Hot Desert Nights: Mistress to a Sheikh + Desert Rake + Blackmailed by the Sheikh

[Epub] ➢ Hot Desert Nights: Mistress to a Sheikh + Desert Rake + Blackmailed by the Sheikh ➣ Lucy Monroe –
  • Paperback
  • 376 pages
  • Hot Desert Nights: Mistress to a Sheikh + Desert Rake + Blackmailed by the Sheikh
  • Lucy Monroe
  • English
  • 01 January 2019
  • 9780373837212

About the Author: Lucy Monroe

Award winning author Lucy Monroe had her first book published in September 2003 Since then she has sold than 70 books to four publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England She writes sexy category romance for Harlequin Presents including her own ongoing mini series, The Royal Brides If you prefer a longer book, but want to keep it steamy, try her Mercenary trilogy or

Hot Desert Nights: Mistress to a Sheikh + Desert Rake + Blackmailed by the SheikhMistress To A Sheikh, Desert Rake Blackmailed By The SheikhJade Sacrifices Nearly Everything To Succumb To The Sensuous Pleasures Of Wealthy Sheikh Khalil Only To Realize She S Simply Another Notch In His Well Worn Bedpost But Jade Can Be Sneakier Than Forty Thieves When It Means Getting What She Wants Despite The Paroxysms Of Panic From Her In Laws, Wealthy Widow Lady Morvall Sets Off To Traverse The Middle East Alone That Is, Until She Succumbs To A Feverish Affair With Andrew Fenton, An Enigmatic LibertineKarim, The Heir Apparent To The Throne Of Zafsid, A Small But Wealthy State, Is Convinced English Teacher Prue Smith Is Responsible For His Sister S Disappearance Despite His Unexpected Attraction To Her, Karim Will Do Whatever Is Necessary To Protect His Familyeven If It Means Blackmailing Prue And Abducting Her Back To Zafsid

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10 thoughts on “Hot Desert Nights: Mistress to a Sheikh + Desert Rake + Blackmailed by the Sheikh

  1. Kaycee ❤️ says:

    Mistress To A Sheikh My feelings about this book was conflicted I mean, I liked it I did like the intensity with this story, but there s something about it that I don t get Or maybe I just don t like the way Khalid treated Jade And as a woman, it really offended me on her behalf Yes, actions speaks louder than words, but sometimes we still need the words So I guess, those drama was really unnecessary Oh well, I still enjoyed the book though.

  2. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    I finished the Lucy Monroe story, Mistress to a Sheikh first, encouraged to read it because it is related to Hired The Sheikh s Secretary Mistress, which I started first It reads like a word to the wise about living together before marriage It was good, but a bit angsty for me There was a lot of emotional uncertainty in that relationship, but all s well that ends well I think that Khalil really didn t show the respect for Jade that she deserved He was selfish and wanted her so took her as his live in girlfriend, knowing that this would make her unacceptable to his family His excuse was he was living the now, and he knew he wanted Jade permenantly But if that was the case, he should have done things the right way, and introduced her right off as his fiance and beloved Jade put up with it far too long, and things didn t change until her behavior altered suddenly, and Khalil got a wakeup call It really offended me on Jade s behalf She loved and wanted him, so she thought that made it okay, but deep down, she wanted the acceptance of his family and a real relationship Khalil never even said that he loved her, and he thought that his actions showed this Women need the words, dude Maybe that would have made the difference So this story had angst that was unnecessary IMHO.Desert Rake was the first story that I ve read by Louise Allen I really enjoyed it She is a good writer with authentic historical detail and an exciting story Her characters are vividly written and three dimensional I love stories set in exotic locations, with lots of adventure, and this one has that It s set in 1817 and features a widow who decides to follow through on the plans made with her deceased husband to travel to Turkey She had a happy marriage and misses the intimacy of making love Although she thinks about taking a lover, she wouldn t have done it, had she not met Drew Fenton The chemistry between the pair is immediate and culminates in a blazing encounter that ends with disappointment when Drew refuses to take Caroline on a journey into the interior He doesn t let her down in a nice way, but gives her the impression that he doesn t think much of women other than being good sexual companions Caroline has fallen in love and gotten her heart broken, but decides she will continue her travels without Drew s accompaniment The good thing is that she does take lessons to make sure she is ready to travel to a dangerous area When they reunite, it doesn t take very long before they are declaring their love and facing a future together It was a short and sweet story Louise Allen is a good writer, and I am glad that I have several of her novels in my to be read pile.The Kim Lawrence story, Blackmailed by a Sheikh was up my alley It was my favorite in this collection Prudence wasn t a doormat She met Karim head on and although he did seduce her, he was going to act honoroably towards her I liked that Prudence told his father the King that she had seduced him because she couldn t resist him This was after she saved the King s life by taking a knife wound for him That s my kind of heroine I liked that Prudence was self sufficient and had healthy self esteem, although she did consider herself spinsterish She had made sacrifices for her bother so he could get to college And Karim called her brother Ian who is a math nerd and on the self absorbed side, on his selfishness and lack of care for his sister This was early on when they had a adversarial relationship, mind you This story was enjoyable and had humor, even though there was serious issues in the background since Karim s father had heart surgery and he had lost his mother to breast cancer so was protective about his younger sister I liked that Karim was willing to be honest about his feelings, and to claim his woman in a manner that showed he admired her and found her worthy despite the bedouin seduction What can I say I m an old fogie in some ways Kim Lawrence is a dependable Harlequin Presents author I am surprised at how much she accomplishes in this short story She really doesn t disappoint.All in all this was a really good collection I would have given it five stars but I didn t really like the unnecessary angst in the Lucy Monroe story.

  3. Riz says:

    2.75 Stars

  4. Jasbell76 says:

    I only read the story by Lucy Monroe I will give it 3.5 stars.

  5. Jenn - Reviews says:

    With all the stories in this book it is a 5 Star read Mitress To A Sheikh is a different take on the Sheikh stories and very enjoyable.Desert Rake is a historical set in Anatolia I usually don t go for the historicals but enjoyed this one.Blackmailed by The Sheikh is also a really good read.

  6. Luzia Bielefeld *BookWhore BR* says:

    Mitress To A Sheikh by Lucy Monroe Re read 2016, March 17 Read 2012, September 13

  7. Maura says:

    Mistress to a Sheikh Lucy Monroe 3 5 Jade has been living with Khalil as his lover for 2 years, but she s never really seen herself as his mistress despite the fact that he supports her completely and she can t ever meet his family because they d be horrified at meeting his loversince in his culture, her not being a virgin makes her a ho Khalil has never seen it this way either, but Jade starts to have doubts when she starts adding things up and realizes he s never told her he loves her Khalil will have to work to convince her he s in love and never letting her go This took an unexpected format Instead of crazy angsty tension, a borderline asshole hero or even dramatic behavior like fleeing the man she loves, our heroine comes to her realization that she s a mistress and goes passive aggressive instead I normally don t like that sort of thing, but I didn t so much mind it heremaybe because she wasn t 100% doing it deliberately She kinda decided to protect her heart as much as she could and started withholding herself and her love and threw out some minor barbs, but mostly continued on as she was Khalil, who isn t a bad person but is certainly pretty dense when it comes to women and relationships and maybe a bit of a coward about love , realizes that something is different and doesn t really like it, but can t quite put his finger on it So they continue on in this vein until Khalil prompts a discussionbut again, nothing really changes except Khalil s determination to prove himself and his love Throughout the story though, no matter their issues, the two have a very satisfying sex life The result is a different kind of story, but also one in which not much actually happenslots of inner dialogue and resolutionless conversations, but that s kinda it Good catching up with Claudio and Therese from earlier in this series though Desert Rake Louise Allen 3.5 5 Caroline, an English lady and widow of a year, decides to visit Turkey, a trip she and her husband originally had dreamed of She also dreams of taking a lover something she doesn t think she can put into practice until she meets Drew Fenton in Constantinople He s an explorer and shop owner and knows exactly how to pleasure Caroline So after one night together, she s in love with him He s fighting being in love with her, which is why when she asks to accompany him on his expedition to Cappadocia, he flips out and rejects her harshly Caroline uses her anger to improve herself and sets out on the expedition without Drew But when he meets up with her again and he knows how wrong he was to push her away, he ll have to work for her forgiveness.I appreciated the strong, independent female lead She s not TSTL, but she s also not perfectly right 100% of the time She makes mistakes and she tries to learn from them and she doesn t mope when her heart is broken, she gets back on her hypothetical horse and learns how to kick ass and take names But she s never overly hardcore or bitter either And kudos for having a historical heroine who isn t a sexual prude, who likes sex, but is curious about exploring it rather than being all out promiscuous She also still loves her dead husband but gives the sense of having moved on in a healthy way The author struck a nice balance with her But the feelings in this novella are on super fast forward One meaningless sex episode which seemed a bit manipulated on the hero s part and Caroline is in love with a man she barely knows He knows even less about her and he s falling too Then, months later, they re still pining for each other And of course she s still angry about his rejection when it s not like he promised her anything That part of this story felt offmight have been better if this had been a full lengther Blackmailed by the Sheikh Kim Lawrence 3 5 When Karim Al Ahmad s teenage sister writes to tell him she s run off from her English boarding school to go on an Australian holiday with her friends, Karim knows exactly who to blame and how to find her He shows up on the English teacher, Prudence Smith s doorstep accusing her of all manner of deceit in helping his little sister get away Prue has no idea what he s talking about, but does help him find his sister But Karim isn t done affecting her life he blackmails her into accompanying him back to his country to keep an eye on his sister which she points out is counter intuitive since he also thinks she s a bad influence, but he s really trying to keep her close to seduce her, he just doesn t realize it yet When he shows up back in his country he s a bit nicer and all about the seduction Prue is putty in his hands and falls for him But she knows he loves another and has no future with him This is fairly standard blackmail sheikh fare It s dramatically angsty and delicious in that way Lots of good one liners in here too, as Prue gives as good as she gets, but it didn t feel like she ever got to really claim a victory Karim manages to come across as pretty cruel and I don t know that the author managed to balance him out enough for my tastesother than the seduction scene, he doesn t really come across as loving or even all that respectful very often So it s a really good thing we get his inner monologue a bit there towards the ends as he s all dense and mucking up his declaration of love At least we know he loves her, but gosh it felt like he was deliberately humiliating her and causing her discomfort for some reason Hope that s not what their HEA looks like.

  8. David Duncan says:

    Hot Desert Nights, is my one hundred and twelfth book that I have received and read from Goodreads This book has three stories in one book The first story is A Sheikh, by Lucy Monroe, the second story is Desert Rake, by Louise Allen, the third story Blackmailed By The Sheikh, by Kim Lawrence.The first story Mistress To A Sheikh, is about a young woman named Jade, is a mistress to a wealthy Sheikh Khalil She has fallen in love with him, over the two years they have been together Jade wants to be married to him, but his family refuses to see her because they live together Events happen and Sheikh Khalil has to marry her or let her go.Second story Desert Rake is about Lady Caroline Morval, a twenty six year old, wealthy and widowed, of respectability of English high society Caroline cannot stand her stepson He has taken over the title of his father and become Fifth Baron Morval Caroline decides to leave England and go to Constantinople On the ship she briefly meets Andrew Fenton as they are disembarking the ship Caroline request a interpreter who can show her around the city Later in the story she finds herself with Andrew Fenton, she begs him to take her on his travels in the desert He refused, so she hires guides to travel through the country During all this time she is in love with him, and she shows him that she is capable of taking care of herself.Blackmail By The Sheikh This last story Sheikh Karim father has a heart attack and Sheikh Karim finds himself responsible for being head of his country His sister Suzan disappears and Karim is convinced his sisters English teacher has something to do with her disappearance He ends up finding his sister and in the process blackmailed Suzans teacher Prue into being abducted into his country Zafsid He does this to help keep track of his sister so she doesn t run away.Sheikh Karims father comes home after a few weeks in hospital While outside in his gardens someone tries to assinate the king, and Prue stops the attacker and is badly wounded Prue losses lots of blood, and wakes up three days later You will have to read the rest of the story to find out what happens I would like to thank Lucy Monroe for taking the time to sign my book I would recommend this book to all adults who are interested in mystery and love stories mixed.

  9. Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    the 3 stars is for the first story the others was not my cup of tea did not really get in to them but if you are planing on buying this book maybe you would like it

  10. Ana says:

    i read only lucy monroe s story beginning and middle are excellent but later book becomes boring.