy this and would recommend

  8. Anjedah / bookriot_awesomeyou says:

    Thank you netgalley for providing me this book This book is by an award winning Turkish author and this book is very well crafted This is very serious book I cried a lot since begging to end Author describes everything with great effort This is my first Turkish translated book in English which I am reading This book is all about women and how they faced there lifes problem and the author describe her life through these womens life story.This book is for literature fan and only for those who love too read very touching stories.

  9. Magda Fourie Brink says:

    I have found it difficult to relate to the narrator main character The book was difficult to read There were parts of it that made sense than others In priciple it could have been a brilliant book but it was unstructured and although I understand it was the thought process of the narrator it was just too much to keep me really invested.

  10. Jayasri KS says:

    E ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book is my first experience in reading a Turkish literature translation And I should say that I had a good experience in reading this book.The narrator of this book was a girl who thought that she could live in a tree The narrator introduces herself as The Girl in the Tree to the readers as she doesn t want to use her name.This girl believes that the world is made up of stories and we all are other people s stories She narrates her life through the stories of other people in her life First few chapters of the book were confusing But the story picks up its pace after a few chapters.As I am not a native Turkish speaker, I hope that the translation did its justice to the original book The book is full of dynamic women who face life in their own style The women of this book are enigmatic and inspiring.The writing style was immaculate which is an added bonus Also, I like the way the story progresses and ends.I do have a few things bothering about this book.Why does a girl have to live in a tree Is there no other way to escape from reality What did she learn from the stories of other women in her life The character development is absent or I couldn t sense it.The girl in the tree is distracted, confused, ingrate and repeating the things again and again and again After a point of time, I can t cope with her.The beginning of the book is vague and confusing.Apart from these, this book is a pretty good read which has a lot of women and talks about the importance of mental health At last, I fell in love with this book which is unexpected I love this book because it is challenging to read I learned many new words I also got an insight into Turkish culture a little though.My Recommendation I would recommend this book for a hardcore literature fan or to the people who like to read challenging books.My Rating Character development 3 5Plot development 3 5Quality of writing 5 5Pace of the story 3.5 5Thought Provoking 4 5Overall 3.5 5