Gin Distillation Plant - Gin Stills
Gin Distillation Plant - Gin Stills


Gin can be made by cold compounding of flavours or essential oils together with neutral alcohol and water. If a quality neutral alcohol is used it should not be necessary to add sugar.

Preferably the gin is made by distillation of botanicals, either by making a concentrate which is then blended with neutral alcohol and water, or one shot gin which may be produced by passing alcohol vapour from a patent rectifying still through a basket of botanicals.

Gin stills are usually manufactured in copper, but depending upon the botanicals, may also be constructed out of stainless steel. The pot capacity typically ranges from 500 Litres (110 Imp. Gal.) up to 12,000 Litres (2,640 Imp. Gal.). The largest pot capacity that can be shipped in an ISO container is 6,000 Litres (1,320 Imp. Gal.).

Our Patent Rectifying Stills (Carterhead Stills) are illustrated in an advertisement by John Dore & Company in JA Nettleton´s book: The Manufacture of Spirit As conducted in the Distilleries of the United Kingdom (1893). Carterheads usually have a pot capacity of about 3,000 Litres (600 to 700 Imp. Gal.). The last Carterhead Stills were manufactured in the 1960s, although we considered reviving this design in the 1970s and then again in the 1990s when the wooden patterns for the special internal bronze flanges were remade.

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