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  • Paperback
  • 162 pages
  • Karin
  • Yuna Kagesaki
  • English
  • 27 August 2019
  • 9781598163254

About the Author: Yuna Kagesaki

Kagesaki Yuna is a manga artist, born on March 3, 1973 , best known for being the author of the manga Chibi Vampire Her work has been published under four different names Yuna Kagesaki Kagesaki Yuna professionally published non pornographic comics, except for Sakura no Ichiban , Yuna Kagezaki Kagezaki Yuna same characters but different readings only in Taish Komachi Jikench Sakura no Ichiban Y na Kagesaki Kagesaki Y na spelled with different kanji when drawing CG s for PC games, and Yuta Kageyama Kageyama Yuta when drawing hentai manga or HCG s for PC games.Her real name is presumedly Keya, as she calls herself in the bonus comic strips at the end of volume 3 of her work Hekikai no AiON In middle school she was a member of the brass band.

KarinDownload Karin By Yuna Kagesaki Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Karin Is A Cute Little Girl Who Also Happens To Be A Vampire With A Twist Once A Month, She Experiences Intense Bleeding From Her Nose We Re Talking Gushers In Other Words, She S A Vamp With Blood To Spare, So Rather Than Stealing Blood From Humans She Actually Gives Her Blood To Them If Done Right, This Can Be An Extremely Positive Experience That Benefits The Victim As Much As The Vamp The Problem Is That Karin Never Seems To Do Things Right

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10 thoughts on “Karin

  1. Yoyomaus Die B├╝chereule says:

    Zum Inhalt Karins Leben als Vampir l uft etwas anders als erwartet Sie muss einmal im Monat jemanden bei en, allerdings nicht um Blut zu saugen, sondern um es abzugeben Denn ihr K rper bildet zu viel davon Als dann Kenta in ihre Klasse kommt wird alles noch viel schlimmer, denn in seiner Gegenwart produziert ihr K rper noch viel mehr Blut Was nun Cover Passend zu den anderen Covern der Reihe pr sentiert sich auch das vierte Cover in einem schlichten Wei Hier zu sehen sind Karin und ihr lterer Bruder Ren, der sie scheinbar piesackt, was ihr jedoch stark missf llt Es ist passend und hat einen Wiedererkennungswert Au erdem deutet es darauf hin, dass die beiden wohl weiterhin ein Problem miteinander haben, wie bereits im dritten Band.Eigener Eindruck Um zu verhindern, dass ihr Bruder Ren Kentas Mutter bei t, weil er so stark auf deren Stress im Blut reagiert, beschlie t Karin Kentas Mutter vor ihm zu bei en, um ihr eine neue Portion Gl ck zu verschaffen Daf r spart sie sich ihren monatlichen Biss f r den richtigen Moment auf Doch es kommt, wie es kommen muss, durch Kenta bekommt sie wieder Nasenbluten und bricht zusammen Dank ihrer Schwester Anju wird Ren daran gehindert Kentas Mutter zu bei en, denn pl tzlich taucht ihr Vater auf und liest ihrem Bruder die Leviten Und dann ist da noch das Problem in der Schule, denn alle M dchen bedr ngen Karin, ob sie denn nun mit Kenta zu...

  2. Christina says:

    This manga continues right as the one previous left off which means the cohesiveness between the two was superb I also appreciated that it feels so much like the anime with its hilarity and artstyle but also has dramatic moments at the same time I also appreciate that there are bonus stories embedded within the mangas tha...

  3. Samantha says:

    O irm o da Karin muito maaal Pelo o que eu entendi dos volumes seguintes, ele sempre foi meio que assim, mas poxa, considera o zero pela irm mais nova dele.De resto, s queria deixar aqui registrado, se n o deixei em nenhuma resenha anterior, que amo as capas desse mang , elas s o muito fofas.

  4. Sakura M Payne says:

    FanI like how this take on Ren was different Don t get me wrong, I like the who buy thing and it made a lot sense to his aversion of men but I liked Hinata Can t wait for the next volume So far I am pleased with the series.

  5. Juie says:


  6. Ashley Kempkes says:

    2.5I used to have this series as a kid it is misogynistic and weird tbh but _ _

  7. Krista Ivy says:

    Karin s in love with Kenta, but not willing to admit it to herself Plus, her brother needs to be deterred from Kenta s mum.

  8. Greta is Erikasbuddy says:

    This volume was definately better than the last but remember how I mentioned that Karin s boobs have like grown into bowling balls Well, her boss like totally latched onto those puppes and told her to keep up the good work with her big beautiful boobies.Ummm yeah while that was odd that just proves my point I think I can t be the only one that notices that I mean they re gonna poke my eye out while reading hahahs So, in this volume Karin and Kenta seem to be getting that teenage confusion syndrome when two people dig one another but they don t want to admit it.Also, We get to follow Ren around who s still after Kenta s mom and omg he s called a sexual predator I m not sure if that s a translation mistake or if they are really wanting to get him on To CAtch a PRedator but ewwgles They needs to tames that down.In my opinion this serie...

  9. Andrew Swanson says:

    Karin is trying desperately to save Fumio san from Ren, but when she becomes overwhelmed with blood, she blacks out and attacks Usui kun instead Pulling away at the last second, she has a nosebleed instead and loses all her excess blood So embarrassing Now how will she save Kenta s mom Tensions run high in this volume, but it all gets largely resolved by the end Karin also ends the book admitting to herself how she feels about Kenta, after explainin...

  10. Stacey says:

    I really like the push and pull between Karin s vampire family and her felling for humans Seeing what was expected of Ren and what will be expected of Anju really shows how different Karin is and how difficult it must be for her Also, having her finally figu...