Rum Distillation - Rum Pot Stills - Rum Distillation Plant
Rum Distillation - Rum Pot Stills - Rum Distillation Plant


Rum may be produced in both pot and column stills. A popular pot still design is the Jamaican type with two retorts. This was originally warmed by a wood fire, but is now usually steam heated.

Pot capacities range from boutique stills of 500 Litres (110 Imp.Gal.) to production stills of some 15,900 Litres (3,500 Imp.Gal.).

Column still rum is not distilled above 95% alcohol by volume. Pot still rum produced in the Jamaican type is over 80% alcohol by volume.

White rum may be diluted and drunk soon after distillation, but rum is often aged for at least 3 years in used bourbon barrels. The barrels are stored either horizontally on racks or vertically on pallets.

Caramel is added to give a golden or dark rum. The amount of colouring required should be so tiny that essentially the rum is sugar free.

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