John Dore & Co. Ltd - Distillation Engineering Services
John Dore & Co. Ltd - Distillation Engineering Services


We have in-house design expertise and offer distillery consultancy services. Our customers have in recent years demanded more capacity, higher quality and lower energy consumption. We have responded by undertaking fundamental research into the properties of alcohol (ethanol), water and the congeners (impurities) present in fermented wash (beer). This has resulted in new equipment such as cyclones to reduce foaming at the top of Analyser/Beer Columns, improved design of alcohol purification systems and better heat recovery.

We have upgraded distillation columns at several distilleries to increase capacity by about 50%.

Our files contain micro-film copies of drawings prepared during the last 170 years. Our proprietary techniques are not described in text books or technical papers.

We prepare plant layouts based on the latest Health and Safety recommendations, to minimise the risk of fire and explosion.

We specify and source other distillery equipment including: pumps, alcohol meters, instrumentation, valves, steam boilers, water treatment and cooling towers.

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